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Brand building with a difference!
Frement PR is an integrated public relations agency with over twenty years of event management in organizing store openings, product launches, fashion shows, charity events.
Extensive branding experience for world’s leading brands specializing in luxury, fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Our claim to fame? We always put celebrities, KOLs, clients, and media in a win-win partnership.

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Frement IR is devoted to push the boundaries of what IR can do. We believe that every PR program should be unique and guided by a clear strategy that helps an organization achieve its business objectives. We pride ourselves on shaping tailor-made multichannel strategies for clients. Grounded by our insights and extensive network, our professionalism is demonstrated in every aspect within Financial Communications, Public Relations, Public Affairs, Brand Marketing and Digital Strategy.

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  • Branding
  • CSR
  • Corporate Communications
  • Event

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  • Investor Presentation
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  • Listing Ceremony
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  • Media
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  • Branding
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  • Event
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  • Productions
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  • Product
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  • CSR
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  • Stars and Celebrities Alliance
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  • KOL
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