Frement IR is led by a team of investor relations veterans with diversified backgrounds in equity analysis, accountancy, banking and financial media and possess in-depth understanding of regulations for Listco and IR requirements. We provide strategic IR consulting to corporate leaders and work closely with the key decision makers to deliver a tailor-made IR plan and high efficient implementation which acts for their best interests and delivers the best result.


Scope of Services

  • IR Strategy:a tailor-made IR planning to ensure the public has accesses to accurate and timely information and strategically reshape public perceptions and investment theses towards our clients
  • Corporate Branding: positioning and strategy that marks a unique presence in investment market and media
  • Investor Collaterals: to build sound collaterals using quantitative and qualitative approaches to strengthen your company’s positioning and relay the company’s story to potential stakeholders in a clear and impactful manner
  • Investor Roadshow: to help you arrange and manage a series of corporate functions, deliver timely  corporate messages to investors and shareholders, and provide our investors’ feedback through systematic approaches
  • Media Relations: to assists you maintain regular contacts and build rapport with journalists
  • Event Management: to help you reinforce your company’s key messages and broaden your network through highly targeted, professionally run events. We will bring your stakeholder engagement rates to the next level with events such as IPO and product launches, press conferences, gala dinners, marketing and networking events.
  • Digital Media: to help you maximize your global exposure through our digital media solutions. Go beyond your face-to-face stakeholder interactions utilizing the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WeChat platforms.