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February 9, 2017

Celebrities and Socialites Gather in a Chic and Stylish Luncheon to Celebrate the Launch of Sarah Zhuang Jewellery and Butterfly Rose Tourbillon Watch

Founder of Sarah Zhuang Jewellery, Sarah Zhuang and Models (Large)

[Hong Kong, 9 February 2017] Founded by Sarah Zhuang in 2016, Sarah Zhuang Jewellery is a contemporary fine jewellery brand that combines function and aesthetic. Sarah’s designs are trendy, sophisticated and chic, her works have received numerous jewellery design competition awards, and have dazzled many local celebrities and socialites.

Sarah spent two years developing the five collections for her brand. The brand celebrates modern womanhood and each collections personifies a unique trait of strong modern women. In collaboration with Hong Kong’s first tourbillon watch brand Memorigin, Sarah Zhuang Jewellery launches the 7 in 1 Butterfly Rose Tourbillon Watch.

To mark the occasion, the brand hosted a prestigious luncheon today at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong with the presence of over a hundred guests, including renowned celebrities and socialites. Celebrities and socialites include Mandy Cho, Nicola Young Cheung, Anina Ho, Bobo Li, Wong You-Nam, Brandon Chau, Wendy Law, Lelia Chow, Florence Tsai and more.

 William Shum, Fiona Zhuang, Founder of Sarah Zhuang Jewellery Sarah Zhuang, You Nam Wong (Large) Anina Ho, Mandy Cho, Executive Director of Tak Fook Jewellery Fiona Zhuang, Founder of Sarah Zhuang Jewellery Sarah Zhuang,  Bobo Li (Large)

The theme of the event was Butterfly Rose. The Butterfly Rose Tourbillon Watch and Sarah Zhuang’s jewellery collections were showcased at the venue. To give it an extra touch of astonishment, the brand has decorated the venue with butterfly decorations. With the upcoming Valentine’s Day, the combination of the graceful venue and gleaming jewelleries have attracted many guests to capture this memorable moment.

 Founder of Sarah Zhuang Jewellery, Sarah Zhuang(2) (Large) Executive Director of Tak Fook Jewellery Fiona Zhuang, Founder of Sarah Zhuang Jewellery Sarah Zhuang (2) (Large)

The founder of Sarah Zhuang Jewellery, Miss Sarah Zhuang stated, “Thank you to all the guests for joining us today to celebrate the launch of Sarah Zhuang Jewellery and the Butterfly Rose Tourbillon Watch. It has been an honor to collaborate with the first Hong Kong tourbillon brand, Memorigin Watch Company Limited. This jewellery watch is a technological breakthrough, designed to be worn in seven different ways. It is the ultimate expression of creativity and complexity, displaying intricate craftsmanship combined with contemporary and feminine design.”

 Group Photo (2) (Large) Nicola Cheung, Founder and CEO of Memorigin Watch Company Limited William Shum, You Nam Wong (Large)

The founder and CEO of Memorigin Watch Company Limited, Mr. William Shum stated, “It has been an amazing journey to collaborate with Sarah Zhuang Jewellery to launch the Butterfly Rose Tourbillon Watch. And we are thankful to all our guests for their presences, and to create a remarkable memory for this collaboration. Here, I wish every success in her business!”

7 in 1 Butterfly Rose Tourbillon Watch HKD$168,000 (3) (Large)  Lady Rose Collection (Large)

To highlight the event, a catwalk show was especially arranged to showcase the five collections of Sarah Zhuang Jewellery, as well as the Butterfly Rose Tourbillon Watch. Celebrities and socialites including Anina Ho, Nicola Young Cheung and Wong You-Nam, were in awe of the Butterfly Rose Tourbillon Watch, and shared their styling tips on matching jewellery to different outfits. Last but not least, the brand thoughtfully prepared a jewellery box as a gift to show gratitude to every guest.

December 3, 2016

Grand Opening of Anya Hindmarch new store in Landmark Hong Kong

Anya Hindmarch Landmark Shop_Store Inner Photos (2) (Large)

[3rd December 2016, Hong Kong] The famous British fashion brand, Anya Hindmarch is delighted to unveil its new store at the hustle and bustle central district, Landmark Hong Kong. The newly opened store appears with a brand new image furnished with a smiling face and dormant moment which was decorated by two famous London artists Julie Cockburn and Ryan Callanan. Collections are presented in a relaxed and chic shop environment that allows customers to enjoy a fresh and spectacular shopping experience.

To mark the occasion, Anya Hindmarch held an opening cocktail party at the new store earlier today. Canto-pop star Miriam Yeung was invited to be the guest of honour at the opening cocktail party; which renowned young socialites were also invited to share the joy of the grand opening and to preview the new look of the well-designed store.

Miriam at Gift Wrapping Station (Large)Miriam Yeung  (1) (Large)2015 Miss HK Louisa Mak  (1) (Large)

Miriam graced the occasion with an elegant Carven attire and matched with the Anya Hindmarch handbag from the SS17 collection. “I am excited to be the guest of honor of this remarkable occasion and to witness the birth of the new store. In recent years, the design of Anya Hindmarch are getting more chic and fashionable. Being a big fan of Anya, I am fascinated with the new store design and its latest collection.” Miriam Yeung said.

Stylist and KOL - Faye Tsui  (6) (Large) Stylist Ricky Kwok at Gift Wrapping Station (1) (Large) Daughters of Sandy Lamb  (left) Vanessa Li, Tiffany Li (Large)

All of the guests shared their own styling secrets during the event. Joy and laughter filled the store and added a touch of relaxation to the hustle and bustle of the city. Anya Hindmarch Landmark Shop has also invited Hong Kong Academy of Flower Arrangement to provide a gift wrapping service for guests who will have any purchase at the new store. This service will be available at 4-6pm on 3rd Dec; 2-6pm on 4th Dec; and 2-6pm 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th December. Only exclusive to this new store, the unique gift wrapping paper features Anya Hindmarch’s signature smiley pattern, bringing joy into the festive season.

October 17, 2016

Famous Models and Socialites gathered at Peninsula Hotel for exclusive “Addiction”

[17th October, 2016 Hong Kong] ADDICTION, a renowned japanese cosmetic brand, determines to create the own “unique look” for all ladies from different age and nationalities. Brand creative director “AYAKO” inspired by exploring and travelling all around the world including New York, London, France and Spain. The brand name ADDICTION contain with multiples meanings “addiction, dependence and fascinated”


AYAKO has proudly invited famous models, celebrities and socialites to attend exclusive “Addiction Debut Private Dinner”, including Qi Qi, Janet Ma, Eunis Chan, Kathy Chow, Lelia Chow, Florence Tsai, Ana R, Cara G, Jade Leung, Feiping Chang, Faye Tsui, Cindy Ko, Carmen Yim, Stephanie Shek and Wendy Chiu to explore the exclusive private event with ADDICTION.

HOHO0326 HOHO0557 HOHO0144 HOHO0201 HOHO0354 HOHO0111 HOHO0368 HOHO0341 HOHO0523 HOHO0339 HOHO0586

During the event,  they showed great appreciation and interest on the decoration of venue. All guests shared their own make-up tips with AYAKO, joy and laughter filled in the room. The victoria harbour view added a touch of romantic element to the hustle and bustle of the city.

HOHO0698 HOHO0496 HOHO0529 HOHO0577


September 22, 2016

Calvin Klein Celebrates its First Accessories Store at IFC Mall, Central Joey Yung and Chrissie Chow Witness the Grand Opening and Preview the Calvin Klein Platinum


Renowned fashion design and marketing studios Calvin Klein is delighted to unveil its first new accessories store  at  Hong Kong IFC Mall, Central. To remark the occasion, Calvin Klein held the grand opening ceremony today at IFC Mall, Central. Famous pop star Joey Yung and Chrissie Chau were invited to attend and celebrate the historical moment of Calvin Klein Accessories Store opening. The latest AW collection plays with the boundaries of duality, highlighting the apposition of architectural lines and sinuous curves, perfectly presents the unique style of Calvin Klein Platinum series.



Hong Kong famous pop star Joey Yung, was regarded as the fashion icon with her unique and tasteful fashion style. Joey Yung was impressed by the simple but chic design of Clavin Klein Platinum,  which allowed her to easily mix and match with her outfits. Congratulation to the new store opeing of Calvin Klein Accessories Store, Joey Yung mentioned “Calvin Klein is always my faviourite. Using handbags as an accessory, the simple and stylish platinum series can be easily light up my style of the day. Obviously no matter which style I am trying to carry, I would love to add these gorgeous purses to complete my look.“

calvin-klein-acc-hk-ifc-mall-event-092216-chau+yung-05_ph_laurence leung calvin-klein-acc-hk-ifc-mall-event-092216-chau+yung-06_ph_James Kwok

Fellow fashionista Chrissie Chau also shared her fashion tips for the coming season, “I’m very excited to attend this event with my stylish friend Joey! Eddgy matellic style will continuously be the hottest trend in this season. Most of the new purses are my favourite choices. Purses in gold or silver colour seems difficult to carry, but indeed it is very easy to match with. And the new shop is located at the heart of the Central District, which is very convenient and easy for me to shop.”  They shared their fashion tips  during the event and celebrated the birth of the newly-opened Calvin Klein Accessories Store.

calvin-klein-acc-hk-ifc-mall-event-092216-chau-10_ph_James Kwok calvin-klein-acc-hk-ifc-mall-event-092216-yung-013_ph_laurence leung

About Clavin Klein

Calvin Klein, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of PVH Corp. [NYSE:  PVH]. Calvin Klein, Inc. is one of the leading fashion design and marketing studios in the world. It designs and markets women’s and men’s designer collection apparel and a range of other products that are manufactured and marketed through an extensive network of licensing agreements and other arrangements worldwide. Product lines under the various Calvin Klein brands include women’s dresses and suits, men’s dress furnishings and tailored clothing, men’s and women’s sportswear and bridge and collection apparel, golf apparel, jeanswear, underwear, fragrances, eyewear, women’s performance apparel, hosiery, socks, footwear, swimwear, jewelry, watches, outerwear, handbags, small leather goods, and home furnishings (including furniture). For more information, please visit

September 8, 2016

The First Ever L’Éclair de Genie Concept Café in Pacific Place Hong Kong! Supported by celebrities friends Celebrate together of the first collaboration between L’Éclair de Genie and Moses Chan


L’Éclair de Genie, the world-renowned French Pastry Legend, proudly presents its first concept café in Pacific Place Hong Kong with the undiminished éclair craze since 2015. In addition to signature éclairs and gourmet chocolates, L’Éclair de Genie unprecedentedly launches the brand-new ice-cream puff Chouger Glace and collaborates with Moses Chan namely “the Prince of Coffee”, founder of Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea, for numerous handcrafted coffees.

HOHO0178 HOHO0186

The opening event of L’ Éclair de Genie will be hold in Hong Kong Pacific Place. Over 30 famous celebrities are invited to attend and support for the event including Jeana Ho, Helen Ma, Gigi Ho, Luisa Lai, Akina Fong, Joseph Lam, Sharon Luk, Stephen Wong, Diana, Ventina Tse and Sammie Yu, Philip Chan, Vinci Wong, Brandon Chau, Kennis Tai, Dorian Ho and Andy Won etc. “Not only being the sixth shop in HK, L’Éclair de Genie at Pacific Place Hong Kong is also the first café concept shop combining new elements – ice cream and coffee. We are aiming to figure out more new ideas to keep up the trends. When it comes to coffee, we immediately think of Moses Chan who masters coffee roaster well, thus, we started to expand the business and cooperation with Moses Chan.” mentioned by Lelia Chow and her daughter Florence.

HOHO0244 HOHO0283 HOHO0308 HOHO0337HOHO0564 HOHO0581 HOHO0741 HOHO0800HOHO0236 HOHO0457 HOHO0506 HOHO0515

Moses Chan, the founder of Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea said “Since Lelia and I are good friends, I noticed that L’Éclair de Genie would like to collaborate during a dinner gathering with her. After several times of meeting, I decided to cooperate as we both want to provide the best products to the guests. All beans from Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea are freshly brew beans so they taste richer and more fragrant. I hope more guests can discover the perfect match between coffee and dessert after this collaboration.”

Other than handcrafted coffees, L’Éclair de Genie and Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea have specially designed a “éclair Blooms” for this special occasion. All attending guests are invited to inject coffee into the cream puff during the event which the guests are amazed with the interesting concept and indicated that they will support this new collaboration.

July 14, 2016

Celebrating the first international launch of Hoengseong Korean Beef in Hong Kong, Exquisite quality with the excellent taste and texture

In recent years, Korea has become the leading trend in Asia, other than the remarkable K-POP; Korean food culture has also been under the spotlight of the globe. One of the most popular Korean foods is undoubtedly the Korean beef; and the Hoengseong Hanwoo is the most premium Korean beef one can reach. Due to the rareness of this exquisite royal breed, the Hoengseong Hanwoo Festival always attracted Hong Kong people to fly to Hoengseong County to taste Heongseong Hanwoo. In order to present Hoengseong Hanwoo to the world, this year, the Hoengseong County cum Hoengseong Livestock Cooperative Federation exports the most prestigious beef to Hong Kong, and appointed Wilson International Frozen Foods (HK) Ltd. as the exclusive importer. On July 14, in Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, “First International launch of Hoengseong Korean Beef Press Conference” was held to announce Hoengseong Korean beef was launched in Hong Kong.


Wilson International Frozen Foods (HK) Ltd., as the first international appointed importer, their managing director, Mr. Banyon Wong said it is their greatest honor, and suggested that Hong Kong citizens love Hoengseong Hanwoo because of the tenderness, and how it melts in your mouth without being too greasy. “Hoengseong Hanwoo is the best quality hanwoo, we believe that Hoengseong Hanwoo will bring a new wave of Korean trend to Hong Kong. Also, we have already received a lot of inquiries from the F&B industry.”

DSC_0053 DSC_0255 DSC_0461 DSC_0913

Mr. Han Kyu-ho, Hoengseong County Governor, believes that selecting Hong Kong as the first city of importing the beef is the right choice: “Hong Kong is a gourmet paradise, in addition to the locals, every year tens millions visitors come to taste the international cuisine. The Government believes that Hong Kong can mix Hoengseong Hanwoo with different cuisines and bring out the best taste of Hoengseong Hanwoo. Hong Kong is the milestone for Hoengseong Hanwoo.” Meanwhile, Mr. Yan Gen Yi, the President from Hoengseong Livestock Cooperative Federation also said he was honored to witness the signing ceremony.

DSC_0972 DSC_1037


About Wilson International Frozen Foods (HK) Ltd.

Established in 1977, having over 40 years of robust experience in sourcing premium ingredients, Wilson Foods is a well-known Beef Specialist in the industry. Wilson Foods also source and deliver a wide array of quality foods to restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, supermarkets, airlines, clubhouses, fast food chains and catering companies. Products include Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Seafood, Duck & Goose Foie Gras, Smoked Salmon, Cured Ham, Truffles, Potato Products, Pasta, Sauces and Condiments, Dairy Products, Desserts and Beverages from Europe, Japan, USA, Canada, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand.

April 14, 2016

Actress and Stylish icon Jennifer Tse Appointed Friend of the Brand for Folli Follie

Folli Follie集團共同創辦人Mrs Ketty Koutsolioutsos、時尚界的形象大師Kim Robinson、 謝婷婷

International lifestyle fashion brand Folli Follie unveils its new ‘Silver Summer’ collection today with a ceremony in her Central concept store for the announcement of actress and stylish icon Jennifer Tse as Friend of the Brand.

Folli Follie 品牌形象大使謝婷婷、集團共同創辦人Mrs Ketty Koutsolioutsos、時尚界形象大師Kim Robinson Folli Follie集團共同創辦人Mrs. Ketty Koutsoliouts (左1)及Mr. Dimitri Koutsolioutsos(右1)、時尚界形象大師Kim Robinson、 品牌形象大使謝婷婷一同為慶賀 Silver Summer 進行祝酒儀式

Jennifer exudes radiance and impeccable sense of fashion and is the perfect ambassador to represent the ‘Silver Summer’ collection in this Spring Summer 2016.Style and Image guru Kim Robinson, the Creative Director collaborates with international photographer Timon Wehrli of the ‘Silver Summer’ Campaign to create the unique look and style for Jennifer brand ambassador image, which epitomizes the philosophy and versatility of Folli Follie’s ‘Silver Summer’ collection.

著名影星及模特兒謝婷婷小姐擔任 Folli Follie 品牌形象大使 (5) - Copy 著名模特兒陳嘉莉 周美鳳 星級司儀何傲芝

Mrs. Ketty Koutsolioutsos, co-founder of Folli Follie said: “Today’s fashion and accessories is all about expressing oneself and radiate.” She also shared fashion tips with Jennifer and celebrity MC Lily Ho on how to develop their own style. “I am honoured to be appointed as Friend of the Brand of Folli Follie. I love this season’s ‘Silver Summer’ collection with the gold and silver accessories that can effortlessly create a unique personal style,” said Jennifer. The campaign will be officially launched on April 14th, 2016 at the opening of the new Concept Store in China Building Central. Folli Follie is an established brand in Asia and has a strong presence with 312 points of sale. The market of Asia is one of the most rapidly developing markets and of strategic importance for Folli Follie”. The lively evening ended with a toasting by Mrs. Ketty Koutsolioutsos, Ms. Jennifer Tse, Mr. Kim Robinson to the birth of the new concept store as well as the new ‘Silver Summer’ campaign.


About FF Group:

The FF Group is a leading global force in the fashion world operating in more than 30 countries. FF Group designs, produces and markets on a global level its own brands, Folli Follie and Links of London. The Group maintains a leading presence in the retail and wholesale segments in Greece and the Balkans; “attica” department stores and “Factory Outlet” are the Group’s major own retail distribution channels in Greece. In addition, the FF Group has started the strategic development of its own multi brand concept stores, Collective and Kix.

Brands such as Ermenegildo Zegna, UGG Australia, Juicy Couture, Ted Baker, Vilebrequin, Guess Jeans, Scotch & Soda, Calvin Klein Jeans, Nike, Converse, Franklin & Marshall, G-Star Raw, Samsonite and Technogym belong to the Group’s local brand portfolio, whereas the Group has exclusive wholesale and retail distribution rights for the Juicy Couture brand in Continental Europe, UK, Ireland and Cyprus. The activities of the FF Group in the Beauty & Cosmetics sector are significant and involve the exclusive distribution of the globally acclaimed brands of Procter & Gamble Prestige and the exclusive representation and distribution of Shiseido products in Greece and Cyprus. In 2016, the FF Group achieved an entrance to a wider distribution channel, through the exclusive representation and distribution of the Max Factor make up products in the Greek market. The FF Group also undertook the distribution in the Greek market of internationally known cosmetics brands such as: Molton Brown and Annick Goutal, amongst other, in its own beauty and lifestyle boutique Heaven on Earth.

The FF Group maintains a key role in the global travel retail sector through its strategic alliance and participation in the shareholding capital of the Swiss Dufry AG, which acquired the Hellenic Duty Free Shops from the Group.

The FF Group creates fashion globally and has established a strong presence with more than 980 points of sale and employing almost 5,000 people worldwide.


January 19, 2016


001(13-1-59)CBRE has been appointed as the sole marketing agent in Hong Kong for BEATNIQ in Bangkok. The Hong Kong sales exhibition will be held on January 23-24, 2016 (Sat-Sun) 11AM-7PM at East Room, 23/F, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong. The property will be developed by SC Asset Corporation PLC.

BEATNIQ a one of a kind condominium resides at the town center on Sukhumvit 32, adjacent to a sophisticated shopping mall in The EM District (Emporium & EmQuartier) and short walk from BTS Thong Lo only 250 meters,” said Rebecca Shum, Executive Director, Investment Properties International, CBRE Hong Kong.

“As an increasing number of foreign investors are moving to this central business district, so are many of the high class restaurants, shops and entertainment outlets to make the living circle complete. CBRE as the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm is proud to be the sole marketing agent for such prestigious property investment,” added Shum.

BEATNIQ inspired by the architecture if the Mid-Century Modern Arts which reflects unique styles with all exquisite details. With the 34-storey height and 197 units of BEATNIQ surrounded by all-round facilities such as a hotel-standard lobby, Swimming Pool with Floating Pool Pavilion, fully-equipped gym with boxing and yoga studio, reading lounge with meeting room, a rooftop outdoor recreation area, and semi-outdoor Jacuzzi pool.

In light of the relatively low Baht currency rate against the Hong Kong Dollar, the BEATNIQ is a unique overseas property investment opportunity for Hong Kong buyers. The developer will be offering exclusive privileges to investors who attend the exhibition.

“We are confident the event will attract numerous buyers looking for prime location and properties with quality, services and amenities. The property also offers long term investment value,” said Shum.

2-bedroom-living 2-bedroom_4 2-bedroom_3

The project is due for completion in September 2018.

Unit size from 1-bedroom 462 sq. ft. to 3-bedroom 1,747 sq. ft.

Prices start from HK$ 2.7 million*


*For reference only. Exchange rate fluctuates from time to time and prices are subject to change without notice

 For details of the exhibition and the project, please contact Rebecca Shum, Executive Director, Investment Properties International, CBRE at +852 9099 9884 or

About ABRE Group, Inc.

CBRE group, Inc. (NYSE:CBG), a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company headquartered in Los Angeles, is the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm (In terms of 2014 revenue). The Company has more than 70,000 employees (excluding affiliates) worldwide. CBRE offers strategic advice and execution for property sales and leasing; corporate services; property, facilities and project management; mortgage banking; appraisal and valuation; development services; investment management; and research and consulting. Please visit our website at

December 2, 2015

Newly-opened Zkin Medical Centre Won Paul Niehans Distribution in Hong Kong


Spa Collection Group announces today the Zkin Medical Centre has been awarded the sole distributor of Paul Niehans, the renowned anti-aging skin care brand from Switzerland. The newly-opened Zkin Medical Centre also announces the appointment of Miss Asia cum ATV artiste Claire Yiu as spokeswoman for the Centre.

To mark the occasion, Spa Collection Group hosted a cocktail reception attended by a galore of stars and celebrities such as Clair Yiu, Janet Ma, Elena Kong, Queenie Chu, Lelia Chow and Zac Kao. Mr. Michel Schipoff, the CEO of Paul Niehans Medical Group, kicked off the special occasion together with Spa Collection’s Founder cum CEO, Ms. Maggie Kwok and Chief Executive, Mr. Ronnie Lam.

13. 02.

The prominent guests were impressed by both Mr. Schipoff’s presentation of the scientific research and innovative technology that goes into the anti-aging collection and the effectiveness of the skin care product during the trial session.

05. 07.

Claire Yiu said: ‘First of all, I would like to thank Spa Collection’s Founder cum CEO, Ms. Maggie Kwok, for inviting me to represent Zkin Medical Centre. I am much honored to be the spokeswomen of Spa Collection Group,” said Claire Yiu. “Congratulations also to Spa Collection Group to become the sole distributor of Paul Niehams. I admire Paul Niehans’ belief that medical technology should not be only about prolonging one’s life, but also bring along more vigor to oneself. He achieves these goals by utilizing cell therapy in the daily use of skin products. Developing the most advanced extraction; these prestigious anti-aging products activate cell regeneration energy and skin regeneration.”

20. 24. 08. 12.

A good time was had by all the guests sharing beauty tips.

About Paul Niehans

Paul Niehans was a Swiss doctor who got famous for inventing and developing cellular therapy, a method by which he has successfully treated thousands of patients. His renown grew through his treatment of Pope Pius XII and many crowned heads such as King Ibn Saoud, politicians such as Konrad Adenauer and famous film stars such as Charlie Chaplin.

October 10, 2015

Celebrities and Socialites in town gathered at Sha Tin Racecourse Crowning for love together for the glamorous “Lukfook Jewellery Raceday”

10. 六福珠寶「Love Forever 愛恆久」系列的代言人林峯於完賽後更偕同六福集團主席兼行政總裁黃偉常先生頒發「六福珠寶盃」予勝出的馬主 (Large)

“Lukfook Jewellery Raceday”, organized by Lukfook Group, was held on 10th October 2015 at Sha Tin Racecourse. Famous celebrities and socialites including Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Rebecca Zhu, Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2015 Title Winners: Louisa Mak, Ada Pong, Karmen Kwok and Iris Lam were present to witness this glamorous event. Candy Lo, Marsha Yuan, Shirley Yeung, Sherry Chen, Leilia Chow, James Shing, Michelle Chua, Isabella Kau, Patrick Leong, Lydia Tong, Fiona Tong, Nicola Cheung Young, Sharon Kwok Pong, Rachel Monballiu, Michel Monballiu, Dorian Ho, Roland Cheng, Qinnie Chen, Samantha Suen, and Emcee of the day, Gigi Ho all dressed up to attend the event. To tie in with the theme of “Crowning for Love”, the organizer prepared a variety of delicate and unique crowns for the guests. The venue was gracefully adorned with different crown shape decor which added a touch of elegance to enhance the overall atmosphere.

19. 吳雨、羅霖、周美鳳一起合照 (Large)9. 盛品儒與太太蔡一鳳婚後首度出席公開活動 (Large)

To highlight the event, Charmaine Sheh, the pop star renowned in Hong Kong and China as well as winner of the Best Female Actress for twice, was invited to help kick-off the opening ceremony of Lukfook Jewellery Raceday. Meanwhile, the organizer was delighted to invite Amanda Evans, the adorable little girl who casted in Lukfook Jewellery’s latest ”Love is Beauty” TVC this year, to be coronated by Charmaine, making her dream of being Miss Hong Kong Champion come true.

11. 佘詩曼在場亦喜悅表示:「很榮幸能為『六福珠寶賽馬日』擔任主禮嘉賓 (Large)14. 六福珠寶「愛恆久」系列代言人林峯先生暢談近況 (Large)13. 郭秀雲高雅大方現身 (Large)

Charmaine said, “It is my pleasure to be invited as the Guest of Honour for Lukfook Jewellery Raceday, I like the crown shape diamond bangle which I am wearing today. When I was coronating for Amanda just now, it recall my precious memory of participate in Miss Hong Kong Pageant, perfectly matched the event theme of “Crowning for Love” today.

23. 陳爽夫婦盛裝出席活動 (Large)34. Rachel Monballiu與丈夫一同見證盛事 (Large)

After Race 3 was held in the Parade Ring, Charmaine and Rebecca led the four winners of Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2015 – Louisa Mak(champion), Ada Pong(the first runner-up), Karmen Kwok(the second runner-up) and Iris Lam(the winner of Miss Friendship) to demonstrate a series of magnificent jewellery sets which worth tens of millions dollars. In line with the beautiful and intelligent image of Miss Hong Kong, all of them fully demonstrated their elegance and coquetry in the show.

The focal point of “Lukfook Jewellery Raceday” definitely came to “Lukfook Jewellery Cup” at Race 8. As the spokesperson of  “Love Forever” collection of Lukfook Jewellery, Raymond Lam was invited to be the Guest of Honour who would take part with Vincent Tse, Deputy Chairman and Deputy General Manager of Lukfook Group, to present a prize of HK$1,500 and a souvenir to the winning Stables Assistant, The Best Turned Out Horse in the Lukfook Jewellery Cup.

22. 近距離欣賞賽馬的林峯表示:「賽事十分精彩刺激,讓人忍不住一邊看一邊吶喊歡呼!」 (Large)20. 六福集團主席兼行政總裁黃偉常先生、「Love Forever 愛恆久」系列代言人林峯及楊受成合照 (Large)

After that, Wong Wai Sheung, Chairman and Chief Executive of Lukfook Group, presented trophy to the Owner of the winning horse whereas Raymond presented miniatures to the winning Trainer and Jockey. Raymond who got the chance to watch the horse racing closely claimed “The race was so exciting that the audience just can’t stop giving a cheer.”

1. 千億新抱徐子淇父親徐傳順亦到場祝賀 (Large)18. 陳君宜一身粉紅色打扮,搶眼非常 (Large) 7. 何國鉦一身藍色西裝出席活動 (Large)

In order to bring more excitement to guests, the organizer arranged the Betting Games for them to vote for their best pick of winning horse starting from Race 4 and the lucky guests would be awarded the amazing jewelleries. Apart from this, there was a crown try-on counter for guests to dress up beautifully, DIY cupcake session and sales counters where guests could feel free to have fun and enjoy their relaxing afternoon.

28. 楊思琦配合大會主題佩戴精美獨特的皇冠頭飾 (Large) 26. 星級司儀何傲芝水藍色長裙,高貴優雅 (Large) 30. 原子鏸出席「六福珠寶賽馬日」 (Large)

 At the end of event, Wong Wai Sheung, Chairman and Chief Executive of Lukfook Group stated, “It is really a wonderful event today! Heartfelt thanks to all of the guests without which can’t make this event so memorable. We sincerely look forward to gather together again in the next year, bringing all of you a joyful moment with us.”

27. 楊張新悅與丈夫恩愛現身 (Large)29. 唐貝詩、寇鴻萍、梁廷鏘一家出席品牌活動 (Large)

About Lukfook Group

The Group principally engages in the sourcing, designing, wholesaling, trademark licensing and retailing of a variety of gold and platinum jewellery and gem-set jewellery products, with over 1,400 shops in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Singapore, Korea, the United States, Canada and Australia. The Group will continue to identify new business opportunities in the international market in response to its corporate vision, “Brand of Hong Kong, Sparkling the World”.

October 7, 2015

Royal Doulton Celebrates 200 Years with a Contemporary Collection

Royal Dulton is 200 years young. Since 1815 the prestige English company favoured by the Royal family has its pride of its products acquiring an “energetic spirit & [an] unspoil imagination.” It has strived to blend British traditional art with modern concept in its pieces. These classics products have become popular among family household also due to their quality supremacy and elegant design. Royal Doulton is presenting its prestige pieces, featuring the artistic endeavours of world-class sculptors and master painters; each of the pieces depicts a significant historic event from 1815.

Michael Doulton is the sixth generation descendant of John Doulton who founded the Royal Doulton Company in 1815. Educated in England and France, Michael spent most of his young adult life in Australia. Since 1976, Michael has held the role of International Brand Ambassador, which sees him travelling the world, launching new ranges, talking to collectors and hosting in-store presentations and special events.  This year, Michael once again has chosen Hong Kong to be one of the honoured cities to preview these fine series bearing their 200 years of history.

Michael Doulton will present these limited editions to the Hong Kong media on October 7 (Wednesday) at Pacific Place in Admiralty L1 Harvey Nichols Wedgwood counters.


2015-10-16_155118 2015-10-16_155317

Street Art Collection

1. Pure Evil

Pure Evil

Otherwise known as Charley Uzzell Edwards, Pure Evil is a descendant of Sir Thomas More, the Lord Chancellor who wrote the controversial work “Utopia” and who was later beheaded by King Henry VIII.

These ‘Pure Evil Bunny’ are part of the limited editions of 2015 in celebration of 200 years of Royal Doulton. They show up in 5 different forms such as the simple blue dots, the elegant gold, and the funky black and blue camouflage. Carry these evil bunnies back home to level up your house’s despicableness.

2. Nick Walker

Nick Walker

Nick Walker is one of the art world’s most talented and rising stars. He emerged from the Bristol graffiti scene in the early 1980′s and since then has continually evolved his style using hand-cut stencils and freehand painting. In order to celebrate Royal Doulton’s 200th anniversary, Nick has collaborated with Royal Doulton to create a new statue of breakthrough ground-breaking new figurine. This is the first time, his character Vandal has ever been recreated in 3D form. In the form of ceramic, the giant Vandel is pouring body paint to colour the parliament in London. Although, Vandal V Parliament will not be exhibited in Hong Kong, the media and collectors will still have the opportunity to see the Walker’s style through the display of his plates and mug in the Pacific Place.

3. Barber Osgerby

Barber Osgerby Matte Black Vase, Limited Edition of 2,015

Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby met each other at the Royal College of Art. After their master degree, these two set up a studio in West London, where they have produced countless masterpieces, and most notably, the London 2012 Olympic Games’ torch. To celebrate 200th anniversary of Royal Doulton, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, inspired by Royal Doulton’s history of manufacturing and old-style techniques, designed a statement Matte Black Vase. This work also marks the beginning of Royal Doulton and Barber Osgerby cooperation. (Not to be sold in Hong Kong)


4. Charlene Mullen

Charlene Mullen

Charlene Mullen is one of the leaders in the furniture design industry; he has worked with Royal Doulton on the series “London Calling.’ Preserving the series’ concept, in this collaboration with Royal Doulton’s 200 year Mullen has created a statement centerpiece comprising of storage and serve items in a ‘city-scape’. This series of storage tanks and tableware have their distinctive style, which seemingly brought the whole London home to enhance the elegant British-style.

5. 1815


1815 is considered to be the most successful and the most iconic series in Royal Doulton. John Doulton founded this series in 1815. The essence of this series is to design exquisite yet practical housewares, which are suitable for all the family. This series is now world-famous pottery; and to commemorate that heritage, Royal Doulton has created the 1815 pattern and added new decorative gift sets, including the 1955 launch of the Pushkin cat modeling sculptures. To make it even more special for this extraordinary year, all the gift sets produced this year are covered with the words “1815-2015.”



6. Prestige Collection Prestige Series:

To make the 200th years series even more successful, Royal Doulton debuts the Prestige Collection. This set of figurines are modeled in the UK and produced in the finest bone china. Comprising of eminent figures, such as the Duke of Wellington and King George III, and iconic symbols such as The Lion; the Prestige Collection emphasizes inherently British influences. All of these characters are born in 1815 and have a considerable influence in society. This limited edition marks both Royal Doulton and the British History, which definitely made it a not to be missed collection.

Duke of Wellington Figurine
(Not to be sold in Hong Kong)

Duke of Wellington

The Duke of Wellington known as the ‘Iron Duke’ conquered at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, the year Royal Doulton was founded. In the limited edition figurine, the Duke is riding Copenhagen, his favorite mount, on which he rode into battle at Waterloo.






King George III Figurine
(not to be sold in Hong Kong)

King George III Figurine

George III was the King of England in 1815 when, ruled England for 60 years, in addition to his long reign, he also witnessed the glorious birth of Royal Doulton.







The Lion’s Mound
(Limited to 1000 pieces)

The Lion's Mound

In the British tradition, lion is a symbol of strength and self-confidence, most significantly, royalty. The Lion’s Mound is inspired by the monument built by King Willem I of the Netherlands for his son’s injury in the Battle of Waterloo. Modelled in England by Andrew Edwards, each lion is hand painted by master painters Chris Jackson and Tom Mason using a technique called scrambling to create a marble effect.

September 24, 2015

Star-studded Mid-autumn Party at Penta Hotel to Celebrate Austria’s Next Top Model in Hong Kong

04. 王敏德、馬詩慧、最後入圍的6名模特兒

Austria’s Next Top Model is Europe’s most successful models reality show. The crew was on location in Hong Kong for two weeks, and wrapped with the shooting of a poolside party in the famed pentahotel attended by a galore of stars, celebrities and the movers and shakers in Hong Kong.

05. 最後入圍的6名模特兒、大會司儀董敏莉  03. 大會評判 馬詩慧、Papis Loveday 、王敏德

The VIP list read like a Who’s Who of Hong Kong’s society: Michael Wong, Janet Ma, Susan Shaw, Belinda Hamnett, Matsuoka Linah, Sherry Chan, Ann Ho, Jeana Ho, Lily Li, Lu Jing Jing, Xinia Chong, Winkie Lai, Lelia Chow, Paul Tse, Pamela Pak, Keith Mok, Manecy Chan and many more.

HOHO0696  HOHO0630  HOHO0740

While becoming part of the TV show which will be premiered in Europe by the end of the 2015, the celebrities were impressed by the neighbourhood style and local favour in both the ambience and the food of the Penta Hotel. Papis Loveday champagne flown all night, topped with a runway show by the Austria’s Next Top Model finalists dressed by Michelle Yeung, this year’s Young Designer Awards, with music from DJ  SESCO specially flown in from Macau to spin at the after party.

HOHO0662  HOHO0591  HOHO0163

Actor-singer Michael Wong and supermodel Janet Ma were the perfect couple to share their show business and modelling experience with the aspiring models. “Me and Michael are very happy to be invited to the pentahotel party and be part of Austria’s Next Top Model TV show. The performances of the contestants in the fashion show tonight are very good.  I hope they will keep up the good work to make their Top Model dreams come true,“ Janet said.

HOHO0425  HOHO0519  HOHO0275

It was a whirlwind two-week tour of Hong Kong for the ANTM finalists, who were put through the drill of auditioning for the major modelling agencies and other challenges in Hong Kong to become the next top model.

“I am delighted to have the top models and the celebrities at the poolside party, and thanks to the Hong Kong people for the support of this event. Since we opened pentahotel Hong Kong in 2013, we’ve seen how the penta concept really resonates with both Hong Kong visitors and residents. To welcome a new generation of travelers, the hotel’s overall design blends style with simplicity and comfort with convenience. We believe that pentahotel Hong Kong will further extend the penta brand’s success in Hong Kong and beyond,” said Alastair Thomann, Managing Director, pentahotel.

24. 環境相  27. 環境相

About pentahotels

Launched in Europe, pentahotels is a design-led, neighborhood lifestyle brand providing independent travelers with comfort and style in a contemporary environment. Pentalounge, a combined lobby, reception, bar and café – designed as a lively gathering place for hotel guests and local patrons alike – is a pentahotels hallmark.

For further information or reservations please contact your travel agency, visit or follow us on for the latest news.

September 9, 2015

Famed Model-turned-actress Karena Ng Chin Yu to officiate the opening of Blumarine flagship store in Macau

05 模特兒、商場管理總監、吳千語、周美鳳、模特兒

Famed model-turned-actress Karena Ng Chin Yu officiated the opening (9 September) of the first Blumarine flagship store in Macau, locates in Shoppes at Four Seasons amidst a barrage of flashlights.

The young line Blugirl is one of Karena’s favourite brands, and she received a beautiful bouquet from the brand ahead of the Moon Festival. “It is a thoughtful gesture from Blumarine as a reminder that I must cherish the time with my family during the festive season.” “I love the elegant design of Blumarine and so it was an honor to be invited by the brand for the flagship store opening in Macau.” said the model-turned-actress.

04 吳千語、商場管理總監 08 吳千語獲品牌贈送精美禮物 06  吳千語以BLUGIRL服裝 (HK$5,250) 亮麗現身澳門 BLUMARINE活動

Founded in Italy in 1977 by Anna Molinari, Blumarine was named after her love for the sea, and gradually developed its edgy romantic look and style. It has since become one of the most attractive fashion brands for women. The brand hosted a press presentation to showcase both Blumarine and Blugirl Autumn/Winter 2015 women’s collection in the store.

The Blumarine collection for F/W 2015 draws a path made of instinct, glamour and disregard for rules. The message is both classic and seditious: personality before rules. Several aspects of contemporary femininity mingle in the Blugirl collection for F/W 2015/16. It has a dual personality: boyish and gentle.

12 環境相22 模特兒

July 30, 2015

Global Breakthrough in Skin Care with Launch of SOTHYS Energizing Booster Serum

Blending natural plants with science and technology to stay forever young

 Although prosperous Hong Kong has enabled a convenient and fast-paced lifestyle, it has also brought about all kinds of invisible pressure and burden for the city dwellers. Beneath the glamorous facade is the stressful reality of increasing pressure from work, worsening pollution problems, upside down lifestyle that endangers our skin.

This year, the research team at SOTHYS continued their legendary work with the launch of the Energizing Booster Serum, which wakes up the sleepy cells in your body called Mitochondrion to breathe life into the skin to make it vibrant and radiant.

Shrub that grows in forests is able to withstand very cold climate
- The plant is also called «Russian’s secret plant»
- Balance & harmonize to the body; promotes health
- For decades it is well known in Russia’s herbs and medical field for their remarkable properties for stimulating energy

SOTHYS advanced research team has been able to identify the specific genes that are directly involved in the improvement in skin.

SOTHYS has created a new dynamic program with Siberian Ginseng to improve the skin’s resistance and DEJ reinforcement
→ Protects the mitochondria
Maintains a good energy level

Anti-ageing Illumination Complex: to unify the complexion through global action on the collagen, melanin and haemoglobin chromophores, as well as on oxidative stress.

More than 90% of visible light is not directly reflected by the cutaneous surface; it penetrates the skin before being revealed.

The cutaneous radiance depends closely on the skin’s quality and namely on 2 factors: Chromophores (COLLAGEN, MELANIN, HAEMOGLOBIN) and the texture of the skin’s surface

Global action on the chromophores (COLLAGEN, MELANIN, HAEMOGLOBIN) to make the skin radiant and vibrant again.

SOTHYS Advanced research has discovered the cosmetic value of Siberian Ginseng.

OBJECTIVE: to promote ATP synthesis, thus helping to boost the cells’ energy.

OBJECTIVE: to rejuvenate cells through exfoliating action.

Energizing Booster Serum is extremely lightweight but powerful booster of the skin’s energy and helps restore a radiant complexion.

Extraordinary base serum to optimize the skin’s energy.
- Increase cell’s energy level
- Boost and enhance the effect of other skincare products

- Apply to face and neck day and night to boost the cellular energy before apply other SOTHYS serum and cream.

SOTHYS, a world of extremely refined emotions and sensuality, a legendary name that represents excellence and prestige in beauty institutes and spas all over the world. The same passion for perfection and the same quest for absolute beauty revealed to women and men through well-being and effectiveness for over 60 years. A highly specialised brand, SOTHYS has always stood out with its extraordinary commitment to research and innovation. It claims its place as an avant-garde beauty expert.



July 7, 2015

Grand Opening of Henderson Land Development’s HK$200m KOLOUR Mall

15 20

Kolour Yuen Long opened today (6 June) with a grand ceremony in the presence of Kristine Li Keng-yan, the assistant general manager of portfolio leasing, Henderson Land Development, and officiating celebrity guests Jonathan Wong, Hanjin and Celine.

04 01

The HK$230m makeover of Kolour Yuen Long and the sister mall Kolour Tsuen Wan (major facelift due to complete by the end of next year), previously known as Citimall, is the first project of Kristine Li Keng-yan, the first granddaughter of property tycoon Lee Shau-kee, chairman of Henderson Land Development.

The Kolour mall targeted students, young couples and families between the age 20 to 50. Business is expected to grow 40 per cent after the renovation.

14 13

“Our Kolour malls are infused with a richness in energy, and is thedestination for a cosy and chic experience. The mall is filled with diverse lifestyle products and F&B cuisine offerings, fashion and accessory boutiques, specialty stores and supermarket. Together they add colour to our everyday lives. The “K” in Kolour is also a common abbreviation for the thousand unit, thus Kolour celebrates the limitless possibilities and richness of our expressions,” Li said.

19 08

June 25, 2015

Folli Follie 2015 AW Collection Press Preview

Folli Follie, World-renowned global Greek lifestyle fashion brand held a media preview of the 2015 Fall/Winter Collection on 24 June, 2015 (Wednesday) at the French Window, Central. The preview showcased its latest collections of unique and exquisite jewellery, watches, handbags and other accessories, and specially highlighted the brand new Santorini Flower Collection of the season with the setting up of latest Fall/Winter campaign “Window to the World”.

06. Environment (Large) 02. Environment (Large)05. Environment (Large) 04. Environment (Large)14 (Large) 15(Large)

I. Santorini Flower Collection

The Santorini Flower motif is eloquently expressed and captured upon a complete collection that is set to make your style blossom. Offering a full proposal of jewellery, accessories and watches that will make your style stand out the coming season. Layered one on top of another the emblematic 4-hearts motif is translated in a multi-petal flower. The Santorinian sunrise, even more breathtaking than the renowned sunset, the promise of a new beginning, wrapped-up in fresh colors, exciting vistas, and a luring sense of hope, all lie behind the birth of the new Folli Follie motif. The iconic heart is there, multiplied to infinity, forming a sensational blossom: The Santorini Flower and giving birth to three astonishing accessories collections.

14. Santorini Flower  Handbag Collection (2) (Large) 02. Santorini Flower Collection Swiss Made Leather Strap Watch (Large)10. Santorini Flower Collection Glimpse Zip Wallet, Santorini Flower Collection Leather Strap Watch (2) 03. Santorini Flower Jewellery Collection (Large)

II. KK Collection Ocean Secret

Drawing inspiration from the uncharted mysteries that lie well-hidden in every island surrounded by crystal clear waters, Folli Follie presents its newest KK Collection Line which bears the personal signature of Mrs. Ketty Koutsolioutsos, Co-Founder and Creative Director of the brand – the inspiration and the driving force behind all KK Collection distinctive and successful designs. KK Collection Ocean Secret, is a new exciting limited edition jewellery line comprising of bold, statement necklaces and bracelets that can highlight and elevate every appearance adding the necessary hint of mystery. Inspired by the opalescent colour of the deep oceans and by the adventurous nature of pirates, in this unique hand-assembled line ethnic motifs interchange and interrelate with pearls, ceramic details and silver chains creating alluring results.

08. KK Collection Ocean Secret (1) (Large) 15. KK Collection Ocean Secret (2) (Large)

III. Bow Collection

It’s not hard to notice that bows are up on every designers’ mind. From New York to Milan, designers have embossed and shaped this iconic motif from jewellery to clothes. Folli Follie is all wrapped-up in style and embraces its most romantic side by introducing the Folli Follie Bow Collection. The Bow Collection consists of rose gold and silver plated chic rings, bangles, ladylike necklaces and elegant earrings. Clear crystal stones are effortlessly hanging upon every jewellery piece, conveying a more romantic flair and adding an extra touch of glam, to the shimmering bow, also covered in clear crystal stones. An inherently sweet and fancy motif that adds a touch of femininity to any look.

06. Bow Collection (Large)

IV. ApeironCollection

The style aficionados and the fashion-savvy crowd will never overcome the obsession for statement, bulky pieces of jewellery. Folli Follie introduces a new collection named after the Greek word for infinite and unlimited. The Apeiron Collection portrays the repetition of the infinity symbol on statement pieces that evoke countless combinations and are destined to become it. Structured cuffs, statement rings and iconic ear-hoops, rose-gold plated or black plated, are complemented by oversized square crystal stones creating head-turning results. Impressive enough to stand alone, yet elegant to be combined many together for more daring appearances. Folli Follie celebrates its love for unlimited options and infinite elegance through the Apeiron Collection. An edgy collection that comprises of the ultimate show-stoppers of the season to come.

V. LogomaniaCollection

The logomania trend is back, more elegant and more dynamic than ever. Folli Follie revisits a beloved accessories collection and introduces a jewellery line that exudes timeless elegance and trend-setting glam. The Logomania Collection comes to complement the style of the fashion-savvy crowd, adding a certain touch of allure. The Logomania jewellery collection introduces a new notion of style. Round-shaped rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, all rose-gold plated, are bound to bring out your most fashionable side. Champagne or purple crystal stones in the centre create an alluring result that can transform your every look.

09. Apeiron Collection, Logomania Collection (Large)

VI. Chain AddictionCollection

The Chain Addiction collection is all about practicality for chic business women with a strong sense of style. Folli Follie introduces an edgy jewellery line consisting of rose gold plated necklaces using iconic motifs. Small chains or chunky chains they can all be found in hot accessories for this fall. Long and solid chains with smoky topaz crystal stones in the center that strung with imposing motifs form a sensational design. Every woman needs at least one chain necklace in her fashion accessory collection. The new Folli Follie Chain Addiction collection promises to transform your everyday style to a promising downtown-chic look.

07. Chain Addiction Collection (Large)

13 (Large) 12 (Large) 4 (Large)

About FF Group:

The FF Group is a leading global force in the fashion world operating in more than 28 countries. FF Group designs, produces and markets on a global level its own brands, Folli Follie and award winning British jeweller, Links of London. The Group maintains a leading presence in the retail and wholesale segments in Greece and the Balkans; “attica” department stores and “Factory Outlet” are the Group’s major own retail distribution channels in Greece. In addition, the FF Group has started the strategic development of its own multi brand concept stores, Collective and Kix.

Brands such as Ermenegildo Zegna, UGG Australia, Juicy Couture, Ted Baker, Vilebrequin, Guess Jeans, Scotch & Soda, Calvin Klein Jeans, Nike, Converse, Franklin & Marshall, G-Star Raw, Samsonite and Technogym belong to the Group’s local brand portfolio, whereas the FF Group has exclusive wholesale and retail distribution rights for the Juicy Couture brand in Continental Europe, UK, Ireland and Cyprus. The activities of the FF Group in the beauty & cosmetics sector are significant and involve the exclusive distribution of the globally acclaimed brands of Procter & Gamble Prestige as well as the distribution in the Greek market of internationally known cosmetics brands such as Molton Brown and Annick Goutal, amongst others.

FF Group maintains a key role in the global travel retail sector through its strategic alliance and participation in the shareholding capital of Swiss Dufry AG, which acquired the Hellenic Duty Free Shops from the Group. With a dynamic structure and an impressive portfolio, the FF Group “accompanies” a consumer through all life phases; from early childhood to adulthood, a consumer can relate to the FF Group and its brand portfolio.

The FF Group creates fashion globally and has established a strong presence with more than 950 points of sale and employing more than 4,800 people worldwide.

May 14, 2015

Gigi Leung Steps into her Spanish Shoes for Castañer’s New Collection

18. 眾星穿上品牌最新鞋款蒞臨現場 Cara G、何倍倩、楊張新悅、馬詩慧、二女王麗嘉、大女王曼喜、琦琦、周美鳳、倪晨曦 (Large)

Following the success of the opening of Castañer’s first concept store in Harbor City at the end of last year, the brand hosted a press presentation today to showcase its Spring/Summer 2015 women’s and men’s collection at Fish & Meat. The city’s fashionistas were out in full force to preview the latest collection of the finest canvas shoes and wedge sandals, featuring Castañer’s renowned signature espadrilles.

14. 趙頌茹 (Large) 13. 楊張新悅 (Large) 12. 倪晨曦 (Large) 10. 何倍倩、Cara G (Large) 08. 王馨平 (Large) 07. 馬詩慧及大女王曼喜和二女王麗嘉 (Large)

New mom Gigi Leung put on the latest Castañer hand-made shoes for her first appearance since giving birth to a daughter two months ago at the launch of Spanish footwear brand’s Spring/Summer Collection. Castañer has customised a pair of unique shoes for both Gigi and her husband Sergio.

04. Castañer 更特意為梁詠琪及其丈夫Sergio送上特別定製的獨一無二的帆布鞋 (Large)05. 星級靚媽梁詠琪產後首次現身殿堂級西班牙手造鞋履品牌Castañer 2015年春夏系列發佈會

They included Gigi Leung, Qiqi, Janet Ma, Kayla Wong, Irisa Wong, Linda Wong, Cara G, Elva Ni, Nicola Young, Yu Chiu, Anne Wang Liu, Anina Ho, Antonia Li, Chelsea Chau, Yolanda Choi, Ellie Tang and Lelia Chow.

22 Ellie Tang, Martina Martiala(designer)06 Environment


48 QiQi18. 鄧業煒、王馨平11.王曼喜、馬詩慧、王麗嘉 (Large)




May 8, 2015

Supermodel Gaile to Stomp the Catwalk for WENĒE Haute Couture Lingerie

05 (Large) 04 (Large)

[8 May 2015] Hong Kong: Taiwan’s premium haute couture lingerie brand WENĒE will launch their haute culture lingerie service in Hong Kong for the first time with a spectacular “Paris 1950s” fashion show at the W Hotel on 8 May, 2015 (Friday) featuring supermodel cum actress Gaile Lok and a host of models and socialites on catwalk.

Gaile wore the made-to-measure lingerie hand-made by WENĒE’s senior designer E-King. “Everyone is unique, including their body shape. That is why WENĒE Haute Culture Lingerie made to my measure is closest to my body and my heart,” Gaile said.

Seven loyal WENĒE Haute Culture Lingerie customers agreed with Gaile. They vouched for the brand by actually took to the catwalk for the first time because of the confidence they have gained from wearing the MTM body carving underwear.

01 (Large) 09 (Large) 10 (Large)

Dozens of stars and celebrities took the front row seats to preview to 2015 collection. They included Jessica C, Jacquelin Chong, Pauline Yam, Eleanor Morris, Sherry Chen, Rosanne Wong, Belinda Yan, Icy Wong, Coffee Lu, Xenia Chong, Renee Lee and Lelia Chow. They were in the spotlight as well when they step onto the red carpet amidst a barrage of flashlights.

18 (Large) 21 (Large) 20 (Large) 25 (Large)

April 24, 2015


April 14, 2015

《Kiehl’s Iris Essence Socialite Gathering》 Numerous star and socialites in Town Witness the magical solution for glowing, youthful looking skin

Founded as an old-world apothecary in New York City in 1851, Kiehl’s Since 1851 has been providing customers with the most advanced technology of natural ingredients to create the perfect skin, body and hair care products for the past 164 years. This year, Kiehl’s proudly introduces Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence – a multi-action formula that treats and primes skin with key anti-aging actives. Harnessing the nourishing power of Iris Florentina Root Extract, this advanced liquid concentrate quickly and deeply penetrates the skin to boost radiance, reduce fine lines, and improve dullness.

20 姚書軼、袁麗娜、鄧業煒、袁彩雲、周美鳳

To mark the occasion, Kiehl’s host a tea reception on 14 April 2015 (Tuesday) for the glitterati in town including: Almen Wong, Anna May Chan, Anne Wang-Liu, Caroline Roberts, Ellie Tang, Fiona Yuen, Lina Yuen, Janice Chan-Choy, Jean Chan, Lelia Chow, Lumen Kinoshita, May Lee, Maria Wu, Mikki Yao, Nina Lam, Olivia Davies, Paulene Cruz, Samantha Sun, Sheila Chan-To, Sue Lynn Woo, Vanessa Lam, Veronica Lam, Winne Chan. The VIPs will experience Kiehl’s latest aging solutions first hand.

KAY_0056 KAY_0044 KAY_0025

The star-studded event was filled with VIPs dressed in elegant purple costume to match the brand’s product theme and enjoyed the specially prepared Iris hi tea as well. They were impressed by the new products presentation by Annie Kwok, Assistant Training Manager at Kiehl’s.


KAY_0249 KAY_0237 KAY_0152

Supermodel Mikki Yao and PR iron lady Lelia Chow took the stage to share their experience with the secret to eternal youth by using the Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence.

“Radiant skin makes a woman’s aura grow, and the Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence is the key to that youthful look,” Lelia said.

Birthday girl Mikki received a surprise gift from Kiehl’s in the form of the Extract Activating Treatment Essence, and said it replenishes her skin’s moisture level and makes the tone more even and luminous.

鄧業煒、黃佩霞 袁彩雲 (2)


Kiehl’s has always been an active patron of charitable work and corporate social responsibility. For this particular event, Kiehl’s joined hand with LoveXpress by making a donation to the charitable organization dedicated to autistic children.

Kiehl’s invited the VIPs to unleash their creativity by painting on LoveXpress’s heart-shaped Loving Stone with the theme color purple which goes in sync with its new product. The finished work of art from the celebrities will be put on display for posterity, leaving behind a legacy of love, warmth and caring for the autistic children in this cozy afternoon.

March 26, 2015

ESCADA Central Flagship Store Celebrates 1st Anniversary with a Star-studded Party Vivian Chow and a host of celebrities previewed the ESCADA x Thilo Westermann collection

01 (Large) 05 (Large) 03 (Large)

ESCADA celebrated the 1st anniversary ofthe flagship store in Central and coincide with the launch of the extraordinary ESCADA x Thilo Westermann collection, the collaboration between ESCADA and the famed German artist.

To show the internationally renowned brand’s luxurious charm, ESCADA is committed to the creation of extraordinary series that combine fashion and art with a touch of classic elegance.

20 (Large) 17 (Large) 18 (Large)

In addition to continue to trend-setting in both suits and evening wear, ESCADA also committed to providing a comfortable environment for perfect shopping experience.

To mark the occasion, Vivian Chow was invited to be the guest of honor. The ever-green actress and singer, who epitomize the perfect feminine model, donned an elegant dress from ESCADA x Thilo Westermann collection. Together with Ms. Edith Chen (President of Asia Pacific) and Mr. Philip Chen (Managing Director Hang Lung Properties Ltd.), they previewed the extraordinary ESCADA x Thilo Westermann collection and the 2015 Spring/Summer collection.

26 (Large) 10 (Large) 12 (Large)

The venue was meticulously decorated with a museum-like theme to showcase seven exquisite designs, included evening dress and cocktail dress, everyday wear, matching suits, silk scarves and T-shirts.

The city’s top stylist Alvin Goh, Ricky Kwok also attended the reception and were raving about the ESCADA x Thilo Westermann collection, especially the prints on the fine silk clothes. A good time was had by all and topped with a surprise gift for the VIPs from ESCADA x THILO WESETERMANN collection.

11 (Large) 14 (Large) 24 (Large)

January 27, 2015

LAMUCHA 2015 latest collection! Valentine’s Day – 《The Guardian Angel Series》 Send your love to the fated person of your life

In the Greek mythology, Cupid likes to use its Cupid’s Golden Arrow to tie a pair of lovers together, this year LAMUCHA’s angel wings anda Cupid’s Golden Arrows are sent straight from heaven to earth, creating the newest series – “The guardian angel”, dedicating to every couple. On Valentine’s Day, this series is going to work its magic on all the potential / fated? lovers and creating the sweetest and warmest bonding between them!

14K金天使翅膀項鍊 ($2,980) 14K金愛神弓箭項鍊 ($4,680) 14K金愛神金箭鑽石項鍊 ($7,880)

14K Cupid’s Bow Necklace($4,680)                             14K Golden Angel Wings ($2,980)                                14K Cupid’s arrow Necklace($7,880)


The Angel Wings often signifies a very gentle protection from the love of god. Inspired by the heavenly angels, LAMUCHA created this 14K golden angel wings necklace for girls who are protected and loved by friends or family. Designed to be simple and clean, the fine structural lines matches with the art of diamond.

From the legend, whoever was shot by the cupid’s arrow, he or she would immediately fall in love with the person and begin a sweet romance. LAMUCHA’ s Golden Arrow series conveys the power of Cupid – to lock you and your lover’s heart together, not even the Greek gods could resist it!

14K金愛神金箭鑽石14戒指 ($7,680)

14K Cupid’s arrow ring ($7,680)


14K金立體翅膀戒指 ($5,980) (1) 14K金立體翅膀戒指 ($5,980) (2) 14K金立體翅膀戒指 ($5,980)

14K Gold 3D Angel Wings ring ($5,980)

To lift the atmosphere of this romantic day, rings are the most indispensable symbol to represent the relationship between a pair of couple! A ring does not only signify the symbol of love and commitment, but it also shows a man’s respect towards a lady! LAMUCHA 14K Gold 3D angel wings ring shows a lifelike pair of angels wings on a lady; designed to break through the usual designs of rings in the past, the ring’s femininity will eventually awaken a man’s natural inclination to protect her.



俏皮金銀小天使戒指 ($4,980)


Cute  Cherub Ring ($4,980)

Apart from the graceful angels, there are of course, the cute cherubs! LAMUCHA’s cute cherub ring is highlighted with gold and silver, in a mix of dynamic and static feeling. It is definitely the best gifts for girls having their first love!


Silver Angel Wings ($4,680)

This ring symbolizes the angel’s wing protecting your beloved person, could be the best gift for a man who is eager to give all his love and protection to his loved ones!

LAMUCHA Brand Story



Ms. Kim Jeong Ju

Jewelry Specialists, GIA-Gemologist

Jewelry Designer, Jewelry Coordinator


Jeongju Kim is a highly renowned masterpiece designer in Korea. Being the Korea’s best designer and a designer that many Korea’s celebrities love, she established the industry-first government supported design research center. She also holds a history of various experiences such as 4 consecutive years designing of tiaras for the Miss Korea Pageant Contest and the jewelry appears in almost all popular dramas of Korea.


Her design aesthetic revolves around the theme of flowers, nature and harmony. LAMUCHA’s jewelry are intricately detailed, making her designs more than just a simple jewelry..


The unique design and value of LAMUCHA achieved by Masterpiece Designer Kim Jeong Ju’s Design Laboratory has been awarded with the Good Design Presidential Award in 2009 and is the first in the industry to be appointed as INNO Biz to acquire an ISO-9001 Certification.


LAMUCHA’s unique high-quality design is created by the touches of a master in a scientific manner with no tolerance on error. Its meticulous technology, high quality alloy, specialized polishing techniques are applied to give birth to an amazing color with delightful luster.


LAMUCHA Shop Enquiries


Address: Shop 39, level 1 The Peak Galleria. 118 Peak Road, The Peak, Hong Kong

Tel: 2698 0881


Address: K5B LCX, Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Tel: 2111 0261

January 21, 2015

Grand Opening of The World’s 1st SkinCeuticals Counter at Lane Crawford HK Charmaine Sheh, Lynn Xiong and famous celebrities present at the privileged luncheon Share and Experience “The Power of Antioxidant”

25 佘詩曼、熊黛林、L'Oreal Active Cosmetics Division Worldwide 總裁 Mrs. Brigitte 與一眾SkinCeuticals 的高層合照

SkinCeuticals, the Leading Medical Skincare Brand from the USA, has been at the forefront of antioxidant technology and anti-aging breakthroughs since 1997. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of our star antioxidant C E Ferulic and the birth of the World’s 1st counter at Lane Crawford department store – the premium retail expert in Asia, SkinCeuticals hosted a privileged luncheon today at Watermark Central. Elegant and fashinable celebrities and socialities including Charmaine Sheh, Lynn Xiong, Linda Wong, Mikki Yao, Pricilla Ku, Sharon Luk, Eileen Tung, Lillian Ho, Kennis Tai, Lelia Chow, Janice Chan-Choy and Rosemary Vandenbroucke were proudly invited to experience the perfect quality products backed by science.

12 兩位SkinCeuticals星級用家佘詩曼、熊黛林一起來臨慶祝Skin Ceuticals 濃縮維他命C E 抗氧精華誕生十週年 15 佘詩曼亦是SkinCeuticals 的fans! 04 沐浴愛河的熊黛林大讚產品效果相得益彰,效果令人驚喜滿意。

Mrs. Brigitte Liberman, Worldwide President of L’Oreal Active Cosmetics Division, specially travelled from France to Hong Kong for this luncheon, sent her warm welcome to the guests. Afterwards, honorable users of SkinCeuticals, Charmaine Sheh and Lynn Xiong, not only present to support the brand but also shared their own beauty secrets and recent updates.

Awarded Best Actress, Charmaine Sheh said, ‘I am the loyal user of SkinCeuticals and feel so excited when I knew the first worldwide department store has opened in Hong Kong. From now on, I can easily select the products I want from SkinCeuticals among the sufficient choices. When I was in UK busying with the shooting of « Triumph in the Skies », I had to stay outdoor for a long period of time. Luckily I brought the C E Ferulic with me to prevent and diminish signs of premature aging. As all of you know, many handsome men in this movie ; therefore, I have to keep myself fresh and pretty to stand out from them.’

21 顧紀筠一身高貴的黑色裝扮出席品牌活動 01 打扮性感的Rosemary Vandenbroucke特意前來支持 08 甜姐兒姚書軼服飾打扮青春可人,大讚產品能幫皮膚補充足夠的維他命同保養。

Stylish model Lynn Xiong further shared her sweetness updates, ‘Of course I have to keep my skin perfect with sufficient vitamins for the coming Valentine’s Day. I love C E Ferulic especially with its benefits for post-laser treatment use: reduced redness and downtime as well as with complemented wonderful results. I also love Hydrating B5 essence, which gives 1000x moisture to let me stay fresh and pretty everyday’. All the guests were excited to try the product and they were all impressed by the immediate astonishing effects.

The venue was decorated in the theme of laboratory. The grogeous guests enjoyed the privileged luncheon and shared their own beauty secrets. Joy and laughters filled the room, which added a touch of relaxation to the hustle and bustle of the city.

20 王馨平常常出席公開活動,當然也要非常小心照顧皮膚! 02 打扮型格的何嘉莉特意前來支持品牌 03 久未露面的陸詩韻亦盛裝打扮出席,支持品牌



January 18, 2015

The 15th Huading Awards Ceremony

Camera flashes and the excited screams of fans filled The Venetian® Macaoas the prestigious Huading Awards returned to Macao once again. The 15th Huading Awards Global Entertainment Celebrities Satisfaction Survey Release Ceremonyrevisited The Venetian Theatre, with the red carpet event being held in the Main Lobby of The Venetian Macao on Jan. 18. Widely recognized as China’s version of the Oscars, the superstar event, which was sponsored by The Venetian® Macao, drew a star-studded lineup of the best and brightest from the world of entertainment.

4 5 1

Thousands of fans competed with a media scrum at The Venetian Macao to capture the moment of their favorite stars took to the red carpet. More than 50 celebrities from Asia and around the world were in attendance, including Chris Hemsworth, Michael Mann, Naomi Watts, Kim Soo-Hyun, Han Ye Seul, Super Junior, Huang Sheng Yi, Rino Nakasone-Razalan, Donnie Yen, Anthony Wong, Dicky Cheung, Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui, Kristy Yang Gong Ru and Wang Leehom.

15 12 8

A total of eight Global Awards were presented, including The Most Popular Dancer of the Year, The Most Popular Singer of the Year, The Most Popular TV Actor of the Year, The Most Popular Film Actor of the Year and The Most Popular Film Director of the Year. For the awards in the mainland sector, a total of nine awards were given out, including Best Host, Best Traditional Opera Actor, Best Dancer, Best Singer, Best Director, Best TV Actors and Best Film Actors.

3 2 11

The Huading awards ceremony was broadcasted online on Jan. 18 to an audience of millions, offering the chance to get a glimpse of these superstars from the entertainment world. Along with international press coverage, Macao was once again thrown into the global spotlight.

10 6 13




January 1, 2015

DrGene brings DNA knowledge, awareness and health to you and your family


Our mission

We aim to provide people with accurate access to their genetic information, to enhance their quality of life. DrGene is Asia’s foremost bio-tech genetic testing company. Based in Hong Kong, Asia’s World City, DrGene provides cutting-edge DNA testing services to its customers. DrGene’s product is uniquely tailored to Chinese people in Hong Kong, China and throughout South East Asia.

Our history

Less than 15 years ago it cost over $1bn and took 10 years to sequence a person’s whole genome. Today, this can be done for under $5000 and take a couple of weeks. These advances in genetic technology mean that today we can get information of our DNA much easily and at an affordable cost, and use this information to improve our health.

Founded by Israeli entrepreneurs who recognized that genetic technology is not easily accessible in Asia, DrGene’s service empowers individuals to personalize their healthcare. With an expert team of leading geneticists based in Israel, DrGene has spent two years researching and developing DNA tests uniquely tailored to people of Han Chinese origin.

One simple test, a world of information

DrGene offers simple, non-invasive DNA tests that are accurate, affordable and easy to use. Including pre-pregnancy screening for parents-to-be who wish to minimize the risk of their child having a genetic disorder; and a personalized medication test, which assesses an individual’s likely response to dozens of common medications.

DrGene’s DNA test is noninvasive. A DNA collection kit is delivered directly to the customer’s home. All that is required is a small saliva or swab sample. Results are available on DrGene’s secure website within a few short weeks.

World-class laboratory


DrGene analyses every DNA sample in a state-of-the-art laboratory located in the USA. This facility is CAP and CLIA certified, considered the world’s most advanced and reliable accreditations that a genetic laboratory can possess. A highly experienced, professional team processes every DNA sample.


Our services

Personalized medication DNA test

DNA Test to pave the way to tailor your healthcare

Each of us reacts very differently to the same medication. Your unique genetic profile can reveal which medications suit you best.

Because you are unique – your treatment should be too. DrGene non-invasive DNA test gives you information on your response to dozens of very common medications. Results of genetic tests can take up to a few weeks; the time to take the test is when you are healthy, so that you can get the best treatment when you need it most.

  • Your DNA shows which medications will work best for you.
  • Discover how your body responds to some of the most common medications: for high cholesterol, diabetes, blood clots, contraception and many more.
  • Reduce your risk of suffering unpleasant side effects from medication

Pre-pregnancy DNA test

DNA Test to start your healthy family and protect your baby’s health

Planning on starting a family?

The one thing every parent-to-be wants is a healthy baby. Take DrGene’s pre-pregnancy DNA test to minimize the risk of your child having a genetic disorder.

  • Find out whether you are a carrier of any of dozens of genetic diseases
  • Covers many of the most common genetic diseases, including Beta-thalassemia and certain hearing impairments
  • Designed to be taken by adults of all ages and lifestyles
  • Tailored to people of Han Chinese origin

Feed your genes with DrGene’s unique DNA food test

Find out how your unique genetic makeup influences how your body responds to common food and drink, including milk (are you lactose intolerant?), bread (Do you really need a gluten free diet?), coffee and alcohol.

  • Tests your genes for five of the most common food-related conditions, including lactose intolerance, coeliac disease and more.

DrGene Enquiries



Customer Service E-mail:

Tel: 3628 2285 (Hong Kong)
Tel: 400-683-6886 (China)

December 5, 2014

Vita Green “OS21 Ice Lotus Series Christmas Luncheon” Celebrities and socialites in Town Witness the miraculous power of Ice Lotus to rejuvenate skin cells

34.Mimi Kung, Charlene Tse, Tina Liu, Helen Chan Hei-Ling, Eileen Cha, Anita Tang, Akina Fong, Alison Chiu & Janet Ma

[5th December, 2014 Hong Kong] The legendary Chinese Ice Lotus is often depicted in the Chinese novels that could bring the dead back to life. Now the myth of Ice Lotus is being unveiled by science and the new “OS21 Ice Lotus Skin Care Series” can rejuvenate your skin with its miraculous effects. To celebrate the new launch OS21 series, Vita Green has invited celebrities and socialites in town to “OS21 Ice Lotus Series Christmas Luncheon” at Grand Hyatt Hotel to witness the miraculous power of Ice Lotus. “OS21 Ice Lotus Skin Care Series” is specially formulated for Oriental Skin to relieve the effects of aging on mature skin by rejuvenating skin cells, the main ingredient of the series is Ice Lotus which is well-known as the “Emperor Herbs”. With the sophisticated technology from Switzerland, the novel OS21 Ice Lotus skin care line adds Ice Lotus into skin care cream made with pure Alpine water to create high quality skin-care products, to nourish your skin and keeps you look young, as if you are forever 21.

14.Lelia Chow 4.Alison Chiu 3.Janet Ma 1. Akina Fong

This noon, many celebrities and socialites attended the OS21 Ice Lotus Series Christmas Luncheon, including Akina Fong, Alison Chiu, Janet Ma, Sharon Kwok, Mimi Kung, Tina Liu, Eileen Cha, Charlene Tse and husband, Maria Chen, Emily Tang, Vinny Chu, Eleanor Kwok, Janice Choi, Linda Lau, Christine Wong, Nina Lam, Anita Tang, Sophia Kao, Helen Fong, Scarlett Pong, Alice Tso, Helen Chan Hei-Ling and Lelia chow. All of them revered at the effect of the product after listening to the product introduction by a Beauty Specialist, Mrs. Chau. Guests tried and felt the instant moisturizing benefits of the OS21. Impressed by the experience many felt that the range of OS21 skin care products may bring their skin back to life, as if they are forever 21.

2.Sharon Kwok 15.Mimi Kung 18.Janice Choi and Helen Chan Hei-Ling 33.Scarlett Pong & Helen Chan Hei-Ling

The celebrities – Akina Fong, Janet Ma and Sharon Kwok shared their first-hand experience at the Christmas Luncheon. Akina remarked, “I was the chief correspondent at TVB and senior press information officer at ICAC, it is my nature to strive for perfection always, in work and in caring for my skin. I really appreciate the concept of OS21 which is incorporating precious Chinese herbs and Swiss technology together, to rejuvenate Oriental Skin with its miraculous effects.” Janet Ma, the Hong Kong top model, marveled that within such a short period of time, Ice Miracle helped her skin to restore firmness, elasticity and equilibrated moisture. She aspired that OS21 will continue to nourish her skin and keeps her looks young like a 21 year- old.

28.Sharon Kwok, Janet Ma & Akina Fong 29.Julie Fung、Eleanor Kwok, Janice Choi, Helen Fong, Christine Wong, Scarlett Pong, Lucy Chau, Linda Lau, Sophia Kao and Nina Lam

At the end of event, OS21 arranged a spectacular musical performance: Miss Exhibition Pageant contestant, Melody Ho, played Christmas songs on a Chinese Harp: a perfect integration of Chinese and Western culture. All the celebrities and guests enjoyed a wonderful afternoon.

November 25, 2014

“NANCY GONZALEZ Thanksgiving Luncheon”

[25th November 2014 Hong Kong] NANCY GONZALEZ, a renowned international luxury brand, determines to create deluxe and extraordinary leather handbags with meticulous attitude and excellent craftsmanship. Designer NANCY GONZALEZ is a creator who adapts bold colors of rare and unique material into the must-have accessories. This season, the brand turns its signature piece of crocodile leather in bright colors, creating a vivid temperament in the world of fashion.

09 汪詩詩對NANCY GONZALEZ 品牌的手袋十分滿意 31 戴李桂蘭的黑色造型配合新一季的鱷魚皮手袋充滿時尚感 02 利嘉怡配襯火焰紅的手袋非常耀眼! 34 羅樂林女兒羅苡之配以藍綠色的造型非常清新17 時尚達人張翠萍特別鍾情品牌的粉紅色皮夾手袋 ($25900) 38 李錦記家族大新抱、李惠雄太太Mahnaz Lee


NANCY GONZALEZ has proudly invited elegant celebrities to attend the privileged “NANCY GONZALEZ Thanksgiving Luncheon”, including: Qi Qi , Janet Ma, Irene Wan, Lily Lee, Cissy Wang, Anna Yau, Olivia Lee-Davies, Janice Wong, Helen Ma, Feiping Chang, Winnie Chan, Anne Wang Liu, Leigh Tung, Tisha Law, Lelia Chow, Yumi Honda and Sharie Ross Tse to explore the fabulous fashion world from NANCY GONZALEZ.

19 馬梓詠的豹紋套裝非常時尚 (2) 24 琦琦對品牌的小手袋愛不釋手- $28600 22 馬詩慧一身黑色型格造型配合Nancy Gonzalez手袋充滿時尚感28 廖王明琪以寶藍色套裝出席品牌活動,優雅十足! 27 董建華姪女 - 周董立茂配合品牌高貴的形象配襯亮紅色的套裝13 周美鳳大讚Nancy Gonzalez皮革的設計及用料!


During the event, NANCY GONZALEZ showcased their latest collection exclusively. Designer specially added floral elements on the classic crocodile leather bag which surprised and impressed all the guests. They also showed great appreciation for the chic and classic collection. Pervaded with fabulous temperament, all the gorgeous guests shared their own fashion tips. Joy and laughter filled the room, which added a touch of relaxation to the hustle and bustle of the city.

32 羅樂林女兒羅苡之, 丘凱敏 06 Sharie Ross Tse, 周美鳳 08 汪詩詩, Nancy Gonzalez Group fashion director - Sophie de Rougemont 12 周美鳳, 琦琦 , 溫碧霞, 羅樂林女兒羅苡之-$28600, 馬梓詠 , Group fashion director - Sophie de Rougemont, 馬詩慧, 丘凱敏, 利嘉怡 (Custom)

November 12, 2014

LAMUCHA Aristocratic Jewelry Box Enhancing Yourself with Ultimate Splendor

Rose gold symbolizes grace and elegance, while silver is regarded as the symbol of shimmer and dazzles. In the eyes of every woman, the charm of gold and silver can never be replaced. Famous Korean jewelry brand LAMUCHA has a wonderful collection of prestigious accessories designed for its aristocratic jewelry box. With those treasures, you will be ready to catch everyone’s attention at the banquet.

Celebrity Sweetheart

Left: Ji-woo Choi; Right: and Ji-tae Yoo The lovers’ classy style in the Korean drama

Lozenge pendant with flower threads on necklace ($3,280)

Lozenge pendant with flower threads on necklace ($3,280)

Lozenge earrings with flower threads ($6,980)

Lozenge earrings with flower threads($6,980)

These bright LAMUCHA lozenge earrings are worn by Korean actress Ji-woo Choi in the drama “Celebrity Sweetheart”. The accessories do not only blend perfectly well with her flawless features and elegance, but also with her broad range of glamorous tube dresses. Each piece creates a remarkable impression to the audience.

Rose pendant on rose gold necklace($3,480)

Rose pendant on rose gold necklace ($3,480)

Rose ring($3,980)

 Rose ring ($3,980)

Rose earrings ($4,680)

Rose earrings ($4,680)

Flower designs in rose gold are created with diamond art stone for a chic look. The beautiful rose design can bring out the femininity of a woman, decorated with high quality shining stones acting as a symbol of magnificence. Such charming jewelry will let you be the spotlight in any event.

Rose gold ring decorated with four blooming flowers ($2,480)

Rose gold ring decorated with four blooming flowers ($2,480)

This ring is embellished with four blooming flowers and a clean design, making it the perfect item for the evening.

Glamorous chandelier Earrings ($3,480)

Glamorous chandelier Earrings ($3,480)

Oval-shaped dangle Earrings($4,680)Oval-shaped dangle Earrings($4,680) 2

Oval-shaped dangle Earrings ($4,680)

Earrings that turn on the charm under the flashes of light shall not be missed in any jewelry box. These treasures have always been beloved by ladies from all over the world.

In Korean drama, elegant jewelries always signify a family’s nobility. LAMUCHA glamorous chandelier earrings are worn by Korean actress – Chae-young Han, who comes from a wealthy family in the drama. They reveal a hint of extravagance and her unique yet extraordinary taste in jewelry.

The curve of the oval-shaped dangle earrings are specially depicted by LAMUCHA designers. The design can accommodate different types of face shape, making it suitable for any ladies who love wearing simple but extraordinary earrings!

Sparkling Bracelet $19,800Sparkling Dangle Earrings ($4,280)

Left: Sparkling Bracelet ($19,800)           Right: Sparkling Dangle Earrings ($4,280)

As autumn is approaching, darker color clothing will make a comeback. Delicate and bright jewelry accessories can immensely lighten your entire outfit. The bracelet decorated with diamond art stones instantly brings sparkles and freshness to your winter fashion, delivering a more prominent and luxurious vibe.

November 12, 2014

New Mercedes-Benz CLS Media Launch and Car Design Exhibition Passion Innovation – Past and Future

Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Limited unveiled the new CLS-Class to the media and started the first-ever local car design exhibition on 3rd November, 2014 at PMQ, Central. Astonished by the superior dynamism and elegance of the new CLS-Class aside, everyone was also granted an exclusive visit to the cross-generation car design exhibition. The exhibition not only showcases the newest CLS Coupé, but also its design concept and development process through videos and photo slideshows.

01 優雅奪目的銀色CLS Coupé 在圓形展台上盡顯四門轎跑的獨特氣派02 全新平治CLS 系列傳媒發布會及汽車設計展開幕儀式

During the opening ceremony, Mr. Andreas Binder, President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Limited, expressed his gratitude to all attending media from Hong Kong and Macau. He hoped all visitors would gain an in-depth understanding of the new CLS and Mercedes-Benz’s design philosophy through the exhibition. The unique and eye-catching silver CLS on the revolving stage is equipped with the new MULTIBEAM LED headlamps solely developed by Mercedes-Benz, confirming its identity as a dream car in terms of both appearance and performance. The new CLS puts more emphasis on sportiness, exclusive design and practicality. Also, the new, free-standing colour display in the head unit with an 8 inch screen defines the dashboard’s contemporary styling and the redesigned three-spoke sports steering wheel creates an atmosphere of nobility and elegance in the interior. Everyone was amazed by the harmonious combination of elegance and dynamism of a coupé with the comfort and functionality of a saloon.

04 柏以德先生表示非常榮幸和驕傲能見證CLS的誕生

The LED wall on the stage displays videos about the unique design and development of the CLS series, including a detailed introduction of the brand new MULTIBEAM LED headlamps. The MULTIBEAM LED technology combines the best of today’s lighting technologies and is able to adjust the light distribution very quickly and automatically to virtually any road and traffic conditions. It always ensures unrivalled broad and bright illumination of the road surface and edge of the carriageway for high performance and precision without dazzling other car drivers. The videos also feature some other cutting-edge technologies, such as 9G-TRONIC, powerful new engines, driver assistance and safety systems.

03 梅賽德斯—奔馳香港有限公司行政總裁柏以德先生對最新CLS的誕生感到非常興奮

There are two large screens placed at two sides of the exhibition area. One features the historic Mercedes-Benz concept cars from 1969 while the other showcases the ideas, design drafts and procedures of other Mercedes-Benz models, like the C-Class and S-Class.

Both the CLS Launch and the exhibition were met with great enthusiasm. It is no surprise as Mercedes-Benz keeps striving for high quality products and innovation. The CLS Coupé series will continue to surprise the crowd with its dominance on innovative design and high performance. The car design exhibition will be open to the public until 5th November.

November 5, 2014

“Kiehl’s Marvelous Afternoon tea Gathering” Numerous star and socialites in Town witness the super smart 360 degree 5-in-1 anti-aging solution for the eyes

14 Antonia Li 、 羅可旋、趙海珠、Faye Tsui、姚書軼、品牌總經理John Ho、方健儀、陳姿允、張翡玶及雷怡暉一同見証Kiehl's卓越及創新的抗衰老產品

[5th November, 2014 Hong Kong]Founded as an old-world apothecary in New York City in 1851, the unique background of Kiehl’s represents a blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal and medicinal knowledge developed passed through the generations. Kiehl’s products are made of the finest natural ingredients in unique formulations which are proven to deliver visible results and bring you healthier, younger-looking skin. The response of its remarkable anti-aging solution was tremendous, regarded as the new anti-aging specialist. Super Multi-Corrective Cream received a tremendous response since its launching last year. Recently, Kiehl’s has a new breakthrough in its anti-aging product line and proudly presents the new launch of the multi-targeted advanced anti-aging eye serum,SUPER MULTI-CORRECTIVE EYE-OPENING SERUM, a truly complete solution to correct the fivefold signs of aging for the eyes. Whilst, Kiehl’s chemists have also innovatedHYDRO-PLUMPING RE-TEXTURIZING SERUM CONCENTRATE. It utilizes next generation liquid-to-serum technology to intensively hydrate skin’s deepest surface layers, to give new life to dull, tired skin. To mark this special moment, Kiehl’s has proudly invited elegant stars and socialites, includingAlison Chiu, Akina Fong, Reina Chau, Chelsea Chau, Charlotte Chen, Jenny Chau, Antonia Li, Feiping Chang, Tansy Tom, Ming Ho, Leigh Tung,Marisa Zeman, Victoria Law, Edith Law, Amanda Lui, Winnie Chan,Mikki Yao and Faye Tsui to be the first to experience these outstanding products and witness the powerful magic of Kiehl’s anti-aging solutions.  

12 星級用家名模姚書軼一身高貴的紫色服飾出席活動04 前新聞之花方健儀回復自由身後首次出席公開活動

The afternoon tea gathering started with the presentation byKiehl’s Assistant Training Manager, Annie Kwok. The presentation gave an overview of the two newly launched products as well as their exceptional technology. All the guests were excited to try the new products and they were all impressed by the immediate astonishing effects. They also enjoyed the sophisticated afternoon tea set and special Shiso Leaf drink in a relaxing atmosphere.


Kiehl’s has also specially invited stunning star-users, Mikki Yao and Faye Tsui to share their spectacular experience after using the products. Renowned stylist, Faye Tsui said “I’ve tried numerous eyes products from different brands. However, I indeed recognize Kiehl’s new Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum as the best among all because it targets my entire eye area, giving me a well-rounded solution to my eyes. It has not only effectively diminished my wrinkles, but also reduced the appearance of puffiness. I realized significant improvement in just 2 weeks. I even felt that my eyes are getting bigger now!” Hong Kong top model, Mikki Yao, stated that the new Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate was remarkably incredible in its moisturizing effect. She was stunned by the instant improvement in her skin texture and condition. Her skin appeared more fresh, plump and youthful after using it.

05 兩位前新聞之花難得聚首一堂01 九巴後人雷怡暉一直是品牌的忠實支持者

Towards the end, the brand thoughtfully arranged a purple rose photo-frame workshop for all guests. The purple rose is forever-lasting by the latest Japanese Lécrin flower technology, which implied the best wishes from the brand, hoping all elegant ladies to stay fresh and beautiful forever.

24 一眾高貴名媛及品牌總經理合照54





October 29, 2014

Perfect bags for every Christmas Party

RABEANCO Christmas handbag collection mixes chic and comfort with functionality to bring on the bling for the festive season. The collection palette focuses on flashy gold, fiery red and elegant purple to bring out the charm of every lady in different Christmas parties.

RABEANCO_FLAME Clutch2 (Gold)_$1380RABEANCO_FLAME Clutch (Gold)_$1380

The FLAME Large Clutch is boldly presented with python-embossed leather in stunning gold, adding a touch of prestige and glamor to your outfit. This dazzling gold color instantly lifts up the winter wardrobe and your mood.

TANGO Clutch1_$2350TANGO Clutch2_$2350

Thanks to the mesmerizing red on this Tango Clutch, it draws much desirable attention to the lady on the party floor. The woven centerpiece at front serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. You can carry the clutch in your own special way. The detachable strap allows you to turn the clutch into a shoulder bag in no time.

COIL Large Clutch(Purple)_$1980

This COIL Large Clutch is your best companion for an after work party. The beautiful purple leather flawlessly enhances the feminity of every lady. This clutch exudes its unique charm and elegance as another classic item for this season. COIL Large Clutch is also available in two other colors, namely, Dark Slate Grey and Dirty Pink.

October 29, 2014

“DIOR PRESTIGE Exclusive Afternoon Tea” Elegant celebrities and socialites present at the privileged gathering To witness the birth of Prestige Le Nectar de Nuit

11p 姚嘉妮、黎淑賢、黃婉君、周美鳳、廖碧兒、胡蓓蔚、張寶華、上山詩納

Dior Prestige, the most luxurious skincare line of Dior, was expressly created to satisfy the demands of delicate skin. It is inspired by the Rose de Granville from the Dior Garden in the Loire Valley, France. The active ingredient extracted from it, the Rose de Granville Nectar, is concentrated in Dior Prestige products to deeply revitalize the skin. A response to the demands of delicate skins, Dior proudly presents Prestige Le Nectar de Nuit which contains active ingredient of the powerful buds from the Rose de Granville’s first bloom. Night after night, the skin is deeply replenished, smooth and looks radiant.

To mark the occasion, Dior was honored by the presence of elegant celebrities and socialites in town to witness the extraordinary power of the Rose de Granville in today’s afternoon tea gathering at Le Dôme de Cristal, Central, including Bernice Liu, Yvonnie Lui, Jaymee Sze, Monica Chen, Helen Rong, Rosanne Wong, Claire Yiu, Paisley Hu, Anna Ueyama, Sharon Cheung, Bonnie Lai, Veronica Lam, Alison Chan, Antonia Li, Fei Ping Chang, Lelia Chow and daughter Florence Tsai. During the event, these gorgeous ladies experienced the secret of Dior Prestige Le Nectar de Nuit in regenerating the radiance of youth.

The venue was decorated in the theme of Prestige as if you have entered a rose garden.. The afternoon tea gathering started with the presentation by Sherry Fan, Senior Marketing Manager. The presentation gave an overview of the luxurious Prestige line, explained how the Prestige Le Nectar de Nuit offers the ultimate efficiency with natural ingredients to delicate skin. All the guests were excited to try the new products and they were all impressed by the immediate astonishing effects. After trial, all guests enjoyed the French afternoon tea set and special Rose Tea in a relaxing atmosphere.

5p 黃婉君 16p 呂麗君及好友Jamie Sze

All the guests shared their own beauty secrets, and were all overwhelmed by the amazing effects of Prestige Le Nectar de Nuit and look forward to the optimisation of nocturnal cell regeneration regardless of their  quality of sleep. Bernice Liu said “Dior Prestige contains the Rose de Granville which helps to replenish my skin and effectively brightening up and make it as smooth and dewy as a fresh rose petal.” Monica Chen also shared her personal beauty tips with everyone and expressed her fond of the remarkable skincare effect and sensorial experience brought by Prestige line and can’t wait to try Prestige Le Nectar de Nuit at home.

1p 廖碧兒

All guests were offeredPrestige Le Nectar de Nuit, a limited edition with theirinitial and Rose de Granville engraved, which implied a meaning of staying young and beautiful forever. Joy and laughter filled the room, which added a touch of relaxation to the hustle and bustle of the city.

October 29, 2014

LAMUCHA Rock Collections The Best Pick For Party

Downtown boys become much attentive with fashion trend nowadays. Accessories are essential items to show their unique characters, perfectly present their confidence and lifestyle. In this festive season. LAMUCHA designs various charming and playful accessories, particular for fashionable enthusiasts in town. This must be the best choice to wear in any occasions.


Famous Korean star, Jang Keun Suk, is not only the dream man for girls, but also the fashion icon for men. He carries LAMUCHA’s accessories in renowned Korean drama called <Love Rain> which has gained a lot of attention from audiences. With LAMUCHA’s ring, necklace and earrings, he can perfectly present the chic and playful style. He also wears the brand’s accessories stylishly with party outfit, creating glamorous party look.



Skull pendant long necklace ( $1,800 )

Halloween is around the corner. Everyone wants to stand out in party. LAMUCHA’s skull necklace can surely help you attract everyone’s attention in the party. Rock elements are specially used in the design which creates a rock and mysterious temperament. For the skull pendant, it definitely add playful feel for your outlook.

3Anything in cross shaped is a jinx for vampire. It would be fun if you show this cross pendent necklace to your friend who is wearing a vampire customs.The cross pendant is surrounded by sparkling black diamond, adding a luxurious touch of whole outfit. Complete your festive style with this shinning pendant and exquisite 14K gold necklace.


Left: $2,980 Middle: $1,280 Right: $1,280


Silver skull ring is modern and cool. The crown on top shows a unique dark gorgeous trend. Another silver ring with black cross best illustrates the simple rock elements. Everyone can experience the stylish look by wearing this collection. The lilies accessory is inspired by iris tectorum. With the use of the silver materials, it creates an uninhibited modern style.

  Skull earrings( $1,800 )
LAMUCHA demonstrates rock style fashion by putting the mysterious skull and the unique crown together.Earrings use the unbalanced style to create the effect of left-right asymmetry, representing a playful feel.



Apart from gorgeous dark color, vivid colored beads such as yellow, green and red are used to stand out from the faint dark hues. Embellished with little skull head in green and gold, it added an unusual mysterious feel.


You must be impressed by bracelet in purple as well. With various color tone and texture, it creates a remarkable impression. The bracelet also embellished with crystal pendant, skull and crown items which must be the coolest items in this season.

Colorful Skull Bracelet ($780)
The vivid colorful bracelet is decorated with little skull and delightful beads, giving us an expected energetic feel.

Information about new store in Tsim Sha Tsui


Except shop located at The Peak Galleria, LAMUCHA is going to open its second shop in 5B 3rd Floor, LCX, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon on October 1, to provide a new shopping environment for Korean fans to purchase their favorite accessories. The opening hours are from 10 am to 10 pm. Do not miss this chance to select your beloved items.

September 17, 2014

Samantha & chouette SOGO Causeway Bay Grand Opening Janice Man, Anjaylia and Super Girls sweetly shine in the event with vivid glamour

Samantha Thavasa, a renowned Japanese fashion brand, is popular primarily for its sweet and luxurious elements among supermodel in the world. This year, Samantha & chouette, the fast fashion brand produced by Samantha Thavasa, will open a new store in Sogo Causeway Bay, bringing more fashionable items for youthful girls in town.

To mark the occasion, Samantha & chouette has hosted a grand opening event today at Samantha & chouette Store on 3/F of SOGO in Causeway Bay. The brand has proudly invited fashion stars Janice Man and renowned artists in town including Anjaylia Chan, Super Girls (Cheronna Ng, Heidi Lee, Aka Chiu, Yanny Chan and Jessica Choi) to attend with Samantha & chouette latest fall winter collections to celebrate the new Samantha & chouette store.

12 文詠珊、Super Girls及陳嘉寶共同慶賀全新旗艦店隆重開幕

Remarkably, Amiee Mascot, a signature icon of Samantha Thavasa group, acted as a fashion stylist to help mix and match for the outlook of the guests. All the guests showed great appreciation to Amiee’s fashion sense. Sweet girl, Anjaylia, showed up in a white one-piece dress with Samantha & chouette coral pink handbag from the fall winter collection. She loved the vivid color and simple design so much because it perfectly fitted her character. In the meantime, Super Girls also attended the event in black and white outfit. Amiee Mascot specially mix and matched some lovely charms from Samantha Thavasa to them. They expressed that the charms can definitely highlight the handbags, giving a total different temperament to the entire style.

03  陳嘉寶大讚手袋顏色和款式與她的造型及個性非常合襯11 Super Girls表示吊飾絕對可以點綴整個手袋的風格

Fashionable star, Janice Man, was invited as the guest of honor to celebrate the historical moment of the store opening. She stunningly showed up in a grey once-piece dress and shared her styling tips with all the guests. The brand prepared the SOGO’s limited edition baby pink handbag for Janice to create a sweeter look for her. Janice deeply appreciated the thoughtful gesture and wreathed in smiles.

04 甜美與氣質於一身的女星文詠珊以一身灰色連身裙壓軸出埸

The event ended by a toasting ceremony with Mr. Kazumasa Terada, the Chairman and President of Samantha Thavasa, and Janice, wishing the brand a booming business ahead. All the renowned guests shared styling tips and had a jolly time in the new Samantha & chouette store.

08 文詠珊聯同Samantha Thavasa的總經理Ms. Ai Saito 進行簡單而隆重的祝酒儀式10 文詠珊聯同一眾嘉賓進行簡單而隆重的祝酒儀式

August 29, 2014

CLARINS Extra-Firming Eye Launch Event

Gorgeous Celebrities and Socialites in Town Attended the Exclusive Launch Event

To Share and Experience the Ground-Breaking Solution to All Eye Problems

CLARINS, France’s No. 1 luxury skincare brand, has been cherished by thousands of women globally as a luxury skincare brand since its launch 60 years ago. CLARINS creates ground-breaking products with its signature combination of plant extracts and advanced technology that has helped establish the brand as a beauty expert. This summer, CLARINS is launching a brand new Extra-Firming Eye Complete Rejuvenating Cream specially developed for Asian eyes, offering a complete solution to all eye problems.

2p 陸詩韻 (Mobile)  6p 周瑋瑩 (Mobile)15p 莊思敏 (Mobile)  16p 郭秀雲 (Mobile)17p 周美鳳 (Mobile)  18p 黃佩霞 (Mobile)

To mark this special occasion, CLARINS has hosted the “CLARINS Extra Firming Eye Launch Event” at The Space, Central with themed and innovative activities for a brand new experience. Celebrities and socialites including  Candy Lo, Sharon Kwok, Jacquelin Chng, Sandy Lau, Almen Wong, Sharon Luk, Jacqueline Chow, Bonnie Xian and Lelia Chow were invited to witness CLARINS’ remarkable breakthrough. The venue was designed to emulate a virtual reality game, creating an atmosphere similar to that of a science fiction movie. The guests were welcomed by blinking red lights on the ground floor, setting the mood for the virtual reality experience that followed. Sandy Lau expressed, “I really love the decoration of this venue. It is very different from other events and I think the theme is very creative and original.

8p 冼色麗及陸詩韻非常投入VR眼鏡虛擬實境遊戲,笑言真的感到有離心力。 (Mobile)

CLARINS, as a skincare pioneer, is known for always adopting the most advanced technologies for developing skincare products. To fully translate this belief, innovative high technology virtual reality (VR) glasses were used to offer guests an unforgettable roller coaster adventure in the CLARINS world. All the ladies were excited and enjoyed a lot with the thrilling virtual roller coaster experience out of the hustle and bustle of the city, taking the event atmosphere to a climax.4p 冼色麗 (Mobile)1p 劉倩婷 (Mobile)

The guests were then treated to an exclusive trial to experience the new Extra-Firming Eye Complete Rejuvenating Cream after a short yet exhilarating ride. Jacquelin Ch’ng said “A pair of young looking eyes is important for a model to look stunning and gorgeous. It is a great chance for me to learn the tips to take care my eyes today, and I truly appreciate the fact that this eye cream can smoothen the wrinkles, lift eyelids, and reduce dark circles and eye bags at once.” Candy Lo has been a loyal advocate of CLARINS for over 10 years so she is very familiar with the brand’s products. She laughed and said, “People always say nice things about my big eyes, so I have to pay extra attention to take care of my eyes and keep my youthful complexion.”

10p 黃佩霞、郭秀雲、冼色麗、周美鳳、莊思敏、陸詩韻及劉倩婷 (Mobile)

Celebrating Candy’s birthday, CLARINS thoughtfully presented a bunch of roses to her and also as a way to express their deepest gratitude for her long term support. Candy deeply appreciated the thoughtful gesture and wreathed in smiles with the unexpected surprise.

12p CLARINS香港及澳門區總裁Damien Tonneau為羅霖獻上鮮花,補祝美魔女生日。 (Mobile)

The renowned guests left behind their busy schedules and spent an enjoyable afternoon together at the dynamic venue, and had an exclusive preview of CLARINS’ ultimate solution for eyes to fight all signs of ageing.

August 22, 2014

YSL OR ROUGE Legendary Luncheon

Modish wife Anita Yuen and famous celebrities and socialites present at the privileged luncheon Share and experience the authentic and heritage touch of YSL OR ROUGE

YSL OR ROUGE is one of the most luxurious skincare collections of the brand.  The new collection is inspired by the most precious natural ingredients, the Pistil of Saffron, combining with cutting-edge science for exceptional regenerating skincare. OR ROUGE successfully creates the perfect blend of ultimate luxury and high technology mystery gift to ladies, helping them to unlock their cellular keys of skin revitalization.

10 袁詠儀的紅色長裙彌漫著雍容瑰麗之美 (Small) (Mobile)  01 打扮性感的RosemaryVandenbroucke特意前來支持 (Small) (Mobile)02 名模馬詩慧及姚書軼一身型格打扮結伴出席活動 (Small) (Mobile)  05 黑色連身裙打扮的周美鳳親身體驗藏金奢妍的超凡能量 (Small) (Mobile)07 久未露面的甘比亦盛裝打扮出席,支持品牌 (Small) (Mobile)  11 甜姐兒倪晨曦的紅色服飾打扮青春可人 (Small) (Mobile)13 黑色長裙的余思敏與其他嘉賓互相分享美容心得 (Small) (Mobile)  14 打扮型格的傅嘉莉特意前來支持品牌 (Small) (Mobile)15 翁嘉穗及龐董晶怡結伴出席活動 (Small) (Mobile)  17 余安安打扮型格出席活動。 (Small) (Mobile)

18 周美鳯、丘凱敏、倪晨曦、袁詠儀、甘比、胡蓓蔚、傅嘉莉、RosemaryVandenbroucke、姚書軼、 馬詩慧 (Small)

To mark the occasion, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté has hosted the “YSL OR ROUGE Legendary Luncheon” today at Four Seasons Hotel in Central. Elegant and fashionable celebrities and socialites including Anita Yuen, Kimbee Chan, Candice Yu, Janet Ma, Virginia Yung, Lelia Chow, Helena Pong, Sammie Yu, Anna Yau, Mikki Yao, Lillian Ho, Elva Ni, Pauline Yam, Paisley Hu and Rosemary Vandenbroucke are proudly invited to witness the power of the Pistil of Saffron and to experience the authentic and heritage touch of YSL OR ROUGE.

24 活動由優雅的舞蹈表演,演繹經典名曲《Colour of the Wind》揭開序幕。 (Small)

The remarkable luncheon officiated with a dance performance by Haruna Kunisawa interpreting the classic “Colour of the Wind”, the elegant dancer in town engaged the guests in graceful surroundings. Afterwards, Ms. Lina Ly, General Manager of L’Oreal Hong Kong Luxe Division, sent her warm welcome to the guests followed by the product presentation by Mr. BENOIT LOZE, International Skincare Marketing Director and Ms. Caroline Negre, Scientific Communication Director from France. The presentation gave an overview of the luxurious OR ROUGE series, explained how the products offer the ultimate efficiency and natural ingredients to all the ladies.

22 型格靚太袁詠儀、城中名模馬詩慧以及著名舞蹈家Haruna Kunisawa更與在場嘉賓分享護膚心得及大談人生價值觀。 (Small)

During the luncheon, the modish wife Anita Yuen, stylish model Janet Ma and renowned dancer Haruna Kunisawa shared their very own beauty secrets and life inspirations with guests. They expressed that they were all amazed by the astonishing results of the products. The modish wife Anita Yuen said,” Enjoy every moment of life is always my motto! You have different things have to learn in life and different stage brings you with different feelings.” Stylish model Janet Ma smiled and said, “I am an open-minded mother! I always advocate Hedonism; do whatever you want which makes you happy as long as you have autonomy. Especially my daughters, I totally support them to become models and I even taught them always be aware of pursuing the perfect of beauty! Good skin condition would affect your first impression towards others.” Renowned dancer Haruna Kunisawa believed that prettiness always comes from one’s inner confidence. And exercise is an important way to maintain the beauty of her skin condition! All the gorgeous guests shared their own beauty secrets, joy and laughter filled the room, which added a touch of relaxation to the hustle and bustle of the city.


Nestled in the high peaks of the Atlas Mountains, on a unique day, a rare flower blooms. As its heart is a divine offering more precious than gold collected by hand from time immemorial – the Pistil of Saffron.

or rouge


YSL . SKINSCIENCE1 experts studied a Glycan of the Pistil of Saffron and identified that it has powerful properties on skin. They created an innovative complex concentrated in Glycan : OR ROUGE GFCTM by 3-step process –Extraction, Clarification And Concentration.



August 7, 2014

RABEANCO AW 2014 Preview A Perfect Demonstration of Aestheticism – “Aesthetic Metamorphosis”

RABEANCO, a renowned international fashion accessory brand, determines to create luxurious and extraordinary leather handbags with meticulous attitude and excellent craftsmanship. The refined leather accessories not only highlight the great charisma of women but also drawing all attention from the fashion world.

AW2014 collection is based on the theme “Asethetic Metamorphosis”. RABEANCO is delighted to invite Soo Joo Park, a famous Korean supermodel, to present the AW2014 collection with different remarkable styles. Her flattering blonde hair and cool facial expression, not to mention her aura of uniqueness, perfectly match with this season’s collection. The creations presented by Soo Joo Park are undoubtedly the new fashion trend in this season.

Combine image girl_RABEANCO (Small)

There are three variations in “Asethetic Metamorphosis” including Sheer Heaven, The Red Passion and Edgy Monster which demonstrate RABEANCO’s exclusive aesthetic concepts and styles. The AW 2014 creations are refreshing and revitalizing like a vivid butterfly turning from caterpillar.

Sheer Heaven Collection

Romantic, relaxed and carefree are the best descriptions to the main tone of Sheer Heaven Collection. Putting on any bags from this collection, you will feel like lying on soft cloud in the sky that brings you warmness and happiness in this dull and chilly winter.

Focusing on the smooth curve and arc seam, the elegance of this collection is presented flawlessly. The refined tote bags in soft raw leather with shiny metal details impeccably show the purity of girls as well. 

rabeanco 1

The Red Passion Collection

Passionate career women are the muses in mind for Red Passion Collection. Special and inventive line is used boldly to demonstrate the charm and unique style of downtown women.

Playful folding and layers are the highlight of this collection. It creates an incredible fashion style with neat-colored and contrasting colored leathers. The interior of the bags use a pattern of butterfly’s wing that subtly matches the theme of this season. 

rabeanco 2

Edgy Monster Collection

The main concept of Edgy Monster Collection is inspired by fashion icons who follow their intuition and are dare to innovate their unique personal style. 

Using neat frame and simple line to emphasize contrast are the keys of this collection. Eye-catching leathers including metallic color, pattern and animal print are used to cater users with different style. The dazzling colors with shiny metal details are clad perfectly in energetic styling to demonstrate vivid fashion look.

rabeanco 3

10_RABEANCO 2014 (Small) (Custom) (Custom)RABEANCO Blue Backpack ($TBC) (Small) (Custom) (Custom)

Backpack gives us an impression of casual and carefree. We can hang out easily while carrying all belongings by one single backpack. To continue the trend of sporty fashion, REBEANCO specially creates a new bucket bag with casual and cool elements. This trendy bag undoubtedly a must-have item in this season and will get all the attention.

The presentation of this triangular-shaped bucket bag is not only tough and cool, but also featured with fun elements. Replacing traditional zipper by fabulous drawstring, this bag can turn from dreary square shape into chic triangular shape. The zipper at the edge also allows you to grasp your belongings easily. This functional and stylish bag must be an incredible highlight of your winter outfit.

July 10, 2014

《Ricacorp Properties 33rd Anniversary》

Numerous stars and socialites present at the privileged cocktail party Celebrate its fabulous and remarkable 33 Years

Founded in 1981, Ricacorp Properties Limited proud to announce that it has officially entered its 33rd anniversary. During the three decades since its incorporation, Ricacorp focused on providing quality and professional estate agency services covering residential, commercial, industrial, retail properties in both Hong Kong and Macau market, immigration consultant, mortgage agency services. With its long term reputation for excellent and professional performance, Ricacorp has stayed in step with the development of local property market and has grown to become a major player in the estate agency market with more than 2,700 staff and 210 branches now.

24 Mr. Jimmy Tang & Mrs. Emily Tang 01 Angela Leung 02 Michelle Tsoi 04 Catherine Hung

To mark the occasion, Ricacorp Properties has proudly invited numerous graceful stars and celebrities, including Angela Leung, Elena Kong, Vincent Ng, Johnson Lee, Catherine Hung, Candy Lo, Candice Tai, Lelia Chow, Maria Cordero, James Shing, Michelle Tsoi, Yip Ka Po, Rosemary Vandenbroucke, William Tang, Maggie Lee, Renee Dai, Ricky Kwok , Kennis Tai, Lydia Tong, Oliver Cho, Isabella Kau, Dorian Ho, Kasey Lin, Yoko Yang, Agnes Wu, Lily Ng, Candice Cho, Karen Suen, Mr. Jimmy Tang & Mr. Emily Tang, Mr. Joseph Chu and Mrs. Vinny Chu, and renowned Property and Financial elites, over 300 honorable guests to celebrate Ricacorp Properties 33rd Anniversary and to witness its 33 years of excellence today at Four Seasons Hotel.

20 Kasey Lin, Elena Kong & Kenneth Ng 18 Candy Lo & Johnson Lee 07 Mr. Willy Liu, CEO of Ricacorp Properties and his wife Mrs. Bonnie Lee 06 Rosemary Vandenbroucke,William Tang

The cocktail was kick-started with the welcome speech presented by Mr. Willy Liu, CEO of Ricacorp Properties. “I have gone through a lot of ups and downs in the past twenty-seven years of my career, yet I am glad that I have a very dedicated team who work hard together with me to grow the company with strong client support. This is also one of my motivations to continue to grow the company so as to set new future milestones” said Mr. Willy Liu. After that, Ricacorp Properties proudly announced that RICA CLUB has officially established to celebrate the 33rd Anniversary of the company. Together with a number of international brands, RICA CLUB provides consumption concession to all prestigious members. And all of the attended guests would be invited to become the exclusive VIP members of the club with the platinum membership and enjoy endless number of concessions. President of RICA CLUB, Mr. Eric Cheung then presented the membership card to Mr. Willy Liu, meaning Mr. Liu became the very first notable member of the club and officially launched RICA CLUB. Followed by the membership card presentation, Mr. Willy Liu launched his new book, named《戰勝順逆樓》, which has shared his years of experience and management philosophy in the property agency industry.  Remarkably, all the income from royalties will be donated to charity.

27 Jane Liu,Kent Chui  ,Eric Cheung,Willy Liu, David Chan and Roy Wong 36 All the income from royalties of the new launched book will be donated to charity. 32 The cocktail was kick-started with the welcome speech presented by Mr. Willy Liu, CEO of Ricacorp Properties. 35 Thh wine sponsorsm Key Wines and HK Cruise Plaza。

The event reached the climax when Mr. Willy Liu had hosted the pop-open champagne ceremony with top management Mr. Eric Cheung, Mr. Kent Chui, Mr. David Chan, Mr. Roy Wong and Mrs. Jane Liu to celebrate the 33rd Anniversary of Ricacorp Properties. Mr. Willy Liu even led the management team of the company to host the champagne toasting ceremony, wishing the brand a booming business ahead. Approaching the end of the cocktail, Ricacorp Properties specially held an exciting lucky draw session which surprised 19guests who had received the extraordinary prize. All guests mingled with joy and laughter and created a touch of relaxation to the hustle and bustle of the city.

39 Renee Dai,  Mr. Willy Liu, CEO of Ricacorp Properties and Elena Kong and Elena Kong 41 Vincent Ng,Johnson Lee and  Mr. Willy Liu, CEO of Ricacorp Properties 43 Raymond Chan, Albert Wong, Rosemary Vandenbroucke,  Maria Cordero and Lelia Chow 42 Daniela、Yoko Yang、Sadelle Yeung

July 1, 2014


Celebrity hairdresser, Mark Hill, brings you the next generation of Oil Treatments for hair…MiracOILicious. A brand new supercharged ‘repair’ range for over styled, heat damaged hair that works! Let keep your eyes on it and it will be exclusively launched at Mannings on 4th July!


MiracOILicious is an exotic mix of 14 of the world’s finest essential oils and plant extracts including Moroccan Argan Oil, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Sage, Sandlewood, Spearmint, Castor, Palmarosa, Orange, Patchouli, Clove, Davana, and White Birch. MiracOILicious Advanced Repair Shampoo was even awarded the “Best High Street Shampoo 2014” by Hair Magazine UK!


It is designed specifically to repair and hydrate heat damaged or coloured hair. Key benefits include:

- Reduction in the appearance of split ends

- Smoothes cuticles to diminish frizz

- Adds strength to brittle and fragile hair

- Restores and nourishes heat damaged hair

- Hair appears fuller and thicker due to less breakage

- Enhanced condition


The range consists of four key products to literally revolutionise your hair:


MiracOILicious Advanced Repair Shampoo $88 250ml

MiracOILicious Shampoo

It has recently been awarded the “Best High Street Shampoo 2014” by Hair Magazine in UK. A moisture‐rich, sulphate and paraben‐free hydrating shampoo packed with a magical mix of natural ingredients including Moroccan Argan Oil, Ylang‐Ylang and Palmarosa. You’ll love the way this creamy shampoo makes your hair feel silky smooth, intensely nourished, repaired and frizz‐free. Just what every girl needs.


MiracOILicious Nourishing Conditioner $88 250ml

MiracOILicious Conditioner

For super strong and healthy locks that look and feel amazing, this creamy conditioner is the answer. Over‐use of heated appliances and colour treatments can really zap the moisture out of your hair. MiracOILicious Nourishing Conditioner treats and transforms hair into strong, beautifully shiny, silky smooth tresses.


MiracOILicious Moroccan Argan Oil HK$108 50ml

MiracOILicious Argan Oil in and out of box

Moroccan Argan Oil is a genuine beauty phenomenon, a product which does it all. This super versatile, ultra nourishing and residue‐free formula can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. It instantly rejuvenates, rehydrates, eliminates frizz and helps speed up drying time. It really is the product you’ve always dreamed about.


MiracOILicious 2 Minute Miracle Treatment  HK$108 200ml

MiracOILicious Treatment

This two minute miraculous revitalising treatment helps reconstruct damaged hair in need of urgent repair. With its blend of pure essential oils and natural plant extracts including Moroccan Argan Oil, this super‐rich formula helps infuse protein back into weakened hair to leave it feeling stronger, looking healthier and shinier than you ever thought possible.

June 20, 2014

LAMUCHA Wedding Jewelry Collection First and Foremost Display Stunningly in Wedding Expo 2014

The wedding jewelry collections of LAMUCHA are the perfect combination of classical and modern designs. With delicate and refined craftsmanship, it captures the most precious memory in every girl’s life. A number of elegant and extraordinary wedding jewelry collections can be previewed in “Hong Kong Wedding & Wedding Accessories Expo 2014”. The Expo will be held from 11th July to 13th July 2014 in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 5FG. Meanwhile, each stunning masterpiece from LAMUCHA will be displayed in the booth (H32), so every groom-to-be and bride-to-be can be the first to select and try.

Ring 1_ ($16,800)Set 1 - 玫瑰花形戒指組合- Separate ($38,000)


A wedding ring is the vital symbol of merging two hearts into one. LAMUCHA provides various types of wedding rings, from simple and elegant to gorgeous, you can definitely find your perfect one here. The rings shown in the Expo are exquisite but modern. With the flawless supporting base, it makes the diamond more stand out.

Apart from wedding rings, LAMUCHA also provides other stylish ornaments to witness the eternal promise and forever love of newly married couples. The sparkling zircon, as the main element of the jewelry designs, nicely sets off the elegant temperament of every bride. This is exactly the perfect wedding jewelry desired by every girl.

Set 1 - 玫瑰花形項鍊 ($6,800) Set 1 - 玫瑰花形耳環 ($7,800) Set 1 - 玫瑰花形戒指組合 ($38,000)

Preserving the blossomy moment of the flower, the floral shape is particularly meaningful. With ring, pendant and earrings available in this collection, the romantic rose flower symbolizes the deep love of couples. In particular, the rings can be wore separately with different styles; praising the elegance of the nature and blossoming the blazing brightness simultaneously, and also exuding the natural beauty of diamond.

Set 2 - 花形戒指組合 ($38,000) Set 2 - 花形垂吊耳環 ($6,800) Set 2 - 花形項鍊 ($6,000)


The flower ornaments are inspired by the nature, the ruby matching with the excellent diamond on the ring signifies unlimited and unconditional love. Wearing this signifier of true love can witness the long-lasting and forever marriage.

Set 3 - 完美環形項鍊 ($4,800) Set 3 - 完美環形戒指組合 ($17,800) Set 3 - 完美環形垂吊耳環 ($4,800)


The halo made by the sterling silver surrounds the sparkling main diamond. The round shape signifies perfectness while diamond symbolizes eternity, implying the eternal embrace. The thin wavy wedding ring renders its elegance, meanwhile the sterling silver round adorns with the bright diamond.

Set 4 - 玫瑰金戒指組合 ($16,800) Set 4 - 水滴形垂吊耳環 ($4,800) Set 4 - 水滴形項鍊 ($4,800)

The water drop shape coexisted with tailor-made design which perfectly demonstrates the details from various angles. The design is smooth and delicate. With elegant curved radian, the ring is made by 18K silver and rosy color which gracefully sets off the sophisticated appearance of the ring and demonstrates its meticulous layers.

Set 5 - 藍鑽花漾垂吊耳環 ($6,800) Set 5 - 藍鑽項鍊 ($6,880)


The bridal jewelry with the blue diamond is rare and unique. By smartly using the blue diamond, bride in summer with this set of jewelry can show her brightness in her big day. This is incredibly romantic and aesthetic.

Set 6 - 閃耀雪花純銀項鍊 ($3,800) Set 6 - 雪花純銀垂吊耳環 ($1,800)


When the bride wears this shining snowflake decorated by zircon, she will look even more elegant and impressive. The silver necklace and earrings made by many pieces of the snowflake will follow the motion of the wearer, which are charming, elegant and energetic.

Set 7 - 珍珠水滴純銀項鍊 ($6,800) Set 7 - 珍珠水滴垂吊耳環 ($5,800)


The flawless white pearl with sparkling zircon render the jewelry perfectly. Meanwhile the stylish and elegant design definitely enhances the tender temperament and elegance of the bride.

June 16, 2014

Thierry Mugler ALIEN EAU EXTRAORDINAIRE Launch Event

Desert angel Coco Chiang awakens the legendary ALIEN Solar Goddess

Unveiling the secret of Goddess in a mysterious palace

Clarins Fragrance Group, the prestigious perfume company in France, has long been known for its delication to create the most refined, extraordinary and unforgettable fragrances. Thierry Mugler is one of the most luxurious fragrance brands under the group. In 2005, Thierry Mugler launched the ALIEN collection which impressed and amazed the world by its exquisite talisman stone bottle design and a unique fragrance which creates an addiction and powerful feelings in the women who wear it. This year, ALIEN EAU EXTRAORDINAIRE opens a new chapter in the story of ALIEN.

01 倪晨曦、伍靜麗、何紫綸 17 蔣怡03 倪晨曦、周美鳳 12 黃佩霞 、馬詩慧

Thierry Mugler is above all an extraordinary storyteller of inspiring imaginary tales that invite us into his unique offbeat world, each time a new fragrance is born. To mark the occasion, Thierry Mugler held a launch event for ALIEN EAU EXTRAORDINAIRE at Le Dôme de Cristal in Central today. Coco Chiang was specially invited to be the guest of honor and kicked off the ceremony with President of Clarins Limited for Hong Kong and Macau, Mr. Damien Tonneau, in a dramatic stage performance, true to the brand DNA. All renowned celebrities guests including Almen Wong, Angie Ng, Ann Ho, Candy Lo, Elva Ni, Janet Ma, Lelia Chow and Rosemary Vandenbroucke came to support.

16 蔣怡及Clarins香港及澳門總裁Mr. Damien Tonneau 18 黃佩霞、馬詩慧、Rosemary Vandenbroucke、伍靜麗、何紫綸、羅霖、周美鳳 19 伍靜麗、Mr.Sebastien Biessy 、何紫綸、Mr.Olivier Tallot、馬詩慧、黃佩霞、蔣怡、Clarins香港及澳門總裁Mr. Damien Tonneau 、Environment Photo 6

To further coincide with the theme of the brand, each guest was dressed elegantly in white and gold and the venue was transformed into a magical Golden Palace. The event started with a sand painting performance by famous artist Mr. Ma Wing Cheung. All guests were amazed by the spectacular music and the remarkable scene. Desert Angel Coco Chiang showed up in a sexy gold backless dress to awaken the Alien Solar Goddess with Mr. Damien Tonneau. This was followed by the premiere of the latest Alien Eau Extraordinaire TV advertisement on the venue’s 360∘dome-shaped canopy. All guests witnessed the awakening of the gorgeous Solar Goddess while the extraordinary fragrance was spread in every corner of the world by sunlight, bringing positive energy and optimism to all the guests.

 22 蔣怡 Environment Photo 1 Environment Photo 4 20 倪晨曦

Coco Chiang expressed that it was her first time to take part in a drama performance and enjoyed the experience. While all the elegant celebrities shared their own unique experiences with perfumes, joy and laughter filled the venue and created a touch of relaxation to the hustle and bustle of the city.


June 15, 2014

RABEANCO’s Geometry Love Fever Create a vivid touch with chromatic color

When traditional handbags no longer be the highlight for your “look of the day”, it is time to shift your focus on a different shaped carryall. With attention-grabbing design, geometric contours and lovely candy colors, RABEANCO particularly make use of these elements to create various geometric-shaped bags to welcome a new era of fashion.

CUBECrossbody (Mint)_ $1,480 CUBECrossbody (Pink)_ $1,480 CUBECrossbody (Red)_ $1,480CUBECrossbody (Blue)_ $1,480

Tote this cube-shaped mini around town. With simple contours and zipper of same color tone, it perfectly demonstrates the beauty of single color tone. Designed with simplicity in mind, this boxy bag features a fully lined interior to carry all of your essentials.

In addition to stylish black leather, you will get a breath of surprise with powder pink, cotton candy mint, royal navy blue and romantic scarlet as well. With glossy calf leather and contrasting colored handle and strap, this will be one of the key elements for your outfit in this summer.

Look Book


SEAMSatchel (Grey) _ $2,400 SEAMSatchel (Pink) _ $2,400

Cleverly designed with fold-up corners to keep the look compact and make access easy, this piece is big on functionality. RABEANCO offers a suitably sleek take on the holdall style. The sturdy pastel leather and handle also adds an elegant finish.

Add a pop of summer touch with RABEANCO’s chromatic collection. Refreshing turquoise, azure and rosy are definitely the most fashionable summer color. This sizeable carryall offers ample space for your favorite monthly glossy, cosmetics case and wallet. Carry it by the neat top handles or attach the shoulder strap.

COSMOSClutch_white ($1,880) COSMOSClutch _ black red ($1,880)

Featuring a flap cover with single buckle fastening, this ivory leather clutch is a cool for the chic urban girl. By opening the clutch with the stylish lock, you can store your tablet in one side while putting other little goods in the other side. The double layer design in the middle even allows you to carry all essentials including cosmetic goods and smart phone, letting you to hang out easily with just a single clutch.

The combination of red and black surely makes you stand out in the crowd. Contrasting color with trapezium shape shows the unique character for downtown lady.

June 14, 2014

Barbara Hofmann of Mozambique hailed as hero of tomorrow by THE ONE International Humanitarian Award at celebrity packed Gala Award Ceremony


(Hong Kong, 13 June 2014) In a heartwarming yet glamorous night filled with touching stories, entertainment and charity at its best, THE ONE 2014 – Barbara Hofmann, was announced on June 12th at the award’s third Gala Dinner held at Holiday Golden Mile.  400 of Hong Kong’s socialites, celebrities, decision makers and entrepreneurs came to honour the four finalists selected for the award.  

the one 3

Setting the scene for an unforgettable evening the finalists were flown in from all corners of the globe including Narayanan Krishnan from Madurai, India; Rosalind Colwill from Nigeria, Africa (who was unable to make it to Hong Kong for the evening); Scott Neeson who works extensively in Cambodia; and Barbara Hofmann whose cause is in Mozambique, Africa.

 11 - THE ONE Founder David & Avisha Harilelathe one 4the one 616 - David & Mahnaz Lee

Local celebrities and MC’s for the night Jocelyn-Luko Sandstrom and Anthony Sandstrom started the evening by taking guests through an inspiring visual journey of THE ONE over the last three years.  THE ONE – an award founded to honour the world’s unsung heroes with the prize money of USD $100,000, has recognized the ‘Mother Teresa’s’ of the world helping them to further their humanitarian causes.   

the one 7

Guests were in awe of the unfaltering passion the finalists had for their causes; spending every single day and every dollar they raise to help those in need.  Their stories were told throughout the night, giving each and every person a glimpse into their world of service above self.  

In a heartfelt speech, Founder of THE ONE David Harilela emphatically announced “I will continue to dedicate every single day of my life to THE ONE  – a charity that I believe truly offers solutions and help to selfless individuals in the hope that we can feed one more child or save one more soul.”

the one 2

THE ONE Ambassador and International Action Star Donnie Yen Ji-Dan graciously told guests “It is not the amount of money that you have that makes you able to help those in need,  it is simply a matter of wanting to do good.  I am honoured to be a part of this great cause.”


Award donor Peter Bennett, founder of The Peter Bennett Foundation, which has donated US$50,000 to each of the remaining three finalists, also gave an inspiring speech hailing each and every finalist as “the real heroes of the world.”  He added,  “I hope like me, that you are all inspired by these incredible achievements and stories, and leave here today thinking a little bit about what more we can do”

14 - Lelia Chow, Elsie Leung GBM, JP

The crowd was kept entertained through the evening by a graceful performance of ‘Imagine; by The Red Shoe Dance Company as well as through the angelic voice of Gretchell Yaneza Yeung who inspired all with her rendition of Ellie Goulding’s ‘How Long Will I Love You’.  Former Grammy Nominee Howard McCrary also wowed the audience with his version of Josh Groban’s ‘You Raise Me Up.’  

the one 5

Finally the highly anticipated moment came where Founder David Harilela unveiled THE ONE 2014’s name.  THE ONE Ambassador and local celebrity Donnie Yen Ji-Dan, Baccarat representative Audrey Touboul and Marc Elman (on behalf of Founding Donor Richard Elman) were also invited onto stage to present Barbara Hofmann with a cheque and THE ONE Trophy.  

 the one

“An 18 year old prostitute [she was a prostitute because she was hungry] came to me with a big smile and said ‘Mama, I have forgiven them” said Barbara Hofmann.  “So I say to myself, who am I, with all I do, to not be as big and as strong as they are! And that is why I say, I am a student and I’m still a student and I am still learning from them.  I thank you all so much”

Donations continued throughout the evening with several generous individuals making personal donations to each of the finalists and to THE ONE Foundation.  All proceeds raised will go directly towards THE ONE Award prize money for 2015 onward, as well as towards an Emergency Fund for past finalists/winners who may need further help.    

Guests were also treated to the hilarious comedy stylings of Vivek Mabubani. The evening came to a close with the band Impulz bringing the dance floor to life.

Guests spotted during the evening include:  THE ONE Ambassador Donnie Yen Ji-Dan & Cissy Wan, Dr. Aron & Laura Harilela, David & Avisha Harilela, MC’s Anthony Sandstrom & Jocelyn-Luko Sandstrom, Lelia Chow, Elaine Zee, Mahnaz & David Lee, Rosemary Vandenbrouke, Nassar & Harina Khan, Purviz Shroff, and many more.

About The Winner – Barbara Hofmann

To the world she may be known as Barbara, but to many thousands of children in Mozambique, she is simply called “Mama”.

After thirty years of warfare, she saw for herself the sad and tragic reality of conflict and decided to devote her life to the children of Mozambique by founding ASEM (Association Pour Les Enfants de Mozambique) in 1991 and living amongst its people as an advocate of hope.

Barbara’s mission is one that is very clear.  She works to directly help the marginalized children and youth of Mozambique, while investing in ways to improve and empower these children towards a better tomorrow. 

ASEM has transformed the lives of up to 15,000 children in its first 16 years of establishment; through its health, hunger and literacy programmes operated from ASEM’s children’s centres and schools. 

For more information please visit THE ONE website at

June 9, 2014

The 2014 Spring Auction of John Bull Auctions, Ltd. – Media Preview

John Bull Auctions, the longest running full service auction firm in Hong Kong, is having a public auction for the most precious and remarkable stamps and banknotes, namely “The 2014 Spring Auction of John Bull Auctions, Ltd.” More than 3,200 valuable items will be sold in auction and are expected to fetch a price of about 30 millions Hong Kong Dollars.

15. 布約翰拍賣有限公司2014年春季拍賣會


Chinese Banknotes

The most important collection of the auction, namely, the “A Collection of the Kiangse Government Bank”. 6 out of 7 banknotes in this collection are extremely rare and even national-level museums or wealthy collectors have failed to collect the whole set of vertical banknotes. Hence, the auction represents a rare opportunity to gather the noteworthy banknotes of Jiangxi China issued in the Qing dynasty. This collection is expected to fetch a price of about 4 millions Hong Kong Dollars.

6. 布約翰拍賣有限公司2014年春季拍賣會部份拍賣品_27. 布約翰拍賣有限公司2014年春季拍賣會部份拍賣品

Hong Kong Banknotes

Even more remarkable Hong Kong banknotes will be sold in auction, including more than 100 precious Hong Kong BOC banknotes. There are also recent noteworthy collections and banknotes with lucky numbers.

8. 布約翰拍賣有限公司2014年春季拍賣會部份拍賣品

Chinese and Hong Kong Stamps
Over 2,000 stamps, with the focus of rare Chinese and Hong Kong stamps, will be sold in the auction. Two pieces of 1897 Red Revenue Surcharged stamps, the highlighted items, will definitely be the must-not-miss item as well.

1980年金猴郵票是亮點之一,市場估價超過120萬港元。Red withdrawn issuestamp 1

About John Bull Auctions, Ltd.

John Bull, established in 1977, is the longest running auction house in Hong Kong dedicated to stamps, coins and banknotes. John Bull is a proud member of the Global Philatelic Network with four sister companies located in the US and Europe. John Bull Auction, Ltd. conducts regular public auctions of stamps, coins and banknotes in Hong Kong twice a year.

June 5, 2014

Kiehl’s Superb High-tea Gathering

20 renowned stars and socialites present at the privileged gathering

Discover the powerful regenerating secrets and to experience the scientific excellence

Founded as an old-world apothecary in New York City in 1851, Kiehl’s devotes to study cutting-edge anti-aging skincare technology. In order to develop various classic and innovative anti-aging products, Kiehl’s masters a variety of efficient formulation with high stability and concentration by repeated clinical verification for the major signs of aging. The response of its remarkable anti-aging solution was tremendous, regarded as the new anti-aging specialist. Kiehl’s has hosted the “Kiehl’s Superb High-tea Gathering” at Azure, Hotel LKF by Rhombus. Kiehl’s has proudly invited renowned celebrities and socialites, including Anna Yau, Diana Chang, Eydie Tai, Jacqueline Chow, Josephine Chiu, Lelia Chow, Maya Lin, Michele Li, Mikki Yao, Rachel Monballiu, Sandy Lau, Sharon Cheung, Sherie Legrix, Wendy Chiu, Ventina Tse, Vivien Liang, Yolanda Choy to explore the powerful regenerating secrets and to experience the scientific excellence of Kiehl’s.

36 Giant dummy and product photo 37 Product photos

34 Environment photo 35 Environment photo

To further coincide with the theme of the brand, each guest was dressed nicely in purple. All guests enjoyed the elegant English tea set with the special drink in purple under the relaxing atmosphere. Meanwhile, Skincare Expert of Kiehl’s Jennifer illustrated the theory and idea of the brand’s iconic anti-aging products to all the guests. Each guest had an opportunity to have a try of the products and they were all impressed by the astonishing effects.

39 Anna Yau 38 Eydie Tai, Vivien Liang, Sandy Lau and Mikki Yao 32 Sandy Lau and Sharon Kwok 12 Rachel Monballiu, Lelia Chow, Sherie Legrix, Eydie Tai, Vivien Liang, Sandy Lau, Mikki Yao, Anna Yau, Yolanda Choy 28 Mikki Yao 31Sandy Lau

Kiehl’s has also especially invited stunning star-users, Mikki Yao and Lelia Chow to share their spectacular experience after using the products. As shared by PR expert, Lelia Chow, “I’ve tried numerous anti-aging products from different brands. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate can effectively penetrate into my skin and well-absorbed. After using it for almost a month, it obviously gave lustre to my skin. Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 PA+++ is my favorite sunscreen product. I was impressed by the light texture but with a well-natural finish. Whilst the result of Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream is excellent too, it effectively improved my wrinkles and reduced the appearance of puffiness.” Hong Kong top model, Mikki Yao, expressed that Super Multi-Corrective Cream was remarkably incredible in firming effect. She realized the instant improvement in her skin condition in just 2 weeks. Her skin became firmer after using it. Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate is one of her favorite products too, she said, “The texture of my skin has greatly improved and became softer. I am really stunned by the well-rounded experienced I had with Kiehl’s products. “

10 Anna Yau 01. Sherie Legrix 02 Lelia Chow 03 Vivien Liang 04 Rachel Monballiu 06 Sandy Lau 07 Mikki Yao 09 Yolanda Choy

Towards the end, the brand thoughtfully arranged a Lécrin flower workshop for all guests, which allowed the guests to further experience the relaxing aroma. Each guest created their own forever-lasting purple rose with the latest Japanese Lécrin flower technology. All guests showed their appreciation towards the brand of preparing the Lécrin flower workshop, which implied a meaning of staying young and beautiful forever. All the gorgeous guests shared their own beauty secrets, joy and laughter filled the room, which added a touch of relaxation to the hustle and bustle of the city.

June 5, 2014

BIOTHERM HOMME Launches Brand New AQUAPOWER Aqua Essence

Taiwan Actor Eddie Pang Appeared as Dashing Football Coach

And Extracts the Champion Power of Hydration of AQUAPOWER

The world’s number one men’s premium skincare brand BIOTHERM HOMME, advances its skin hydration expertise with the first Biotherm Homme watery lotion, Aquapower Aqua Essence, which can complete revitalizing and toning in one step. With the star lineup with Eddie Pang since last year, Biotherm Homme invited Eddie to Hong Kong again for the launch of the brand new AQUAPOWER Aqua Essence, and appears with an extraordinary charm of refreshing summer.
HOHO0209 HOHO0135 HOHO0128 HOHO0155

To mark the occasion, BIOTHERM HOMME hosted the launch event at Langham Place today, and attracted a crowd of fans and audience awaiting the proud appearance of Eddie. Coincide with the approaching of World Cup, Eddie debuted as a football coach, and fully exhibited masculine men’s maturity and stylishness.

Biotherm Homme 0013 Biotherm Homme 0001

During the show, Eddie shared his own skincare tips and after use comment of AQUAPOWER Aqua Essence, “This is definitely for Summer! Since it is watery and ultra-lightweight, it can be absorbed easily, and I can even feel the instant hydration. Followed by using the moisturizer, it can keep my skin in a very tender and hydrated state until the next morning.” The MC of the day Kitty even joked that his skin is as tender as baby! Besides, as Kitty has lots of ideas, she invited Eddie to demonstrate how to keep his handsome look whille playing football, and Eddie instantly posted as a dashing and dynamic football coach, which caused the cheers and screams from the audience. Kitty also made all the audiences envy her as she volunteered to be his fans and take pictures with him.


At last, Eddie turned on the giant “AQUAPOWER Aqua Essence” and lighted it up, as an official launch of its champion power of hydration, for all chic man to retain refresh and under control while indulging in the World Cup heat.

May 29, 2014

ILLUMA Proudly Presents the ILLUMA Eden – The Frist Seafront Courtyard Opening Ceremony

Mandy Cho, Coco Chiang, Leila Kong and Celebrity Moms and Dads Bring Along Their Kids for the Exclusive Preview of the Courtyard

All children have their natural potential, and they are also the future of our society. ILLUMA creates the innovative “Human Affinity Formula” with advanced technology, the formula designed to support toddlers’ absorption for key nutrients, and therefore it works to unleash a child’s natural potential. This early Summer, ILLUMA especially designed an unprecedented seafront courtyard at the Central Pier No. 4, and open to the public for free. Besides, ILLUMA will donate not less than 500 trees to Friends of the Earth (HK)^, for a better living environment for the next generation.

ILLUMA 01 余思敏、周黃泳霖與兒子Alastair、Dino太太Nancy、Dino與兒子Damiano、蔣怡、惠氏營養品公共事務及傳訊副總監施潔瑜小姐、曹敏莉、唐寧與兒子俊俊、傅珮嘉與兒子Jasper及黃婉君ILLUMA 03


To mark the occasion, ILLUMA held the ILLUMA Eden Grand Opening today, and honorably invited three elegant Celebrity Users* Mandy Cho, Coco Chiang, and Leila Kong as guests of honour. As soon as the event has started, the emcee of the day Albert Au, also being a father himself, excitedly talked about their parenting anecdotes, created a very warm and homely atmosphere for the event.


Mandy, who has a daughter and a son, excitedly shared “My daughter has grown up a lot and would give a hand to take care younger brother now, like she usually tells him bedtime stories.” While Coco has always been known for her tall and slender physique, and her daughter has totally inherited her genes, she said “Although my daughter is only 10 months old now, she’s really tall comparatively. She can now sit by herself, and learning how to walk and still toddles a lot, so every time if I bring her out just for a little walk is like preparing for a big parade.” And Leila, who seldom brings her son to any public events except this time for charity, expressed “My friends always say that I’m even slimmer than the time before I get pregnant, as my son is so energetic, I’m like working out all the time whenever I’m with him.” After that, the 3 celebrity moms irrigated a giant pot plant to kick-off the opening of ILLUMA Eden, as well as to signify that children need to fully absorb key nutrients at their different stages in order to support their development of their potentials.

Besides, other celebrity users including Rosanne Wong, Sammie Yu, Dino@Soler, Maggie Fu, and Jenny Chau also experienced the unique plant jamming with their kids, and designed their one and only strawberry pot plants, showing off their creativity and talents. Dino says “Recently I’m working on my concert on next week, having less time for my family, so I’m very happy to be here today with my wife and son, especially for such a meaningful parental event.” In order to express their appreciation towards the celebrities and their kids’ supportiveness, the event organizer donated 50 trees to Friends of the Earth (HK) ^ on behalf of each and every one of them, for an ideal living environment for the next generation. At last, ILLUMA presented souvenirs to the celebrities, to celebrate the opening of the courtyard for 2 upcoming consecutive weekends.

April 30, 2014

‘Plats d’Artistes’ Exhibition Opening Cocktail Party

Valmont leads prestigious socialites in town

To have a gorgeous art and beauty rendezvous

Valmont, the prestigious Swiss skincare brand, has long been known for delication to develop top exquisite skincare. Besides that, Valmont is particularly indugled in art development, hoping all the valuable customers can enjoy beauty and art at the same time. In order to build a world filled with art temperament, Valmont actively involved in supporting an international selection of exhibitions, museums and artists through its “When Art Meets Beauty” program . Guided by Didier Guillon’s artistic pulse, the program drops anchor in Hong Kong from 30 April to 11 May in the Gallery by the Harbour, for the exceptional “Plats d’Artistes” exhibit.

4. Monica Chan 3. Christine Au Yang 11. Emily Tang and Lianne Lam

To mark this occasion, Valmont held a Grand Opening Cocktail Party on April 30, 2014 at the Gallery by the Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui. Art passionists and elegant celebrities including Almen Wong, Christine Au Yang, Emily Tang, Janet Ma, Lelia Chow, Lianne Lam , Majorie Cheung, Monica Chan has proudly invited to come to view the world-class masterpiece. In the meantime, well-known ceramic artists, Isao , has presented in the cocktail party and witness the historical moment - “When Art Meets Beauty” with honorable guests.

5. Almen Wong and Janet Ma 8. Lelia Chow and Majorie Cheung

The event started by a sharing from Didier Guillon, the President of Valmont and Isao,international ceramic artists, revealing the relationship between art and beauty. Followed by a toasting ceremony with Valmont Hong Kong Management and all the honorable guests. Elegant Monica Chan, who has not been appeared in public events for long, said she did love art very much and  show her great appreciation to the 30 pieces of masterpieces that exhibit. All honorable guests were amazed by the instant made liquid nitrogen ice cream and enjoyed the special favour very much. Valmont had also specially invited handmade accessories artists to tailor-made metal-twisted bracelets and necklaces for the guests. Being the sweet mother, Almen Wong, Christine Au Yang , Janet Ma, Majorie Cheung and Lelia Chow had their accessories created with the names of their children, hoping that their children would love this little gift.

15. Emily Tang, Monica Chan, Almen Wong, Janet Ma, Christine Au Yang, Lianne Lam, Majorie Cheung and Lelia Chow

Ceramic artworks created by more than 30 well-known artists over the world were displayed at the exhibition and each piece of masterpiece was unique with special design. One of the art piece was inspired by the signature logo from Valmont – a gorgeous flying butterfly. Art passionate Emily Tang and Lianne Lam expressed that they were most impressed by this piece of artwork as it perfectly presented the theme “When Art Meets Beauty” .

26. Environment photos

About Valmont

Featured artists and Valmont share their relentless search for Beauty in their respective expressions…Faithful to its cosmetic roots, the Swiss brand features its multi-dimensional talent in the Beauty Counter at Lane Crawford, Harbour City. Guest visitors can enhance their natural glow thanks to the exquisite products of Valmont. Fighting aging signs on a millenary earth, only the Magician of Time is able to pick-up such a bet!

April 24, 2014

“CHANTECAILLE Rose Intimate Luncheon”

Celebrities and socialites present at the privileged luncheon

Share and experience the hydration and radiance bought by La Crème à la Rose de Mai

CHANTECAILLE, an preeminent luxury brand for serious skincare and beautifying cosmetics from New York, proudly introduces La Crème à la Rose de Mai infused with one of the world’s rarest roses from Grasse, France to celebrate its 15 Year Anniversary. An extremely modern moisturizer, it draws upon the healing properties of the iconic Rose de Mai central to the brand’s heritage and augmented by the most powerful skincare technology. To mark this special occassion, CHANTECAILLE has hosted the “CHANTECAILLE Rose Intimate Luncheon” at The French Window, ifc mall. CHANTECAILLE has proudly invited elegant socialites to attend this privileged luncheon, including Priscilla Ku, Nicola Cheung-Young, Janet Ma, Kayla Wong, Winnie Yau-Mok, Jacqueline Liu, Victoria Law, Yolanda Choy, Jane Louey to share and experience the ultra hydrating and healing effect of La Crème à la Rose de Mai.

4. Jane Louey 1. Winnie Yau-Mok 2. Victoria Law 3. Priscilla Ku

The luncheon started with the sharing of the heart and soul of this exclusive beauty brand, its creator Sylvie CHANTECAILLE. Sylvie CHANTECAILLE from US surprisingly appreared and introduced their newly launched product to all the guests. As shared by Sylvie, “ Rose is viewed as the symbol of love and romance for years. The world’s rarest roses, Rose de Mai from Grasse, France is one of the best elements to nourish and revitalize the skin. La Crème à la Rose de Mai features the iconic Rose de Mai pure extract, augmented by the most powerful skincare technology.” Each guest had an opportunity to have a try of La Crème à la Rose de Mai and they are all impressed by the astonishing effects. After sharing,all guests enjoyed the lunch set with the special drink Honey Rose Tea in pink under the sweet and romantic atmosphere. During the luncheon,Sylvie CHANTECAILLE, Founder of CHANTECAILLE, Olivier Chantecaille, CFO of CHANTECAILLE, Catherine Bardolph, The Director Asia Pacific and Julianna Shi, General Manager of CHANTECAILLE HK hosted the cake cutting ceremony to celebrate CHANTECAILLE’s 15-year-old birthday and the birth of La Crème à la Rose de Mai. All the elegant guests admiried the hyper moisturing function of the product, which instantly helps boost skin’s radiance from within by activating and improving skin’s natural ability to protect, repair and hydrate itself. Priscilla Ku expressed, “La Crème a la Rose de Mai is the essence of Chantecaille,effectively brightening up the skin and make it as smooth and dewy as a fresh rose petal.” Nicola Cheung-Young also shared her own secret skincare tips, and shown her great appreciation towards La Crème à la Rose de Mai of its powerful moisturing, anti-aging and purifying properties.

12. Janet Ma an Kayla Wong 13. Nicola Cheung-Young 15. Victoria Law, Jane Louey, Jacqueline Liu


Towards the end, the brand thoughtfully arranged a rose giftbox making session for all guests, which allowed the guests to further experience the relaxing aroma. Each guest created their own unique giftbox with gorgerous garden roses, placing the precious La Crème à la Rose de Mai. Pervaded with fabulous and romantic fragrance of roses, all the gorgeous guests shared their own beauty secrets, joy and laughter filled the room, which added a touch of relaxation to the hustle and bustle of the city.

20. Environment photos 21. Environment photos 23. Environment photos

22. Environment photos

April 15, 2014

RABEANCO SS14 Travelling Collection

The best partner in your most relaxing journey

The unique taste and culture of every country or city are ready for you to explore. It is time to refresh your life – take a break and stay away from the fast pace of life in Hong Kong. Have a deep breath of fresh air in another city with your beloved RABEANCO travelling bag.

SHOT_014_035_v1_CL copy83163A_41


A little bag with the space for your about-town essentials is the must-have item in your wonderful trip. This attention-grabbing lemon yellow shoulder bag surely gives an energetic touch on your travelling outfit. Keep your camera in this bag and capture your unforgettable memories with stunning views around you, RABEANCO definitely embellish your amazing trip.

83163A_11 83163A_01  S

Three-dimensional silhouette with metal edges at the bottom enhances the petal shape of this lovely little bag, featured with a dazzling gold closure. Apart from the lively lemon yellow color, both elegant pearl white and cool black are also available to match to your different styles throughout your adventure.

13($2050) 12($2050) 11($2050) 10($2050) 09($2050)

This ultimate uptown accessory is available in two different sizes. With an adjustable strap in the same tone, it can be worn as cross-body or shoulder bag which is perfect for all occasions. Each color – burgundy red, vintage deep green, light grey, elegant pearl white and mysterious black – presents a unique temperament, creating a stylish and glamorous look during the journey.

Infinitive Diversity 01 ($1,880) SHOT_017_023_v2_CL copy_S


It is very common to travel around the city with your mobile and tablet. Bringing a large and heavier tablet is comparatively inconvenient. RABEANCO specially designed a larger size clutch that can hold the tablet thoroughly. By opening the clutch with simple lock, you can enjoy using your tablet without difficulty. Contracting black and red leather are specially used, creating the coolest accessory in your wardrobe


04($1,850) 01 ($1,850) 02($1,850) 03($1,850)



A journey without itinerary must be full of excitement and unexpectedness. What you need is a wild partner and this croc-embossed leather bag must be the most perfect travel companion in your wonderful journey.


Colored calf leather including dark forest green, fiery red, rosy pink and cool black is embellished with sparkling gold accessories, showing its glamour instantaneously. With multiple internal wall pockets, it is your most considerate partner when travelling around the world.


April 9, 2014

ANTEPRIMA Spring Summer 2014 WIREBAG Collection Preview

 Janice Man and Mandy Lieu as the Fashion Stylists

Linah Matsuoka, Lillian Ho and Renowned Fashion Icons Shine in Spring Romance

Simplistic yet stylish Italian fashion brand ANTEPRIMA has specially hosted a Spring Summer 2014 WIREBAG Collection Preview at its ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG store at Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui. To highlight the brand’s mischievousness and chic style, ANTEPRIMA honorably invited fashion icon Janice Man, top model in town Mandy Lieu and top fashion stylist Ricky Kwok to exclusively preview their latest collection. Renowned celebrities, socialites and fashion icons, including Linah Matsuoka, Lillian Ho, Lelia Chow, Joy Shing, Elle Lee and Sharly Choi also supported ANTEPRIMA by wearing the 2014 spring-summer Collection outfits and wirebags, creating an energetic picture with sweetness and power.


EHA_6711 BAC_8852BAC_886720 周美鳳、李文煊、Mandy Lieu、郭慶彬、文詠珊、 盛朗熙及松岡李娜

It is time for Contrasts. This season, ANTEPRIMA makes use of contrasted textures, chiffon vs leather, skillfully blended with contrasted colors, pastel vs metallic in order to create the most powerful yet sophisticated romantic look. The event was unveiled by the sharing session among Janice Man, Mandy Lieu and Ricky Kwok. Ricky shared the upcoming fashion trend whilst Janice and Mandy shared their exceptional mix and match tips was previewed by models, presenting the new collection at different scenes of the day. Janice and Mandy had their first try to be fashion stylists and do the styling for the models with Ricky. Janice and Mandy also picked their Spring Summer WIREBAG choices to give themselves a final perfect touch to their outfits. Janice expressed,“ I like ANTEPRIMA classic Lucchetto, as the bag is very easy to match and I can go with any look. I especially like this Lucchetto with mixed colors of golden and silver. It is very fresh and elegant which allows me to match with different styles in this coming Summer.” Whereas Mandy picked another classic of the brand and said, “I have long been the fans of the WIREBAG, the variety of colors can create versatility in styling. Especially the Geometria, the newly launched style featuring geometric graphic that echoes the contemporary stripes, especially the mix of gold & silver, it will definitely brighten up the rainy summer days.”

EHA_6610 EHA_6640 EHA_6696 EHA_6739


Elle Lee and Joy Shing were also invited to the stage, featuring the styles which Ricky had prepared for them. They also shared their comments towards THEWIREDIT.COM and all are inspired by the Art, Culture, Fashion, Design sections of the blog, especially the Spotted On column that presents different Anteprima Wirebag looks by celebrities. In order to share with fashionistas all over the world, Ricky took a snap shot for them and instantly uploaded to the Spotted On column of THEWIREDIT.COM. All the guests showed great appreciation for the chic collection. Towards the end, Janice gorgeously appeared again, carrying different bright colors of Lucchetto Wirebags, ending the preview on a perfect note.

1 文詠珊5 文詠珊、星級形象指導郭慶彬及Mandy Lieu 13 松岡李娜 18 何嘉莉

March 20, 2014




ESCADA is delighted to unveil the new flagship store at the street level of the Standard Chartered Bank Building in central Hong Kong. The newly opened 307 sqm store offers the current ESCADA and ESCADA SPORT collections within the new store concept.

As one of the world’s leading luxury womenswear brands, ESCADA stands for modern elegance, cool glamour, and sensual femininity. ESCADA offers its customers a lifestyle concept for dressing, filled with everything from must-have daywear for business and leisure to glamorous eveningwear. The collections are presented in a luxurious and relaxed shop environment that allows customers to enjoy a fresh and spectacular shopping experience.

1. 高貴名媛李嘉欣小姐於開幕禮上身穿ESCADA 2014 春夏系列紅色花卉圖案晚裝,盡顯高貴典雅的風采。HOHO0313 gg


ESCADA Grand Opening Ceremony

To mark the occasion, ESCADA held several events at the new flagship store earlier today. At noon, actress Michelle Reis was invited to be the guest of honor for the opening ceremony with the top management. The Chairman of ESCADA Megha Mittal and CEO Dr. Bruno Sälzer joined the historical moment of ESCADA’s new flagship store opening. Michelle showed up in an ESCADA floral print evening gown from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

The event was started by the ribbon-cutting and toasting ceremony by Michelle, Megha Mittal (Chairman ESCADA SE), Dr. Bruno Sälzer (CEO ESCADA SE), Morten Christensen (Managing Director ESCADA Asia Pacific), Philip Chen (Managing Director Hang Lung Properties Ltd.) and Norman Chan (Director Leasing and Sales, Hang Lung Properties Ltd.). Followed by a lion dance performance where all the official guests and Michelle did the eye-dotting and ribbon-tying for the lions, wishing the brand a booming business ahead.

18 26 39 40 44 4342 41

ESCADA Glamourous Cocktail Party

At night, singer Karen Mok was invited to present at the opening cocktail party and be the guest of honour to celebrate the opening. Karen wore an ESCADA Spring/Summer 2014 yellow embroidered dress to host a toasting ceremony with Megha Mittal, Dr. Bruno Sälzer and Morten Christensen to celebrate the new ESCADA flagship store.

Well-known actress Annie Liu and top model Gaile Lai also attended the event and commented positively on the unique and new concept of the store. Renowned models, celebrities and socialites were invited to the Grand Opening including Almen Wong, Anina Ho, Ana R., Betty Da Silva, Bernice Liu, Candice Tai, Candice Yu, Christine Au Yeung, Coco Chiang, Emily Tang, Helen Rong, Jenny Chau, Lelia Chow, Lelia Chow’s daughter Florence Tsai, Lianne Lam, Mikki Yao, Nicola Cheung, Samantha Sun, Sharon Cheung, Sherie Legrix,  Sofie Rahman, J.W.. Guests from the fashion industry including Lillian Ho, Paisley Hu, Emme Wong, Fei-Ping Chang, Janice Wong, and top stylists Alvin Goh, Faye Tsui, Ricky Kwok and Celia Wong also joined the event. Guests were dressed in ESCADA’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection and showed great appreciation for the chic yet relaxed atmosphere of the store.


As a special happening guests had the opportunity to take instant photos in the specially arranged photo booth. Luxurious luggage tags with guests’ initials as well as an individual cartoon drawing were given to the guests of the evening.


To highlight the event international famous MC Desmond So and DJ to play live music during the event.




March 7, 2014

JURLIQUE INTRODUCES Nature’s brightest couple has arrived

Jurlique visual


New additions to the Purely White Skin Brightening range that just might be our brightest couple yet



Jurlique_Purely White Skin Brightening Essence & Eye Cream_Group Shot (Editorial)

We all know that discoloured or uneven skin tone can add years to your skin’s appearance. Factors such as UV exposure, environment and ageing can trigger the production of melanin. And once produced, melanin moves to the skin’s surface, darkening cells.

Thankfully, our Purely White Skin Brightening range powered by VitaBrightKX offers a unique and natural solution to help brighten and hydrate skin without the harsh chemicals common to brightening formulas like kojic acid and hydroquinone.


For brighter skin with nothing to hide

NEW & IMPROVED Purely White Skin Brightening Essence with VitaBrightKX+


ü  Brighten skin

ü  Helps even skin tone

ü  Naturally reduce the appearance of skin discolourations

ü  Hydrate and condition skin


This high-performance brightening concentrate with VitaBrightKX+ features Kakadu Plum to help reduce the appearance of skin discolourations, and even skin tone and texture. Kakadu Plum is indigenous to Australia and is known to contain the highest content of Vitamin C of any other fruit, and even 50 times higher than that of oranges.

Contains an innovative blend of botanical oils and antioxidants that provide an accumulative moisturisation effect to keep skin smooth and supple. Leaving you with brighter, more luminous and youthful looking skin.


And yes, there’s a plus+. The plus+ in VitaBrightKX+ means we’ve pumped up our original VitaBrightKX Complex with 100% more Kakadu Plum which can help decrease the formation of dark spots. So you can have more natural brightening power without the synthetic chemicals known to brightening formulas such as kojic acid and hydroquinone.


For the bright eyed beauty

NEW Purely White Skin Brightening Eye Correcting Cream with VitaBrightKX

Jurlique_Improved Purely White Skin Brightening Eye Correcting Cream_Pack Shot

Key benefits:

ü  Multi-tasking brightening eye cream

ü  Brighten dark circles

ü  Reduced eye bags

ü  Fine lines and puffiness

An advanced eye cream with VitaBrightKX features Kakadu Plum, which is indigenous to Australia and is known to contain the highest content of Vitamin C of any other fruit, supplies a pool of Vitamin C to the skin around your eyes. Multi-active Botanicals for the eye area is also applied which is a multi-tasker helping to target all your major under-eye problems like dark circles, eye bags, discolourations, fine lines, dehydration and puffiness. Leaves the skin around your eyes smoother, luminous and more youthful looking.



March 4, 2014

Classic Korean Drama & LAMUCHA Brand Collection The most chic items for your Korean styling in this season

      Korean drama is all the rage in recent years. The styling of every actor and actress becomes the index of fashion trend. All accessories from LAMUCHA are designed by renowned Korean gemologist Kim Jeong Ju and each piece is fully handmade. The high quality technique and unique design are loved by varies Korean stars and supported by fans from Asian countries including China, Hong Kong and Japan.

Love RainSnowflake Collection

The leading roles of “Love Rain” are popular Korean stars Jang Keun-suk and famous member of Girl’s Generation, Yoona. Influenced by Korean drama craze, the accessories which appeared in the dramas are hot selling in LAMUCHA since they always recall the romantic scenes. The shiny Snowflake Necklace and Earring worn by the leading actress Yoona perfectly demonstrate her pure temperament, making this collection the first priority in every single lady’s mind.

lamucha 1

Love Rain_3  閃耀雪花純銀項鍊 ($3,800)

Silver Snowflake Necklace ($3,800)

The snowflakes dancing in the sky are fabulously presented in the design of this necklace which is worn by Yoona throughout the drama. Each piece of dazzling snowflake is adorned with CZ, showing its elegance on the gorgeous actress. Combined with pieces of snowflakes, the silver necklace showcases the dancing posture of snowflakes according to the body movement of wearer, creating an elegant and glamorous look.

雪花純銀垂吊耳環 ($1,800)  Silver Snowflake drop Earring ($1,800)

Apart from the Snowflake Necklace, the brand also introduces the 925 Silver Snowflake drop Earring in the same collection. Two pieces of snowflakes are assembled with meticulous procedure. The swaying snowflakes drop like floating snow and shine along with the necklace, which is glamorous present.

Love Rain_1  立體雪花純銀項鍊 ($2,480)

Diamond Snow Necklace ($2,480)

The Diamond Snow Necklace is the token of love from Jang Keun-suk to Yoona in the drama. With the simple and refined design, the Snowflake collection creates a sparkling snowflake-like look. The silhouette of snowflakes is infused with dazzling gems, shining gracefully on the neck.

Love Rain_2

That Winter, The Wind Blows Collection

The main actor and actress of “That Winter, The Wind Blows” are renowned Korean stars Jo In-sung and Song Hye-kyo. Song Hye-kyo acted as a rich lady with defective vision in the drama. Wearing this simple and elegant earring, Song Hye-kyo presents perfectly the elegant and innocent personality.

The tragical story played by Song Hye-kyo touched everyone’s heart. Her classic double-pearl earring turns into a hot item for stylish and chic ladies in town after watching the drama. You could have two ways to put it on – to showcase the delicate double-pearl design like Song Hye-kyo, or to simply wear the single pearl after taking away the lower half part.

lamucha 4   《那年冬天,風在吹》雙珍珠耳環($480)

That Winter, The Wind Blows

The accessories worn by main characters in a series of hot Korean dramas including “You’re Beautiful”, “Secret Garden”, “My Princess”, “Love Rain”, “Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus” and “Lie To Me” could all be found in LAMUCHA exclusive shop, which is located at the Peak Galleria. Every piece is the best choice of Korean stars. Under the trend of watching Korean drama, LAMUCHA will certainly create your perfect Korean look.

LAMUCHA Brand Collection

To celebrate the first LAMUCHA shop landed in Hong Kong, the brand specially launched a limited accessory collection that feature LAMUCHA logo and European royal crown for all the prestigious ladies in Hong Kong. Combined high quality 925 silver and Cubic Zirconia (CZ), all these items are gorgeously presented. With its elegant and refined design, it must be the most appealing accessories in your jewel case.

LAMUCHA 2 _ $1680 LAMUCHA 1 _ $1680

925 Silver Crown Shaped Necklace ($1,680)

Necklace is one of the essential items of all ladies. Embellished with eighteen in total of CubicZirconia (CZ), this elegant crown shaped necklace must be one of the best partners when you go out. Both gold and silver color is ready for you to pick.

Apart from necklace, LAMUCHA specially feature their crown logo in designing the earrings as well. Simple design with gold and silver color is suitable for ladies to wear in any occasions. Another drop earring is embellished with pinky CubicZirconia (CZ) which surely the best items in these spring summer.

LAMUCHA 3 _ $1280

LAMUCHA 4 _ $1280

925 Silver Crown Shaped Earrings ($1,280)

LAMUCHA Collection_ $1480

925 Silver Crown Shaped Pendant Earrings ($1,480)

March 1, 2014

DreamWorks Animation’s “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” Hong Kong-Macao Premiere Zooms in to The Venetian Macao

Cotai Strip Resorts Macao hosted a movie premiere and red carpet event for DreamWorks Animation’s latest 3-D animated comedy adventure blockbuster, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Saturday at The Venetian® Macao, part of the DreamWorks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts. The red carpet and premiere event at the Venetian Theatre marked Hong Kong and Macao’s first screening of the movie, where invited celebrities and guests, media, members and service users from six community associations enjoyed the adventure-comedy.

Attendees included celebrities Mandy Lieu, Lelia Chow and Jo Koo, as well as Almen Wong, Crystal Kwok, Joyce Lee, June Chan, Raymond Cho and Elaine Chiang, Peter Cheung and Eugina Lau, and Power Chan and Mimi Lo, who were present with their children. Of the moviegoers participating, over 300 were from community associations including Against Child Abuse (Macau) Association, Caritas Family Services, Macao Federation of Trade Unions, The General Union of Neighbourhood Associations of Macau, The Women’s General Association of Macau and the Society for the Protection of Animals (Macau) – commonly known as ANIMA.

Photo 2 - Peabody & Sherman PremierePhoto 4 - Peabody & Sherman Premiere

Larger-than-life characters from “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” will be invited to join their DreamWorks pals later this year at Shrekfast, meet and greet sessions at Paradise Gardens and the daily DreamWorks All-Star Parade – the newest to join popular characters at Sands® Cotai Central like Shrek; Alex the Lion and the Penguins from “Madagascar;” Po and Tigress from “Kung Fu Panda;” and Belt from “The Croods.”

DreamWorks Animation’s 28th feature film “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” features Mr. Peabody, the most accomplished dog in the world, and his mischievous boy Sherman, who use their time machine – the WABAC – to go on the most outrageous adventures known to man or dog. But when Sherman takes the WABAC out for a joyride to impress his friend Penny, they accidentally rip a hole in the universe, wreaking havoc on the most important events in world history. Before they forever alter the past, present and future, Mr. Peabody must come to their rescue, ultimately facing the most daunting challenge of any era: figuring out how to be a parent. Together, the time traveling trio will make their mark on history. “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” will be theatrically released on March 6, 2014 in Hong Kong and Macao.

Directed by Rob Minkoff, the all-star voice cast of “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” includes Ty Burrell, Max Charles, Ariel Winter, Stephen Colbert, Leslie Mann, Allison Janney and Patrick Warburton.

Saturday’s premiere is the second to come to the DreamWorks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts, after “Turbo” premiered in July 2013. The interactive DreamWorks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts includes Shrekfast, a DreamWorks-themed buffet breakfast available with hotel packages at Holiday Inn Macao Cotai Central and Sheraton Macao Hotel; a daily character parade through Sands® Cotai Central; meet and greet sessions; special holiday activities; birthday parties and more. It’s a family-friendly experience suitable for all ages, providing exciting new options for families vacationing in Macao.

Photo 12 - Peabody & Sherman PremierePhoto 9 - Peabody & Sherman Premiere

The Venetian Theatre, one of the most luxurious entertainment venues in greater China is a key player in Sands China’s effort to bring the best international entertainment to Macao, having played host to movie premieres like Zhang Ziyi’s “My Lucky Star” and Chow Yun-Fat’s “From Vegas to Macau,” and renowned movie awards and festivals including the China Music Awards and the Asia Pacific Film Festival. The diversity of entertainment provided by Sands China Ltd. ranges from global superstar performances and world-class sports spectaculars to family-friendly attractions, allowing locals and visitors of all ages a chance to enjoy some of the world’s greatest entertainment acts in Macao.

Photo 6 - Peabody & Sherman Premiere

February 27, 2014

The first LAMUCHA shop stands at the highest point in Hong Kong Brightening the sparkling Hong Kong night

MUCHA, a well-known premium jewelry company among Korea, Japan, Tai Wan and China, is owned and operated by renowned Korean gemologist Kim Jeong Ju. We are excited to announce that the first shop is now officially landed in Hong Kong and named LAMUCHA. The newly opened shop is now standing at the Peak Galleria, the highest point in Hong Kong, displaying all gorgeous jewelry from Korea. Store_3

Located in Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak Galleria, a shopping mall where a variety of brands all over the world are gathered, it can definitely cater all consumers from all over the world. In the LAMUCHA shop, not only you can find jewelry appeared from popular Korea’s drama, you can also buy the limited LAMUCHA collection accessories that can only be found in Hong Kong.


LAMUCHA Brand Collection

This collection is unique and exclusive to Hong Kong shop. It features the brand logo with the signature European royal crown which represents distinction and honour.

LAMUCHA 1 _ $1680LAMUCHA 5 _ $1480LAMUCHA 3 _ $1280


Wedding Diamond Collection

For classic and modern wedding accessories, you can find all this collection. Each item is either made of diamond or pearl which is the most elegant elements in every girls’ wedding.


Fashion Jewelry Collection

With refined design and delicate material, this collection is suitable for all the stylish and chic ladies in town. Pick one from this collection and become the fashion icon in town.

Fashion 2 _ $2980

Celebrity Jewelry Design Collection

Everything worn by Korea stars is becoming the hot issue in town and they are definitely the famous fashion icon. LAMUCHA items are loved by all Korean Stars. Many famous celebrities in Korea including Hyegyo Song, Suji, Yuna, Rim Chae, Haejin Park, Geunsuk Chang, Sia Junsu etc. have worn the fabulous jewelry of LAMUCHA.

Korea Drama


LAMUCHA Brand Story

Miss Kim

Jeongju Kim is a highly renowned masterpiece designer in Korea. Being the Korea’s best designer and a designer that many Korea’s celebrities love, she established the industry-first government supported design research center. She also holds a history of various experiences such as 4 consecutive year designs of the Miss Korea Pageant Contest and the jewelry appears in almost all popular dramas of Korea.

With the design theme from flowers, nature and attractive goddess, LAMUCHA creates the harmony of sensitive design which means more than just a simple jewelry.

The unique design and value of LAMUCHA achieved by Masterpiece Designer Kim Jeong Ju’s Design Laboratory has been awarded with the Good Design Presidential Award in 2009 and is the first in the industry to be appointed as INNO Biz to acquire an ISO-9001 Certification.


LAMUCHA’s unique high-quality design is created by the touches of a master in a scientific manner with no tolerance on error. Its meticulous technology, high quality alloy, specialized polishing techniques are applied to give birth to an amazing color with delightful luster.


LAMUCHA Shop Enquiries:

Address: Shop 39, level1 The Peak Galleria 118 Peak Road

Tel: 2698 0881

February 15, 2014

Japanese Superior Skincare Brand ADJUVANT Presents You – Basic Series Concentrated Hydration for Ultimate Radiantly Natural Complexion

Basic Series

Water is essential for healthy skin. Since human body contains up to 60% – 70% of water, one must be highly hydrated at all time. ADJUVANT understands the importance of water, and thus it uses ‘Sugar’ and ‘Mineral’, which are the nutrients required by body cells, as the main ingredients of the products to solve various skin problems and enhance self-healing ability of cells. They help to resist damages caused by external environments and to provide a radiantly refreshed complexion.

Sugar ─ natural moisturizing agent and the main source for a radiant complexion, helps t he skin to absorb water and reinforce skin’s moisture barrier.

Mineral ─ effectively activates the important functions of skin cells in order to promote metabolism and enhance skin resistances.

Basic Series – designed specifically for sensitive skin and is rich in sugar and mineral with high-performing natural nourishing agents to enahnce skin’s ability to capture and maintain water on skin’s surface. In addition, its exclusive weak-acidic formula is fragrance-free, colorless and preservative-free, which can effectively relieve skin’s tautness caused by dehydration.


Soap Powder (Light)

Soap Powder - Light ($330)

Refreshing Oil-free Cleansing Experience 

This oil-free soap powder effectively lifts away impurities and prevents acne with delicate lather. With the addition of glucose and vitamin C, it ensures whitening and moisturized complexion.

Suitable for oily, combination and youthful skin.


Washing Powder (Moist)

Washing Powder - Moist ($330)

Moisture Nourishing To Enhance Elasticity

This washing powder effectively lifts away impurities with delicate lather. With the addition of sorbitol, fructose, and glucose, it ensures a moisturized complexion, improves metabolism and regains elasticity.

Suitable for normal, dry, combination and sensitive skin.


Sealed Solution (Light)

Sealed Solution - Light ($360)

Ultra Moisture Solution Enhances Skin Hydration

With enriched fructose, glucose and natural moisturizing agents, it supplies nutrition to skin cells. Nourish but not greasy, it effectively removes free radical and relieves dryness and sensitivities, leaves you with a brilliant skin.

Suitable for oily, combination and youthful skin


Sealed Solution (Moist)

Sealed Solution - Moist ($360)

Ultra Moisture Solution For Ultimate Reparation

With enriched fructose, glucose and natural moisturizing agents, it supplies nutrition to cells and effectively removes free radical. Act in connection with 6-Aminocaproic Acid to improve skin inflammation and allergy problems.

Suitable for normal, dry, combination and sensitive skin


Sealed Moisture Base

Sealed Moisture Base ($360)

Moisture Retaining For Long Lasting Moisturizing Effect

Contains enriched sugar and mineral to replenish water nutrition that is similar to body fluid. It fully enhances moisturizing level while retaining moisture to restore skin’s vitality and radiance.

Suitable for normal, dry, combination and sensitive skin

January 17, 2014

Japanese Superior Skincare Brand ADJUVANT Presents You The AE Series Step Into Flawless Skin with SUGAR and MINERAL

AE Series

Sugar ─ Main energy and a nautral moisturizing agent to the skin to help absorb water in the environment and to achieve the effect of moisturizing.

Mineral ─ Effectively activate the important functions of skin cells in order to promote metabolism and enhance skin resistances.

ADJUVANT formulates its unique blend of sugar and mineral that are essential to human body cell to solve various skin and hair problems, and to promote cell’s self-healing ability. ADJUVANT’s products effectively resist the external environmental damage, and the formula is very mild which are applicable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Established for 20 years, “Natural. Toxic Free. Safety and Effective.” has long been the motto of ADJUVANT under the leadership of Mr. Nakamura Yutaka. ADJUVANT made efforts in planning and developing beauty, skincare and hair products with non-oil, non-alcohol and colorless components.

AE Series consists of various precious and utmost hydration ingredients to form a natural protectative coating on the skin’s surface. It fills the inner skin with nutrition and water, to rejuvenate your skin, fade away fine line, and improve skin’s elasticity. Let’s pamper your skin with superior repair effect, wake up the allure of every women and leave behind the sign of aging.

Products of AE Series collection has been rewarded the gold award of Monde Selection by International Institute for Quality Selections, a Belgium independent quality research institution in 2012 and 2013. AE Ternary even received the highest honor of Grand Gold Quality Award in 2013. The awards are one of the evidence that in terms of safety, packaging and ingredients, Adjuvant products have always achieved superior level among thousands of products in the markets.



AE Misty II

Two Nobel Prize Winning Ingredients#   Double Attack to Achieve Perfect Firming Contours

Consists of 2 Noble Prize winning ingredients – EGF Epidermal Growth Factor and Fullerene. With an antioxidant effect 125 times higher than Vitamin C to promote the regeneration of cells and revitalizes skin. Combined with the technology of platinum nano colloid, it instantly lifts up and firms up face contour. Also, it reduces wrinkles and nasolabial folds while improves problems such as black eye circles, eye bags and laxity of eye skin to regain youth energy.

Suitable for normal, dry and combination skin type.


AE Ternary (Achieved “Quasi-drug” level)

10 Times the Antioxidant of Q10          Enhance Silken Softness Beautiful Skin

AE Ternary

Consists of Tocopheryl Phosphate Na and Soluble Collagen obtained from Tiger Puffer. It repels UV rays, smooths fine lines and restores skin’s elasticity effectively. In addition, with 10 times the antioxidant of Q10 which helps to activate the metabolism of cells and achieve antioxidant effect. After usage, the skin feels like reborn and regain firmness and smoothness.

January 16, 2014

Japanese Scientific Research Brand Proudly Landed in Hong Kong Christine Ng and Renowned Celebrity Friends Experience Remarkable Flawless Skincar

The first ADJUVANT specialty store proudly arrived at iSQUARE, Tsim Sha Tsui. To mark this special occasion, ADJUVANT hosted a grand opening ceremony at its iSQUARE shop with the honor to invite Christine Ng as the brand ambassador and the officiating guest of the event. Numerous well-known celebrity friends of Christine also came to support and be the first to experience the luxurious and toxic-free skincare, including Almen Wong, Jacquelin Ch’ng, Joyce Lee, Ann Ho and husband Kasey Lin.

Christine who always looks youthful revealed that she is a good friend of ADJUVANT’s director for a long time, “I really like Japan and have been a long term user of ADJUVANT, so I would buy lots of ADJUVANT products every time when I travel there. I was very happy when I knew their first specialty store will be opened in Hong Kong, because I don’t have to fly to Japan to purchase anymore!”

03. 黃佩霞02. 伍詠薇及先生練海棠04. 莊思敏

At the beginning of the event, Christine and ADJUVANT management hosted a simple yet elegant ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the historical moment of the first ADJUVANT specialty store opening. ADJUVANT also invited Christine to sign on a light box printed with her portrait to proudly announce her to be the brand ambassador and presented each celebrity guest its bestselling AE Series for a superior level of skin repairing.

Filled with surprise and happiness, Christine received a bunch of flower from ADJUVANT in order to thanks for her long term support. The brand signified Christine is their only choice of brand ambassador as she always has a smiling face and brings positive energy to people around. Her beauty is glowing from her heart which matches with the brand image perfectly.
This event was also graced with the presence of other celebrities, they were all curious about products’ special formula with its own balance of sugars and minerals that are essential to human body cell, and were eager to try various products right away. Knowing that Christine acts as the brand ambassador, Busy Yoga instructor Almen Wong even made special effort to swap her class in order to felicitate Christine in person. Joyce Lee said “I am busy for organizing my concert recently and I found that my skin condition is not as good as before. Knowing that the products of ADJUVANT consists utmost hydration ingredients, I believe my skin will get better after using.”

HOHO047913. 何紫綸、李樂詩、莊思敏、黃佩霞、練海棠及伍姑娘收到品牌的皇牌系列

With the approach of Chinese New Year, all celebrity guests have already got their own planning. The spotlight, Christine laughed and said “I’m looking forward to my trip with honey Kasey in Southeast Asia for my pre-birthday trip, because my birthday is just right after Chinese New Year! I will also take this opportunity to take a break, so I can recharge myself for my beauty business and performing arts development.” Almen said “I will stay in Hong Kong instead. Chinese New Year is too short, it would be great to just stay in Hong Kong and enjoy family time.” Jacquelin mentioned “I will be back to Malaysia to enjoy the CNY with my family. Most importantly, since my sister-in-law will give birth soon, I would like to experience this remarkable moment!” Top model Ann Ho will have her next step to act as a stylist in her career path, she stated “To upgrade myself is always my target. I will cooperate with my friend and to move further in styling field and to advice other models by utilizing my modelling experience.”

All the quests mingled in a cheerful atmosphere, implied the success of the grand opening of ADJUVANT.

January 10, 2014

SHISEIDO Future Solution LX Tea Gathering Near 30 Celebrities in Town Explored The Power of Skin Regeneration Utmost Luxurious Skincare Experience

SHISEIDO, an international skincare brand with 141 years of history, delves into stunning anti-aging skin science and proudly presents its most luxurious line – SHISEIDO Future Solution LX. In order to further present a supreme experience to ladies, SHISEIDO developed Superior Radiance Serum with the adoption of its exclusive Lustrous Dual-Action Technology, giving skin extraordinary clarity, reminiscent of Japan’s most precious Hanadama pearls.

11p 顧紀筠13p 榮雪梅12p 楊張新悅

To mark this special occasion, SHISEIDO hosted the “SHISEIDO Future Solution LX Tea Gathering” at The French Window, ifc mall with the theme of pearls. Near 30 well-known celebrities were invited to experience the incomparable anti-aging skin science of SHISEIDO, including Yvonne Lui, Jane Chao, Ming Ho, Priscilla Ku, Josephine Ku, Helen Rong, Pauline Yam, Janet Ma, Nicola Young, Jane Louey, Alice Chiu, Samantha Sun, Josephine Chiu, Leigh Tung, Helena Pong, Sharon Cheung, Catherine Wong, Susan Sng, Anna Yau, Sammie Yu, Celia Wong, Janice Wong, Ning Lau, Lelia Chow, Winnie Mok, Maya Lin, Fei Ping Chang and Rani Lau.


Privileged guests felt as if they were in a pearl world with the elegant white themed venue. Guests were delighted to visit the pearl candy corner and prepare their personal pearl candy to savor the sweetness in their hearts. Yvonne Lui expressed, “I especially like this candy bar corner, where we can enjoy the sweetness of candies as if we were child.”

20p 周美鳳、趙式和、呂麗君及好友Jamie

SHISEIDO specially arranged Sharon Cheung, Helena Pong and Priscilla Ku on stage to share their new year wishes and personal skin care tips. Sharon Cheung who always has a smiling face said “I hope that people will have more positive energy and live happier this year! Although urban life is very busy, as long as we have a positive attitude it will have a positive impact on our skin too.” Helena Pong has been a loyal user of SHISEIDO for 16 years and she is an expert of the brand’s products. She laughed and said, “I love pearls. I really appreciate that SHISEIDO researched and developed this new collection inspired by pearls, my skin was filled with pearl luster as if my skin was wearing pearl jewelry.” Priscilla Ku who has also started up her own jewelry brand was eager to join the conversation and shared her tips on selecting pearls when everyone was talking about pearl jewelries, “Perfect jewelry is rare, it is important to choose based on their roundness, luster and maintenance.”

8p 洪子崎、姚書軼、Svetlana15p 余思敏、楊洛婷、張洺華、黃美儀、龐董晶怡

Apart from letting the gorgeous guests the silky smooth effect of the products, SHISEIDO also invited renowned model Mikki Yao and Angelina Anderson, to wear dazzling pearl jewelry and showcase the brand’s latest products, to perfectly interpret the extraordinary luxury of the brand. Afterward, SHISEIDO’s General Manager and three prestigious guests Sharon Cheung, Helena Pong and Priscilla Ku executed a toasting ceremony to welcome a glowing new year.


All the celebrity guests who shared their current situations and beauty tips with each other at the elegantly decorated venue, spent a comfortable and enjoyable afternoon.

December 7, 2013

RABEANCO 2013 Fantasy Christmas Collection Bringing you the real festive carnival atmosphere

To celebrate the holiday season, RABEANCO proudly presents an exciting Christmas collection of various handbags in different styles. Every item is thoughtfully designed and is the best Christmas gift for chic ladies in town. Filled your shopping list with these handbags and get ready for the coming Christmas parties!



Romantic Rosy Collection


Red rose is a symbol of romance and love. Each bag in this collection symbolizes the passion of love which allows you to fully immerse in the pleasure of romance. With eye-catching scarlet color, dazzling gold accessories, soft to touch leather and sleek design, all these art pieces are surely the must-have items for the holiday. It will definitely transform you into the most fashionable and beautiful party queen of the night.


The glamour of Dazzling Blue


Price - TBC 2830281_01


Blue is a token of royalty. Let this graceful and elegant hue becomes your fashion scepter in this winter. RABEANCO integrates different shades of blue to various silhouettes ranging from refined clutches to fashionable shoulder bags, giving you a complete experience of the exclusive uniqueness of blue.

Embellished with gunmetal turn-lock closure, it perfectly highlights the uniqueness and luxurious style of the bag. A touch of golden accessories compliments the sparkles of Christmas decoration in town. Experiment these gorgeous shades with your wardrobe for this festive season.

Animal Print Allure



Animal print is the most fascinating element in the fashion world. A dash of animal print acts as an invitation to the wildest party in town. The fine lock detail, diversified use of leather and box shaped design, all come together to represent the brand’s sincerity and attention to details.

Each bag allows ample storage space for all your daily essentials, plus a zip wall pocket for storing the most important things. The detachable strap adds versatility to wear as a handbag or shoulder bag, offering the wearing options for any celebration.

December 3, 2013

ESTĒE LAUDER Celebrates the Grand Opening of the Newly Renovated Store at ifc mall

Brand Ambassadors Elizabeth Lee and Jennifer Tse Share Their Secret Christmas Wishes

Celebrities and Socialites in Town Preview the Unique and New Look of the Store

Estee Lauder, world’s top skincare brand develops remarkable heritage and values, upholding the founder, Mrs. Estee Lauder’s vision, “Every Woman can be Beautiful”. To provide customers for a well-rounded shopping experience, Estee Lauder specially renovated the flagship store in the most high-end shopping mall in ifc mall. Estée Lauder is now delighted to unveil the newly renovated store at ifc mall. To mark the occasion, Estée Lauder held the Grand Opening Ceremony on December 3, 2013 at ifc mall, Central. Brand ambassadors Elizabeth Lee and Jennifer Tse were invited to be the guests of honor for the officiating ceremony to celebrate the historical moment of Estēe Lauder newly renovated store opening.

06 Ms. Lisa Chow,  Mr. Karim Azar,  Ms. Elizabeth Lee, Mr. Justin Boxford, Ms. Jennifer Tse, Mr. Kenneth Wong02 Estée Lauder ambassador Jennifer Tse shown up at the grand opening event of the newly renovated store at ifc mall and made her X'Mas wishes.

Ambassadors, Elizabeth Lee and Jennifer Tse, share secret X’mas wishes

To highlight the event, Estée Lauder had arranged mysterious Christmas gifts for Elizabeth Lee and Jennifer Tse. First of all, a male model dressed up as a white prince appeared with a bunch of heart-shaped red roses, wishing Jennifer meeting her prince charming and the new romance is about to come soon. Filled with surprise and happiness, Jennifer Tse received the flowers with a sweet and shy smile. Then, 2 lovely kids in Santa costume presented an exquisite and lovely carton drawing of “Family portrait“to Elizabeth Lee and gave her a kiss. Just like her 2 children presenting her their own drawing, a surprising and happiness smile appeared on her face. Elizabeth Lee and Jennifer Tse also shared their secret X’mas wishes.

Elizabeth Lee shared her tips of how to maintain a good condition of skin. She said ‘Being beauty is the lifelong career of every woman. “I particularly focus on skincare especially for eye and neck, as these 2 parts will give an important first impression to other and easily reveal the secret of age.“ Meanwhile, downtown cool model, Jennifer Tse, also shared her own beauty secret delightedly during the event. With her healthy and positive image, it is in line with the brand’s longstanding commitment to rejuvenate skin and keep it in a healthy condition. She implied that apart from choosing the best skincare product, keeping cheerful mood and traveling to keep a balance life are her beauty tips.

22 Ms. Ana R. 03 Estée Lauder ambassador Elizabeth Lee shown up at the grand opening event of the newly renovated store at ifc mall. 18 Ms. Candice Yu 20 Ms. Lisa Chow, Brand General Manger of Estée Lauder Hong Kong and Ms. Balia Chan

Celebrities and socialites in town witness the historical moment with high appreciation of the store design

To share the joy of the grand opening, Estee Lauder had also invited a number of celebrities and socialites including Christine Ng, Candy Lo, Balia Chan, Rosemary Vandenbroucke, Ana R., Jessica Jann, Sammie Yu, Sharon Kwok, Josephine Chiu, Qinnie Chan, Eydie Tai, Lelia Chow, Wendy Chiu, Sharon Cheung, Kennis Tai, Sheree Lo, Angel Li and Maria Wu to preview the new look of the well-designed store. All the gorgeous guests dressed up in their finest with ‘bling bling’ elements for this remarkable grand opening. Other celebrity guests were also surprised by the newly design of the store. All of them showed great appreciation to the chic and mellow ambience of the store as it has innovated high technology with modern design. The store was designed with revitalization, rejuvenation and rebirth in mind, giving all the guests a totally different aesthesis. As Christmas is around the corner, the host had specially prepared lovely Christmas ornaments for all the guests to write down their Christmas wishes and hang them up on the exquisite Christmas tree, celebrating the birth of Estēe Lauder new flagship store in this joyful festival.

All the guests toasted in a cheerful temperament, implied the success of the grand opening of Estēe Lauder. Towards the end of the event, the host specially arranged a stunning dancing performance, wrapped up the event with joyful Christmas excitement.

November 26, 2013

 Celebrity Mom, Fiona Yuen, Joined the Exclusive Launch Party

Revealed Her Fashion Tips for Her Little Princess 

DSC_0462 17 汪琳、羅霖、周美鳳及TheBabyShop.com創辦人Caecilia Chu (主題:最佳的嬰兒禮物)

TheBabyShop.Com is a new online platform, which brings the European babies and children boutique shopping experience to Hong Kong: 50 premium toy, clothing and bedroom accessories brands – 100% European brands, 100% European quality and safety standard. Shopping at is just like walking down the streets of Champs-Élysées in Paris or flying to Rome and London, all to find the very best items for your little ones right at your fingertips.

To mark the special occasion, TheBabyShop.Com has hosted a launch party at Harvey Nichols Fourth Floor Restaurant & Bar, which has invited the gorgeous and stunning celebrity mom, Fiona Yuen, as the celebrity guest of honor. While other celebrity and socialite parents, as well as celebrity friend, including Angie Cheong, Joyce Lee, Jenny Wong Chau, Candy Lo, Irene Wang, and Lelia Chow attended the launch party and to preview the latest baby & children accessories and clothing for their little princesses and princes for the holidays.

Remarkably, the beautiful celebrity mommy, Fiona Yuen, together with Ms. Caecilia Chu, the founder of TheBabyShop.Com, as well as the celebrity and socialite parents, as well as celebrity friend were all invited to participate in the kick-off ceremony and to send their wishes and blessings to the success and blooming of TheBabyShop.Com.

12 Jenny Wong Chau 32 袁彩雲  (主題:聖誕派對) 1 張慧儀 6 李樂詩

During the event, Fiona was thrilled to share her new parenthood, as well as her baby fashion tips for her princess, Alycia. When Fiona speaks of Alycia, she has a huge and sweet smile on her face, she shared, “When Alycia was born, we received numerous gifts from our family and friends. Even though her little closet we had for her is already full, I still constantly look for quality and adorable clothing sets for her. As a new mother, Alycia is a big part of me, I would love to capture every second of her, regardless she is in causal or party dresses. Today, I found myself the new heaven, offers quality and stylish European brands clothing for baby & children, I just cannot wait to see Alycia in these cute clothing.” Today, it was also a great occasion for all these celebrity and socialite moms to get together, despite sharing their parenting tips, they were all eager to share some fashion and styling tips for their little ones. Irene loves dressing her daughter, and earlier this month, her little one just reached 2 years old, she shared, “It is always fun dressing my little one. Whenever I come across any cute clothing and accessories, such as skirts, dresses, shorts or pants, I just cannot resist buying them. I will go home to mix and match different style for Kesha. Sometimes, I even buy matching mother-daughter clothing, she’s always so excited to pose for the pictures. It’s the best memory of my life to see her grow healthily each day.”

This loving event was also graced with the presence of other celebrity and socialite parents, as well as celebrity friend, including Angie Cheong, Joyce Lee, Jenny Wong Chau, Candy Lo, and Lelia Chow. They were all impressed by the newest and wide variety of baby & children clothing, toys, and bedroom accessories from As the opening ceremony ended, has also invited numerous socialites and celebrity friends to join the launch party, which includes Sherry Chen, Anthony Leung, Michael Tien, Isabella Liang, Philip Liang, Stanley Sun, Eric Fok, Melissa Fok, Steph Chung, Shinichiro Watari and Tommy Pao. With joy and laughter, the event ended with warmth and great memories.

November 14, 2013

La Prairie Celebrates The Art of Beauty First Lands in Hong Kong

Mandy Lieu Indulges in the Ultimate Luxurious Treatments



In coordinate to luxury Swiss skincare expert La Prairie’s rapid growth, The Art of Beauty treatment centre arrives at Harbour City, marking its first stop in Hong Kong. To emphasize the sophisticated image of La Prairie, and mark this special moment of the «La Prairie The Art of Beauty Grand Opening», sweet and elegance Mandy Lieu was invited as guest of honour to join the ceremony today. La Prairie’s management and Mandy held the simple yet grand Ribbon-cutting opening ceremony together. Mandy’s healthy and positive image is just in line with the brand’s longstanding commitment to rejuvenate our skin and keeping it in a healthy condition. As Mandy is always pretty and fit, she shared her tips of how she could maintain her skin in good condition while relax from her busy work simultaneously, she said, “As I’m shooting for a movie now, I always travel between Taiwan and Hong Kong, so skincare is very important to me. La Prairie simply suits me best, their beauticians are friendly and professional; they help me to choose the best treatment that suits my skin the best while revealing the secret behind the brand’s scientific approach to beauty. They’re also using unique state-of-the-art relaxing and rejuvenating massage techniques that make it more special! And I love the surroundings here, it is simply an oasis among the busy city. Their luxurious rooms give privacy and exclusiveness that I would be more than happy to come and pamper myself with the pleasurable relaxation after busy work!”


November 1, 2013

RABEANCO FW 2013 Geometry Collection

Take great delight in the kaleidoscopic Geometry World

Inspired by the geometric decoration from 1920s, RABEANCO creates a collection of chic bags with timeless fashion element – geometry. The interplay between shapes and colors bring unique and thrilling synergy into the world of multi-dimensions.1

With the appearance of an evening clutch and the capacity of a day bag, this classic fold over design in glossy sheen leather has an easy and elegant sensibility. Soft pink and cool black represent the two opposite ends of the spectrum of elegance and toughness. Pale pink resonates with the romantic paradise filled with fresh roses. Downtown black leather brings out the coolness in the cosmopolitans. The little rectangular metal pieces, which buckle with one another closely, form the most eye-catching shoulder strap in this season.

83163A_41-2 83163A_41-1 83176A_37-3 83176A_37-1

Brighten up your autumnal outfit with a tint of vivid fluorescent yellow which definitely catches everyone’s attention in town. Light taupe is another chic choice which delivers a touch of the vintage.

Three-dimensional silhouette with metal edges at the bottom enhances the petal shape of this lovely little bag. With two different sizes, the bag can be worn as cross-body or shoulder bag which is suitable for various occasions, depending on the adventures.

With bold and sharp lines and distinctive two-tone coloring, it delivers a chic and trendy twist with its soft and smooth dual leather construction. Refined and ladylike, this satchel is crafted in slick, hand-worked leather with a surprisingly spacious interior. A slender strap adds extra functionality, while the sophisticated gold hardware gives the design an elegant finish.


83519_08-2 83519_08_12

With the bold architectural lines and distinctive two-tone styling, it delivers a chic and trendy twist with its soft and smooth dual leather construction. Refined and ladylike, this satchel is crafted in slick, hand-worked leather with a surprisingly spacious interior. A slender strap adds extra functionality, while the sophisticated gold hardware  gives the design an elegant finish.

835062A_03-2 831692A_68-2


The versatility offered by the simple fold-over design and hidden magnetic clasps transform this bag into a sizable clutch. Take off the detachable strap and turn it into a clutch, which fits many occasions. The contrasting lining and leather reinforcements enhance the presence of the bag, making it the must have item for the coming season.

October 18, 2013

VALMONT Beauty Counter Landed in Lane Crawford, Canton Road

Leading Prestigious Socialites to a Luxurious Skincare Journey

Prestigious Switzerland skincare brand VALMONT proudly announces its first beauty counter in Kowloon, which was officially opened in Lane Crawford, Canton Road. VALMONT hosted an exclusively prestige gathering at the Lane Crawford, which leading prestigious socialites Sharon Kwok, Janet Ma, Crystal Kwok, Helen Rong and Lelia Chow joined this special occasion. The new counter has been gorgeously decorated in brightening white tone with golden frames. They also witnessed and experienced the ultimate achievements of Clinique VALMONT.

03 valmont2013-11-08_153804

To highlight the brand’s elegant image as well as its excellent service, VALMONT has specially arranged the gathering in a grand Platinum Suite for all the guests. For all the socialites, skin consultations which were conducted by Skincare Expert from VALMONT Switzerland were arranged, and discovered that their age of skin still stay young. Charity enthusiast Sharon Kwok expressed, ‘When I take part in different charity work, from time to time I needed to go diving, and you would be surprised to know the nutrients from sea water is actually beneficial to our skin. When it comes down to skin cleansing, I’m actually very cautious, so my pores would not be blocked, which allows my nighttime skincare to be even more effective!’ The gorgeous lady, Helen Rong also shared her own beauty secret with us, ‘I’m actually a huge fan of VALMONT Renewing Pack, I used to apply it on my face for five to ten minutes everyday before cleansing. It’s actually very useful for keeping a radiant face for whole day.

2013-11-08_153745 2013-11-08_154515 2013-11-08_154337 02 valmont

Besides, VALMONT specially invited famous make-up & multimedia artist, May Sum, to decorate her self-made dolls with butterfly charms with the privileged guests. All the guests enjoyed using the exquisite ornaments to embellish the dolls. They all loved their personalized dolls and were very keen on taking photos with them excitedly. With sweet smiley face, Crystal Kwok said decorating the doll is like doing dress up for herself. Impressed by the superb environment and arrangement, the stylish model, Janet Ma, expressed that her beloved daughter is also a spa lover. She will definitely bring her to enjoy VALMONT spa together!

October 18, 2013

Wedgwood – Michael Doulton 2013 Tour



For 198 years, Royal Doulton has earned itself the reputation for excellence, innovation, creativity, quality and distinctive design. From the company’s humble beginnings in 1815, Royal Doulton has evolved into one of the world’s most famous producers of fine china and the iconic lifestyle brand it is today.

2013-11-08_160220 2013-11-08_155950 2013-11-08_160009 2013-11-08_160159

Michael Doulton, the Royal Doulton’s 6th generation descendant and ambassador has travelled the world, sharing his knowledge and passion for the Royal Doulton brand for over three decades. Michael Doulton is considered as one of the world’s most renowned and respected authorities on Royal Doulton, and his highly engaging events are always a highlight on the calendars of avid collectors.

This year’s tour is centered around 100 years of HN figures. The limited edition HN icons collection celebrates the centenary of Royal Doulton figures and represents the most iconic sculpture of the past 100 years including Darling, the very first figure to be given an HN number.


Michael Doulton Figure Of The Year 2013 Laura

Michael Doulton Figure Of The Year 2013 Laura

Laura is the latest beautiful sculpture to join an exclusive group of figurines that are only available from retailers holding events hosted by Michael Doulton. Laura depicts a demure young woman wearing a flowing V neck dress tied with a pretty satin sash over a camisole and lacy petticoat. The embossed floral motifs forming a lacy decorative border to the camisole are highlighted in platinum and this prestigious metal is also used for Laura’s stylish choker necklace.



Figure Of The Year 2013 - Catherine 22cm

Figure of The Year 2013 Catherine 

Catherine is the 23rd Figure of the Year, and, like her predecessors, her elegant style ensures she holds the centre stage.  And the figurine is perfect as a gift for a variety of occasions taking place throughout the year, to mark significant anniversaries or simply to express friendship or love.


Petite Figure of The Year 2013 Donna

Petite Figure of The Year 2013 Donna 

The Petite Figure of the Year has become a favorite with many figurine fans. Initially the series recreated in miniature size some of the most popular early Figures of the Year, but now totally new subjects, such as this year’s exquisite figurine, Donna, are being created for the collection.

October 1, 2013

RABEANCO Fall/Winter 2013 Oscillation Collection

Grab your own exquisite chic bag from the kingdom of crocodile

Exploring the RABEANCO FW 2013 Oscillation collection, you will be impressed by the extraordinary power of crocodile. Being the remarkable leader in leather industry, RABEANCO utilizes the diversity and special texture of leather with innovative designs, giving fashion-conscious downtown ladies a unique visual experience.


RABEANCO-83005_03_06-2080 RABEANCO-83005_03-2-$2080


It is like setting off an exciting adventure in the mysterious jungle when carrying the bag with blackish green and lifelike crocodile print. Crimson is another color option in this collection. Crafted from supple croc-embossed leather and embellished with shiny gold ornaments, this piece of art catches everyone’s attention. The exterior is also perfectly designed with dual shoulder straps, a gold and leather-embossed logo tag, together with the protective feet. Superb craftsmanship and meticulous preparation have gone into making each bag a genuine collectible.

83509_48_01 83509_48-2


Black and purple are the classic color choices for every season. Suede side panels, hand painted edges and croc-embossed leather give this classic silhouette the perfect pinch of chic! The center compartment allows abundant storage space for carrying various items without affecting the stylishly tailored contours. The detachable strap also adds versatility as a cross-body or shoulder bag.

83190_02_01 83190_02-1

The multiple interior storage spaces make this bag the best choice when carrying capacity is at the forefront. This multi-layered shoulder bag is adorned with rich gold embellishments and soft lambskin edges. This beloved bag is wearable as a cross-body or over the shoulder. Contrasting pink and brown outlines complete the design with a bicolor scheme.


827065C_03 827065C_16

Vivid natural patterns enrich the primitive style while angular design shows fluid silhouette and exquisite style. This fold over clutch comes in buttery soft croc-embossed leather, with a striking hand-through strap across the top and finished with chunky gold studs. Pop all your essentials in the top zip pocket that stretches the entire length of the clutch, or open it up to reveal another pocket that is definitely perfect for smaller accessories. With a detachable chain strap, you can also turn the clutch into a shoulder bag.


This wristlet is chic and versatile, with its fold over design and interior which comes with card slots, billfold compartments and a zip top pocket. This petite item is made from super soft croc-embossed leather and gold tone studs with a customized push-button lock at the front. This stylish design reflects the feminine elegance in a whole new way.


September 12, 2013

Lancôme Absolue – Prestigious Rosary Rendezvous

Celebratory chef Ms. Jo Koo leads elegant celebrities and models

Experience a luxurious dessert workshop

The renowned French beauty brand Lancôme, expanded the Absolue series, one of the most prestigious collection with the launch of ‘Absolue L’Extrait Regenerating Ultimate Eye Contour Ritual’. Concentrated in Lancôme Rose native cells, it targets the signs of youth to restore radiance and beauty to the eye area, the eye contour is infused with renewed energy, illuminating the face with captivating beauty. To mark the occasion, Lancôme hosted the 《Lancôme Absolue – Prestigious Rosary Rendezvous》 at GAGGENAU Showroom, Causeway Bay with elegant celebrities and models including Bernice Liu, Kristy Yang, Rain Li, Kelly Fu, Sammie Yu, Janet Ma, Sunny Sun, Carlos Chan, Ana R, Charlotte Chen, Lelia Chow, Deborah Hung and celebratory chef Jo Koo to discover the incredible regenerating power of Lancôme Rose and immerse in the heritage of the French luxury.

楊恭如、廖碧兒、馬詩慧、Ana R 、李彩華、谷祖琳、余思敏、周美鳳

To discover the breathtaking glamour of ‘Rose’, Lancôme specially invited celebratory chef Jo Koo to create a delicious dessert using this signature flower as the main ingredient – ‘Glorious Rosary Milk Pudding’. Jo thoughtfully combined various refreshing ingredients in her refined dessert including rose, milk, wipped cream interspersing with precious gold leaf and rosary shaped chocolate. Following the professional instruction by Jo, all elegant ladies blent the ingredients preciously. Pervaded with fabulous and romantic rosary fragrance, joy and laughter were fully occupied in the well-equiped kitchen.

馬詩慧、Ana R楊恭如李彩華廖碧兒

Following the exclusive dessert workshop, all guests mingled and enjoyed the exquisite French Canapés prepared by Lancôme in a delightful temperament. With sweet smiley face, Ana. R shared the most precious moment when her boyfriend propose to her. Remarkbly, Lancôme specially prepared a heart-shaped rosy cake to celebrate her engangement. Flamboyant Rain Li appeared ravishingly in this gathering and shared her very own beauty secret when she was in Mainland. She deliberately expressed that it is important to choose a skin care product that suits her skin due to totally different air quality. Gorgeous cooking enthusiasts, Bernice Liu and Kristy Yang, also showed a great appreciation to the flavored and sweetened milk pudding and implied that they must definitely share with their beloved one. Sexy lady Sunny Sun, having her birthday in the following day, was holding her handmade dessert gracefully and said ‘I am really glad to have this pleasing dessert as my pre birthday cake. It is seriously a fantastic experience.’ Supreme users Lelia Chow and Janet Ma enthusiastically highlighted their sweet beauty experience with their daughters as well as their luxurious beauty tips. Meanwhile, Kelly Fu and Sammie Yu got the first trial on the new product of Lancôme Absolute Series excitedly and shared with Charlotte Chen and Deborah Hung pleasantly. The enchanted gathering ended with hilarity, marking a new era of Lancôme Absolue Series.

余思敏孫佳君陳姿允、周美鳳、傅嘉莉、Deborah Valdez-Hung

September 6, 2013

SHISEIDO Future Solution LX Afternoon Tea Gathering

Celebrities In Town Explored The Power of Skin Regeneration

To Witness The Future of Infinite Beauty

SHISEIDO, an international skincare brand with 141 years of history, delves into stunning anti-aging skin science and proudly presents its most luxurious line – SHISEIDO Future Solution LX. The newest and impressive Total Protective Cream applies Chronobiology , which achieves a beauty solution for the Daytime Defense Gene, to reveal the appealing allure of ladies even as time passes.

劉倩婷 顧紀筠 郭秀雲對大會特設的綠茶石磨深感興趣,即席嘗試磨綠茶粉末 張燊悅

To mark this special occasion, SHISEIDO hosted the “SHISEIDO Future Solution LX Afternoon Tea Gathering” at Four Seasons Hotel, with renowned celebrities including Sharon Kwok, Priscilla Ku, Nicola Cheung, Sandy Lau, Tina Liu, Alison Chan, Ingrid Chen, Charlotte Chen, Jenny Chau, Kennis Tai, Qinnie Chan, Edith Law, Sharon Cheung, Helena Pong, Catherine Wong, Anna Yau, Maria Wu, Lelia Chow, Winnie Mok and Jacqueline Chow, to experience the incomparable anti-aging skin science of SHISEIDO.

眾嘉賓十分享受香包製作過程,笑言要多弄幾個送給家人 眾嘉賓均笑言自己手藝精湛,輕鬆地完成具美容功效的香包

Privileged guests enjoyed exquisite canapés and various exclusive skincare experiences during the gathering, such as professional hand massages, in a delightful and elegant environment. Knowing that SHISEIDO Future Solution LX applies anti-aging skin science, guests were excited to explore the power of skin regeneration by trying the products. Since SHISEIDO Future Solution LX perfectly emphasizes the collaboration between SHISEIDO and nature, with ingredients such as premium Uji Green Tea extract and other natural ingredients, SHISEIDO especially arranged a Japanese tea ceremony master to allow guests to experience the essence of traditional Japanese tea ceremony. A special area was also set up to allow guests to experience the grinding of green tea powder, and Sharon Kwok was especially excited by this cultural experience, they smiled and said they needed a lot of effort to turn the stone mill and that it can be an exercise for providing Advanced Antioxidants to the skin also.

周瑋瑩、張洺華、胡幗英及邱文伶親身體驗會場特設的茶道區,了解茶道與SHISEIDO不謀而合的理念及精神 陳斯允及陳姿允兩姐妹感情要好,結伴出席支持SHISEIDO活動

SHISEIDO Future Solution LX line applies a perfect blend of various Japanese floral essences, and SHISEIDO specially arranged a scented sachet making session for celebrity guests to prepare personal sachets by mixing rose, plum blossom and cherry blossom, which allowed the guests to further experience the relaxing aroma. Qinnie Chan said “I have never tried to mix my personal scented sachet. After learning that rose is effective for beauty maintenance, I put more of it in mine.” Priscilla also expressed “I love the sachet so much and it smells like Total Protective Cream.” Sharon Cheung said “I used to collect sachets and I will put my personal sachet in my room. I believe I will have sweet dream every night with the relaxing aroma.”

DIRX0554 DIRX0571

Pervaded with fabulous and romantic fragrance, all the gorgeous guests shared their own beauty secrets, and joy and laughter filled the room, which added a touch of relaxation to the hustle and bustle of the city.

September 5, 2013

N12H 2013/14 FW Collection Press Preview

N12H was officially established in September 2012 by the designer founder, Nerissa Lee. From then on, Nerissa and her dream team of designers with a background from New York, London and Hong Kong continues to strive towards their brand objective of providing urban-chic clothing for the modern woman.  N12H is already building up a loyal following of in-town fashionistas, celebrities and stylish women, and is fast becoming one of the new icons in the fashion industry. On September 5, N12H exhibits its 2013/2014 Fall Winter Collection Preview at The Space, Central. Inspired by the natural textures of the varied landscape of the lands, the FW 13/14 collection takes us through a journey across magnificent Iceland. To coincide with the theme of the collection, elements taken from the inspiration will be incorporated into the venue.  Imagine fragmented ice caps, along with beautiful but eerie Northern lights in the sky which conjure up an image of an icy, mysterious state of mind.


The 2013-2014 F/W Collection was inspired by the Northern lights and the wintery landscapes from Iceland, to capture this mysteriousness and scenery, the signature prints integrate elements and forms from the enigmatic Iceland. While the collection focus on cool purples, blues, greys with an accent of reds; it continues to mix and contrast fabrics to present its truly one-of-a-kind collection. To add a stronger contrast, metallic elements were used for added shine and sparkle to portray the bright night skies of the northern hemispheres, which surely will be adored by ladies who love to look glamorously cool.


Zipped contrast panelled stretch blazer (Classic with a twist) $1,699.00

Cool blue resembles the mysterious night sky of Iceland. With the two different shades of blue and fabric, the bright and matte brings out a stronger contrast and depth, creating a chic styling for fall and winter. This half zip blazer is like a dazzling nebula, with the darker velvety texture, not only does it create a slender cut, but also accentuates one’s truly distinct character.


Draped Crystallized State Print Dress $ 1,450.00

The dazzling aurora across the purple sky of Iceland is a rare natural wonder. In the dark night, the light shines through the sky onto the mountain tops. With the geometric pattern design, the dress flows lightly with the design, beating away the winter blues. A one of a kind dress to bring out winter romance.



Floral print silk shirt with metallic sequined trim $ 1,299.00

A floral print in icy colors sets the mood for a cool winter. Silk fabrics are combined to create a sultry inner layering top for a subtle pop of print and color.  The metallic sequined collar and placket adds shimmer and glamour to take this versatile piece from day to evening.


Leopard jacquard silk-trimmed mini skirt  $ 1,599.00

Animal print is a must-have for this season, hence N12H especially used a semi see-through Italian jacquard woven fabric for this mini skirt. With a royal blue and gold leopard pattern, the contrast silk turquoise trim resembles a fresh sensation of icy waters. One of the popular picks of the season to reveal the wildness and beauty in one.

September 1, 2013

RABEANCO FW 2013 ‘’Hypercraft Collection’’

With Prefect and Refined Knitting Craftsmanship

Create Unique, Sole and Sparkling Handiwork

Renowned international leather handbags brand RABEANCO has built its success on uncompromising quality, traditional leathering technique and the use of high quality leather. It has always been in line with its innovative yet unique designs, continuously enchanting fashionable ladies of all eras. Having eminent leather craftsmanship, each creation embellished the passion and enthusiastic of them which create a classic and refined design.

830281_11 830281_01


This little gem has been taken to a whole new level with its sumptuous silhouette and shiny gold-tone hardware. It is accented by hanging tassels and a hand woven leather panel at the front, an open zip top as well as an ultra-femme chain-embellished strap. Open the top zip and there’s room for all your everyday essentials, as well as a zip top pocket for extra storage. It is created for the carefree soul who loves the social scene.

827764_03A 830283_03A


827761_06 830281_06

Dazzling black, magnificent red, pearl white and dark green are available in this collection together with various stunning color of hand woven leather panel which can create your own unique fashion style. To meet the need of chic ladies in town, this series have a mini size with the same color and design that help you to create a prefect style.

August 22, 2013

Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream Luncheon

Numerous Star Celebrities and Socialites in Town Came to Support and

Experience the Breakthrough of the Triple Anti-Aging Effects

Founded as an old-world apothecary in New York City in 1851, the unique background of Kiehl’s represents a blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal and medicinal knowledge developed passed through the generations. Kiehl’s products are made of the finest natural ingredients in unique formulations which are proven to deliver visible results and bring you a healthier, younger-looking skin. Lately, Kiehl’s has a new breakthrough in its anti-aging product line and proudly presents the new launch of the multi-targeted advanced anti-aging moisturizer, SUPER MULTI-CORRECTIVE CREAM. With its first-ever combination of three potent actives, it has proven to significantly improve aging skin condition in 2 weeks’ time.

To mark this special moment, Kiehl’s has proudly invited elegant celebrities and socialites, including Priscilla Ku, Jaclyn Chu, Mikki Yao, Lillian Ho, Sammie Yu, Tisha Law, Sharon Cheung, Chloe Cho, Crystal Kwok, Jocelyn Luko, Charlotte Chen, Ingrid Chen, Alison Chan, Kennis Tai, Joyce Tam, Antonia Li, Fei Ping Chang, Lelia Chow and Faye Tsui to experience the outsmart aging SUPER MULTI-CORRECTIVE CREAM.


To further coincide with the theme of the brand, each guest was dressed nicely in purple and was greeted by two gorgeous male models in purple tuxedos to enter the venue as well as guided for a photo opportunity with a ginormous SUPER MULTI-CORRECTIVE CREAM. Remarkably, each guest would be able to enjoy contre-jour photographs, which captured the best contour of the guests with Super Cream. In addition, Kiehl’s prepared a trial session, so guests had an opportunity to experience the astonishing effects from SUPER MULTI-CORRECTIVE CREAM.




The luncheon was kick-started with a brief introduction of the story of Kiehl’s presented by Rita Wong, Kiehl’s Senior Brand Manager, which was subsequently followed by a presentation by Education Manager, Anna Fung, who illustrated the theory and idea of the Super Cream. Kiehl’s has also especially arranged three stunning star-users, including Faye Tsui, Mikki Yao and Lelia Chow to share their spectacular experience after using Super Cream. As shared by Faye Tsui, “I’ve tried numerous anti-aging products from different brands. And for Kiehl’s, I was able to enjoy instant improvement in my skin condition in just 2 weeks. My skin becomes firmer after using Super Cream and the effectiveness of the cream was strongly recognized by my friends. My friends even asked what I am using.” One of Hong Kong top models, Mikki Yao, explained she has sensitive skin, but she did not have any problem when using SUPER MULTI-CORRECTIVE CREAM and enjoyed the moisturizing effect from it. Lastly, the PR expert, Lelia Chow, used Super Cream for almost a month, of which she realized Super Cream was remarkably incredible in reducing fine lines, in particularly in the neck area. She was stunned by the well-rounded experienced she had with the super cream. The luncheon was ended with the sharing of the star-users and all guests were amazed and were all looking forward to experience SUPER MULTI-CORRECTIVE CREAM.

August 20, 2013

ANTEPRIMA 20th Anniversary and Fall Winter Collection 2013 Preview

Lynn Xiong, Janice Man, Jacquelin Ch’ng and Fashion Icons Shine in Winter Romance

The classic decent Italian Fashion brand ANTEPRIMA is bringing another elegant and stylish Fall Winter Collection to the season. To commemorate ANTEPRIMA 20th Anniversary, the celebration was held together with the Fall Winter Collection 2013 Preview at The Space, Central. The first glance of the splendidly made collection is showcased by the fashion icons in town at the event, including Lynn Xiong, Janice Man, Jacquelin Ch’ng, Jocelyn Luko, Janis Chan, Kelly Fu, Ricky Kwok, Anina Ho, Tanya Chan, Vivien Liang, Valerie Liang, Winnie Young, Charlotte Chen, Jenny Chau, Lelia Chow, Faye Tsui and Cindy Ko.

01 莊思敏 Jacquelin Ch'ng06 文詠珊 Janice Man09 熊黛琳 Lynn Hung07 傅嘉莉 Kelly Fu

To mark this special occasion of the 20th Anniversary of ANTEPRIMA, a video art installation with twenty videos is presented as a highlight of the night, as well as a tribute to women. There are 20 women from all walks of life participated in the project, including Lynn Xiong, Janet Ma, Anina Ho, Winnie Young, Cindy Ko and more. Though Janet could not make it to the event, with her numerous experiences in shooting, the camera fully captured her toughness, tenderness, and sexiness. While Lynn expressed her affection and passion towards the video, ‘The black and white film accentuates my elegance, and I’ll definitely treasure it as a special souvenir from ANTEPRIMA!’ The 20 videos reveal all the possibilities of women—their charm, tender, determination, mysterious, and experiences, simply echoes with the wide selection of the season. ANTEPRIMA Fall Winter 2013 Collection is inspired by the Mother Nature, which plays around with talco, navy, khaki, and olive, that certainly relaxed the atmosphere and slowed down the pace of life of all the guests. ANTEPRIMA models also demonstrated women’s rhythm and grace with their every move and walk in the stunning outfits from the latest collection.


ANTEPRIAM has paid special attention to the settings for this important occasion. Kary Kwok, Art Director of ANTEPRIMA 20th Anniversary Video Art Installation Project, considers ANTEPRIMA as a brand that highly emphasizes on its style and character, over its trendiness. Kary truly believes women of any occupations, generations and styles could truly be themselves and distinctly one of a kind through their unique chemical reaction with ANTEPRIMA. The twenty videos are a tribute to twenty outstanding women, twenty life journeys, twenty stories and twenty characters – they work and play; laugh and cry; love and live. ANTEPRIMA strongly believes trends are ever changing, but not one’s character.

To witness the evolution of ANTEPRIMA over the 20 years, A “Moments” area has been set up for the day. One can walk through from its debut logo, its first Wirebag ever, its first flagship store, campaign images, fashion shows, signature lines and crossover collections, and truly experience ANTEPRIMA for what the brand stands for.
ANTEPRIMA Fall Winter 2013 Collection features the mild and stunning colors from the nature, such as greens of a forest, golds on a beach, reds of a sunset glow, together with the timeless black that bring women fashion to life. The designer’s ingenuity is shown by using strong contrast and uncommon mix and match of texture: gentle wools or satin, accessorized with shining beads or swishing fringes. The mid and maxi, or A’s and T’s, highlights female’s slender figure with its precise lines.



Established by IZUMI OGINO in the early nineties, ANTEPRIMA is the first Italian brand created by a Japanese lady to be spotlighted on the Italian catwalk. Synonymous with quality and femininity, ANTEPRIMA is a product of a Japanese woman’s aesthetic sense that is well supported by precise craftsmanship.


About Art Director / Image Designer of ANTEPRIMA 20th Anniversary Video Art Installation Project

BAL_2844 Caroline Nie & Kary Kwok

Kary Kwok received his MA Photography from the Royal College of Art in London, UK in 1999. He has been working in fashion, advertising and design industries. Apart from being a fashion/fine art photographer, he was a fashion editor for Amoeba fashion magazine from 1996-98, creative director of 1999-2000 and creative director of Razor Red magazine (fashion and art magazine) 2006-08 and his own fashion and art Blog .

He also worked as art director /curator on various exhibition, theater and events with a numbers of fashion brands . He is currently teaching at HKU space Fashion Styling and Image design, and a contributing writer for Vogue China

August 1, 2013

RABEANCO FW 2013 “Fantasy Nature Collection”

Let’s get amused by the Animal Carnival in the Wonderland 

RABEANCO, recognized worldwide for its high quality leather accessories and fashion forward styles, is going to launch the “Fantasy Nature Collection” in 2013/14 Fall Winter. Every exquisite handbag is filled with refreshing taste of nature which let you renew from the humdrum concrete jungle. It will be an exciting and beautiful journey for you to get closer to nature.

828965B_04  82896B_11  828964C_08  82896C_10

It is a sophisticated handbag that can bring you into the mysterious nature with its color of forest. Equipped with gunmetal turn-lock closure and chain-embellished strap, it successfully captures the essence of downtown cool. These shoulder bags are versatile which offer the options of cross body bag or clutch with the quick adjustment of the slender and elegant chain strap effortlessly. (HKD$3280)

RABEANCO-83022_68  830221_01-$2380

Combining fashion and function into a boxy silhouette, you must love for taking out on all your urban explorations. The exterior features striking iguana-like leather, contrasted with a smooth fold over flap that’s neatly secured by an embellished turn-lock closure. Inside it provides two roomy compartments for storing all your must-haves, plus a zip wall pocket and multifunctional slide pockets. (HKD$2380)

83200_16-2 83200_16-1

Animal print is the highlight of this series. Leopard print shows the wild seduction of nature as well as sparkling femininity. The whole collection is full of dynamic with vibrancy. Crafted from sleek leather and embellished with shiny gold hardware, this design has definitely got everyone turning heads.( HKD$2980)

83022B_73-1 83022B_73-2

With eye-catching navy blue, this bag can absolutely help you stand out in the crowd. The exterior features striking leather, contrasted with a smooth fold over flap that’s neatly secured by an embellished turn-lock closure. Take this bag out on the town for work or play and all eyes are sure to be on you. (HKD$2550)

83103_11-1 83103_05


Sleek silhouette, elegant design with two layer leather texture brings out the classic and glamorous charm of this bag. This prefect silhouette guarantees you will have plenty of interior space for the trip to and from your desired destination. Open the bag and you’ll find room for all your about-town essentials, plus a zip wall pocket for stashing away the most important things. (HKD$2980)

83625_02-1 RABEANCO_828971_24_$1950

Rose red is the representative of stylish while cobalt blue shows the vivid personality. The immeasurable interior space makes this a perfect choice when carrying capacity is at the forefront. It has natural leather and eye-popping silver chain shoulder strap guarantee this bag will garner attention during any occasions! (HKD$2550)

In order to follow closely the pace and rhythm of downtown lady, this collection has a variety of sizes which are perfectly designed for modern women from ladies’ night to all-day shopping.

83503A_11_16  83503_11_41 83518_03-06-37  83518A_11-16

Zebra and leopard meet up and compete in the prairie. This sassy leather bag provides just the right amount of space for all that you deem essential. To meet the need of different users, this series have two sizes that perfectly designed for varies size of smart phone. Plain color is also available for creating simple and minimalist style. (Left: HKD$880 for Plain color, HKD$1680 for animal print; Right: HKD$1880 for both Plain and animal print)

215632_01 21563_13

This is a mirthful gathering party in the forest with the participation of the most seductive wild animals, including zebra, crocodile and lizard. You can choose the one that suit your style effortlessly. Open the bag and you’ll find room for all your about-town essentials, plus a zip wall pocket for stashing away the most important stuffs. (HKD$1480)

215371_09 215371_11

Using different chic style to explore the nature, you can experience the charm of the king of variety. The iguana-look leather and the neon accents bring it to lives! Open this wristlet up and you have more than enough room to stash your cash and valuables, with card slots, billfold compartments and an ID window and even a zip top coin purse for all that change. (HKD$1350)


July 4, 2013

To Welcome the Summer Holiday

Silver Cross presents its ultra-lightweight Fizz Stroller and specially handcrafted nursery furniture, designed perfectly for on-the-go and stylish parents

The best time of the year, summer is soon approaching. Traveling in town and aboard with Fizz Pushchair collection from Silver Cross will now bring more convenient for parents on the go while caring for the little ones. To add a timeless classic piece to your furniture collection, the delicate detailing and soft antique white finish of the Nostalgia nursery furniture collection is the true best fit.

Fizz is one of the multi awards winning pushchair collection form Silver Cross. It is designed for style and comfort for baby from six months old. Not only it is lightweight, it is also easy to carry, easy to fold and easy to store – a perfect match for holidays or any time for busy parents who need the best quality in the lightest and most compact package.

Fizz comes in 3 different styles, which ranges from Cool Britannia, Balloons and Prism. The Cool Britannia is an ideal piece for parents who have a strong love and passion for the classy British flag, whereas the Balloons and Prism are colorfully designed, bringing a lively style to match nicely with the chic parents.


Fizz Pushchair Collection ($1,799)


  • Cool Britannia
  • Prism
  • Balloons

Fizz is stylish, lightweight and easy to use. It weighs 5kg, and open, and folds and reclines with just one hand – perfect for busy parents in a light compact package for buzzing around town or taking on holiday.

Fizz is built on a light yet durable aluminum frame with washable liner and smart hard-wearing fabrics, selection includes Cool Britannia, Balloons and Prism. Fizz is also equipped with rain cover, shopping basket, hood with UPF50+ sun protection and pull out sun visor included in standard. With the various designs, each is an absolute one of a kind to bring around anytime and anywhere.




The Nostalgia collection is inspired by vintage nursery furniture, of which each is carefully handcrafted to recreate the same charm with today’s safety standards. This lovely range is cleverly designed to grow with your child, not only it is a timeless classic piece to add to your furniture collection, as well as a quality piece to be part of your family for years to come.

Cot Bed: ($6,299)
Understated styling combined with practicality – this cot bed can easily transform into a toddler bed when the time comes. The cot bed has 3 cot base positions to grow with the baby. With the baby’s growth and safety in mind, the cot bed features a baby friendly teething rails.

Wardrobe: ($5,149, not available in Hong Kong)
The full size wardrobe consists of a single deep drawer, as well as a single shelf and hanging rail, which provides the space for the little one for now and in the future.

Dresser: ($5,149)
The soft-antique white finish dresser features a removable changer top, which can transform easily into a grown-up dresser. It is the final piece in the jigsaw when it comes to this understated yet marvelously practical range.


About Silver Cross

Silver Cross was established in 1877 in England. Their legendary stories all began with the unconditional love of William Wilson, the founder of Silver Cross. His passion and devotion guided him to invent the world’s first Silver Cross pram which has benefited many parents since then. “The Best start in life” has always been a prime philosophy of Silver Cross, and is found consistent in his innovations and their unique prams, pushchairs, car seats, furniture and toys that continue to surprise and delight new parents. Silver Cross has also been praised globally, and is admired by British royalty for many decades. As a celebration of their 135th anniversary, Silver Cross is now entering the Asia market with their first flagship store in Harbor City.


Silver Cross shop enquiries:

Tel: 2736 4777
Address: OT G59, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, TST, Kowloon, HK